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Comfy but bulky camp bedCouldn't decide on a camp bed so I bought this one and the Vango 4 leg camp bed to compare the two, the Vango being about £12 cheaper. Here’s what I found:Comfort wise they were pretty much the same, the Yellowstone coming out just on top because it is more sturdy, where the Vango rocks from end to end slightly.Packed the Yellowstone bed is quite big (see the dimensions in the product description) and it’s pretty heavy too - about a foot longer and a couple of kilos heavier than the Vango, so nowhere near as portable.Set up is very quick; it only takes a minute or so. Some reviewers have complained that it is difficult to get the ends on. While it requires a bit of force,it was not at all difficult for me (an average male in my late 30s), but is likely to be tricky for some - I wouldn't think a child could do it for example. The Vango is more fiddly to set up, and takes at least 5 minutes.When it is up the bed is pretty big. It’s about 18in off the ground (roughly) meaning there’s space underneath it where you could store stuff. It takes up much more space than the Vango did. My tent is a 2 room, 6 berth, so reasonably big, but I didn't have much choice as to where this bed could go, and could not have fitted 2 of these in a room - owners of smaller tents may want to think carefully! If the tent is sloping, then you have to be quite a way from the edge because of the height.So based on all of the above and with camping in a tent in mind, I think the Vango comes out on top for me. But if weight, size and price aren't issues, then the Yellowstone is what you should probably go for as it is the sturdier of the two, and is just a little more comfy.
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I brought this as a stand in bed should the kids have a friend round to stay and also for when we go camping. As soon as i got it out of the canvas bag it comes packed in i was impressed at the low weight and qaulity of construction, the bed is very easy to unfold the only slightly difficult part is when you have to slide the two end bars through and connect them to the main frame.The first one goes in fine but you then have to stretch the canvas to get the second bar to slot into locating pegs on the frame, its not impossible and i found if you push your knee against the frame and pull the bar it makes things a little easier. All in all i am very pleased with the bed, the kids have slept on it,i have layed on it and it seems very stable, well constructed and looks like it will last for years (so much in fact i am going to buy another).
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I didn't encounter the difficulty of assembly that others did. It was a little difficult on the first attempt but after that no problem. I did think it felt a bit rickety when I first put it up and didn't think I would sleep very sound on it but I was completely wrong. I slept very well and I was able to turn without fear of collapse! I spent 3 nights on it at a festival and I am not a slight person at 11ish stone so it was great! Can easily recommend it. On the downside if you do have to carry it although the carry case is sturdy it is quite a weight!


I don't camp much at all but I needed this for a sponsored sleep out event in the middle of Jan. Easy to put up , apart from inserting the last lateral slat which can be a bit stiff but to be fare the bed works fine without it, and very comfortable. Keeps you well off the ground away from damp and creepy crawlies!!. Will prob use it in the future for an extra camp bed at home or even for a sun lounger! if we ever get some sun. Excellent product and well worth the money


I am very pleased with this bed, it's far more comfortable than an inflatable airbed. It's well constructed, easy to erect, easy to pack away and store. There are no cross struts to dig into you so it's easy to lie on and on its first outing I had several good nights' sleep. My only concern is that I am 5' 2", and think anyone taller might find it too constricting. I won't for instance be offering it to my six foot son.


This is a sturdy, very stable camp / occasional bed. Packs down small, but real easy to put up. Good quality materials and fittings. Looks as though it will be durable. It's not designed to take trekking, as it too heavy, but for glamping, or camping when you're lugging your kit in a car, this is a perfect camp bed. Great for occasional use as a spare bed too. Overall... good value for money. Don't hesitate


The bed appears to be well made and strong. It's useful to have the accompanying drawstring bag in which to store the folded bed when not in use. My only criticism is it was a little difficult to secure the second crosspiece, (the only reason for awarding it four stars), but this will probably ease with use. Overall it appears to be ideal as a spare for the unexpected adult guest or for a child's sleepover


Very comfortable. It is a decent length, so that most won't have their feet hanging over!It is sturdy and doesn't feel like it will tip when you roll over. I like the height tooas it means that you are not so close to the ground for critters to get to you when camping.Great as a guest bed and sleep overs. It folds away easily and is not bulky when you needto store it away.


I bought two of these camp beds, as always find air beds to be a bit of a pain and not all that comfy. They only took about 30 seconds to put up, (will be even quicker second time now that the fabric has loosened a bit). They are really comfy and feel very sturdy, you can sit on one end and it doesn't tip up like other camp beds I have used in the past. Well worth the money!


Needed an emergency bed for an extra guest arriving and the wife tore a stip off me when I said that I had ordered a 'camp bed'.Then she got squiffy, ended up spending the night on it, and announced the next morning that she had had the best night's sleep in ages!Design is brilliant, super easy to put up and stores in a handy case. Thank you for making me look good.


I bought this to replace my air mattress. Best decision ever!It's very sturdy and comfortable. It's takes up less space in the tent and while packing the car. Easy to put up and takedown. You can also store bags under it.A godsend as it chucked down with rain on the first night using it. Didn't have to worry about the ground being wet as you're not laying on it.


Used at a festival for 4 nights, kept us off the ground and saved our backs! (Not in our twenties anymore - it hurts to sleep on the ground! ) great value for money, not difficult to put up and lightweight enough to carry from car to campsite (a fair distance at Donnington!) definitely worth the purchase. Plus they'll be useful for the occasional guest at home :)


Really comfy once you figure out how to lay on it, lightly cradles you in the centre so you don't worry about rolling off, easy to set up and take down and feels very sturdy, even though I'm pushing 120kg. Word of warning, it is fairly heavy if you need to carry it a long way by hand, but if you can strap it to your back it's barely noticeable.


Bought this as I am not a fan of air beds. However, went camping with my daughter who tried it out and would not get off it! It is strong, folds down to a reasonable size and is sturdy enough to use as a seat when up. It does require some strength to join the ends together but I would guess this would become easier in time. I would buy another


great item, used it for festivals wouldnt go back to messing around with airbeds nowuse it when i stay at friends houses too, seems to be lasting well conisdering the abuse its takendont expect something for 3 lads to be able to sit in a tent and drink on and mess around, it doesnt feel that strong - its light and rightfully so.
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