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We do a fair amount of camping as the kids love it. For me though it was almost a nightmare at night as I couldn't get a good sleep on an inflatable mattress or standard camping bed. A friend had bought wider beds like this one for all the adults in her family and is very happy with them so I decided to try. At the height of the season this one was the only one available on Prime (I needed it delivered quickly) so I bought it. I do think £60 is a little too much but I am guessing they don't make them in huge volume to offer cheaper.Well, the camping bed proved brilliant. There is hardly any putting together to do. The whole thing unfolds and you just need to thread through the end poles and slot them in.Because it is so wide, it's almost like a normal bed. You can turn in your sleep without waking up each time. Now everyone in the family wants one! The bed is quite big and won't fit in a smaller tent but because it is off the ground by quite a bit, the space under can be used for storage.At home we can use it as a spare guest bed. A duvet and a bedsheet on top will make it as comfy as a normal bed. Altogether, a fantastic camping bed, highly recommended.
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Bought the large size bed (and the mattress toper to go with it) as a travel bed for my son who has grown out of cots etc, and as a spare bed for the occasional extra guest.Fairly straight forward to erect (3 or 4 minutes), although as other reviewers have mentioned, getting the second end strut on does require a bit of strength - the trick is to get one side on and then kind of lever the other into place. I suspect that once it has been slept on a few times the fabric will stretch a little and the process will become easier.Very comfy, especially with the mattress topper (effectively a duvet style topper, with straps to hold it in place). The build quality is good,and it seems very robust with very little wobble or creaking, even when I lay on it (6'2", 16 stone).The storage holdall is also well made and looks like it should be quite durable.It is one of the more expensive camp beds of its type, but it's built to last using quality materials.
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Having read some other reviews (and having extremely poor upper body strength), I was nervous about ordering this bed, but really wanted the cross bars and figured there was no way around it. While it did take a bit of time, leveraging the last bar around one connection made it entirely doable just on my own. It's still not completely accessible to anyone building it, but it's not too bad.It's a great height for sitting on and, thus, getting in and out of bed. I found it quite comfortable, especially with a bit of a dodgy back, but I will absolutely recommend the liner you can get separately (or something similar). While it looks like just a thin duvet you can strap into place (and, well, it is),it made the difference for me between a comfortable bed that occasionally felt a bit hard, so I had to turn; and a comfortable bed I went to sleep in at night and didn't move until morning.
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Camp bed is very comfortable (used with the matching cover). Folded it's quite large - dimensions are accurate but I didn't really think it through - and it's pretty high off the ground. As others have said getting the cross-pieces of the frame slotted on is quite hard work - might be easier with 2 people and its getting easier as I've done it a few times and maybe the fabric has stretched a little. But a big improvement for me over sleeping on an air mattress or mat, so on the whole very pleased with it. (Other slight dowside is that it was shipped just wrapped in a huge piece of bubble wrap and the storage bag was very dirty - like it had been in an attic for 2 years! Wiped it all and its fine,but that was rather irritating.)
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I am really pleased with this. It is sturdily made and easy to put up. On first use the end pieces need a bit of strength to fit but now this is much easier. The bed goes up in a couple of minutes. I have been using it as a temporary solution in my flat whilst I am decorating and deciding on a permanent sleeping solution. I had thought of getting an inflatable bed but worried I would slowly sink to the floor as the night went on as had happened in the past. I must say that this camp bed is brilliant because it is also long enough for me with no fear of my feet sticking out the end on cold nights. I may be using it for some time to come and I have no fear that it is more than up to the task.


At last we have found the right camp bed!This is our 4th camp bed and def our lasy. In our mission to find the right bed, we have tried full size inflatable beds and two other (cheaper) camp beds both of which where either way to uncomfortable or broke easily. This bed is Easy to put up and great length and width but the best thing is the height. It's not far off a normal bed highly making it much easier to get in and out especially when you are in a sleeping bag! Def worth that extra money.


Guests report it as very comfortable! However two of my guests were about 5"10 and I noticed that their feet were hanging over empty space where the canvas doesn't quite meet the metal strut at the end. This means you either need to buy the pretty expensive cover for it or make your own arrangements with a blanket or other under-cover. But it is extremely easy to assemble and disassemble, and would be a five-star rating if it accommodated support for the feet of 'full-length' people.


It was only because I wasn't strong enough (elderly lady!) to get the end cross pieces in place (had to wait for son) that I have given it 4 stars, otherwise it is excellent, well constructed and strong. I'm using it for visits from grandchildren.


Delivered on time and we'll wrapped. Had no problems putting it together and build and material quality appears very good. Dearer than others but think quality compensates. Comfortable and stable to lie or sit on.


Easy to erect, last section my son had to do for me. Kept it up for a week then was easier. Solid construction, good height just to sit on, happy with the product. Would recommend it.


Fab camping bed,..easy to assemble ,although the very last end bar is quite tricky and awkward to attach,.there is a knack to it,.once you find that its a doddle really.


Big enought for a full grown man to sleep on and comfortable as well. Folds up quite small for storage a good buy.


Very comfy bed, however doesn’t fit a in the tent bedroom...


Good height off the ground. Sturdy construction


If you're over 6 foot tall, this is heaven.
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