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It's easy enought to put up and it seems very robust. The steel side poles seem very sturdy and the canvas-type material (Cordura?) it strong and thick. The legs need a bit of effort to locate in the side poles but once you have the knack, its fine and its comforting to know they are never going to drop out by themselves!As for as campbeds go, it's comfy enough and sturdy. Not one to carry any distance but just the job for the campervan awning.


I needed a temporary bed to sleep on and also needed it to be flame retardant free etc (which this is ?)I contacted the company and they verified it.It is such a great price and is quite comfortableThe only downside is how nphard it is to get the legs in. My partner is very strong in his arms and found it a little difficult.I tried but could not flex the metal to slot it in.


Great camping bed for our teenage son, even though he is 6ft. Husband found it comfortable but not long enough for those over 6ft. Easy to put together but beware, one of the legs sprang out and caught my shin (see photo!). Ouch! Still, great value for money and we think our son will only need his sleeping bag with it, no SIM or air bed on top. Thank you ?


This camp bed does the job. I have no complaints. I had an old army one and wanted another. This isn't quite as solid, but is well made and works - and excellent value at the price. It packs up small and is better than an air bed, for durability and comfort. But I wouldn't sleep on it for more than a few nights.


A lot of reviews said it was hard to assemble. It isn't you just need to know how. It's a great product in use. in storage (once in the the bag it takes up very little room) I am really happy with it. Looks like it will last, good fabric and high quality frame and poles finishing too.


Went camping 7 months pregnant and found this really comfy, even accommodated me, a huge bump and 3 pillows. Trick to put the legs on, put the side closest to you in first and then bend the metal towards you and guide the other side in. Once I figured that out it was easy.


The first one ordered never arrived, no fault of the seller and true to their word another was posted, so i,m well pleased.Camp bed is very comfy, I used a Outwell 7,5 self inflatable mattress and had a great sleep.


Excellent, more comfortable than an air bed, easy to carry when sleeping away from home.Used these in the 1970/80’s, always worked well. Glad to get back to using them again.


It was a good bed once put up and comfortable I just found it quite a lot of effort to put the feet in you have to use a lot of force


Excellent for unexpected overnight stays. Make sure the legs click in properly and are secure. It hurts when they 'ping' out


Very hard to put legs on but very good. Good value. Doesnt fold has to be dismantled. Fits in the bag provided.


Nice little beds. The children tell us they are comfy. Quite heavy not really for backpacking.


Comfortable camp bed,not the easiest thing to put together but worth the small bit of hassle


Easy to dis/assemble, comfortable and not creaky. Light and easy to carry. Recommended!


So comfy. My son slept on it whilst we were in the Peak District. Slept like a baby.
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