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Seriously impressed by this bit of kit. When I bought it, I was a bit hesitant because of the price as it aint cheapI weigh over 90kg (too many pies). but absolutely no issues with stability or sturdiness of the bed.The bed comes in a sturdy carry bag and the whole package folded up is not small so forget about backpacking with it unless you are the worlds strongest man in training. But if you need a spare bed at home or are camping using a car or van, then this is ideal. Better, in my view than those fold up beds with a separate mattress that are commonly called camp beds.Ok so you remove the bed from the bag and unfold it and its takes literally a minute to put up.Clips hold the legs in place so you dont wake up at 45 degrees or sprawled on the floor at 4am. I went for this large size for the width as well as the length and it really pays off as you can lie on your back without feeling cramped or hemmed in by the sides which can happen with similar but smaller designs. Its a decent height too for getting into and out of.Its comfy and well made and strong enough. Easy to put out and take down and light enough to move and carry no problems even for our esteemed old timers.
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Bought to replace queen size inflatable bed.Though I find the inflatable comfortable I shall be camping in future with just my dog for company and could do with more space to take her crate along with me.I gave replacement knees and wanted a high bed. This fits the bill at 50cm. In fact it's a little too high for my short legs and I had to slide off the end. The plus side to this is that you can sit on the end without it tipping.Superb opening and closing action, instructions pictorial. Not sure what to, do with the strap, under the middle. Is it to go around middle leg which pulls the bed surface downwards in middle, or to be used in fastening up process? That's not explained.Extra long,sane length as the queen size inflatable, 205cm. I figured the dog would sleep either at my head or feet.On a try-out she slept in middle so I'm glad it's extra wide at 78 cm. There are two, safety catches to prevent collapse.Thinking of getting a sleeping mat but might just cut to size a piece of 1" foam memory mattressComfortable. Now needs testing on a camping expedition.
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Perfect me and my hubby are 6ft+ and love camping I bought my bed last year and it was so compfy that my husband wanted it, so this year I have treated him, god he is spoilt lol.It packs very well for storage.It locks into place so it doesn't fold up in the night (that happened last year to my husband).very sturdy.100% better that sleeping on the floor.I can't wait to go camping woohoo...bargain for the price delivery was quick and very well packaged.


much better than a blow up mattress or one of those huge to store and uncomfortable to sleep on Z beds. The Mrs was doubtful about this but fortunately the product proved to be a real winner. This is easy to put up and once you put a sheet, duvet & pillow on it it's a great night's sleep. Many friends & family have slept in this and not a single complaint (and some of them are good at complaining!). buy it.


This made so much difference for me. Used it for the first time the otheer week and, as someone who is disabled and finds it difficult to get up from the ground, this was just what I needed. I do recommend you put a mattress on it for extra comfort but I also slept on it without and still managed a good night's sleep. Very highly recommended.


I have only had the camp beds out in the lounge so far but they seam very robust, easy to put up in seconds which was a pleasant surprise. Quite heavy so you could only take them by car and big enough for me at 6.2 and 14 stone. Really looking forward to camping with them in the future. They are also high off the ground so easy to off from.


Bought this for one of our daughters to sleep on when she comes to visit at the same time as her sister. She said she was a bit old for sleeping on the Sofa.It's easy to put up and pretty big so you don't fall off it. She said it was nice and comfortable - as far as a camp bed goes.Can recommend this.


Excelent, great sized bed and sturdy construction whilst still easy to put up and dow and compact to store. My son is 6ft 6" and this is the first camp bed that does the job for him. Definitely recommend.


extra width.....and with a foam matress on top...excellent....very strong and chair height for ease of getting off.........would recommend it....


Excellent camp bed big and spacious for a camp bed, very comfortable and very well made.would recommend it for other well made individuals.


the items are good and fairly comfortable,they are very sturdy and we are pleased with them,it is nice to have the extra width and length .


This is a big camp bed, check your measurements before buying, only just fits in my tent. Strong, sturdy and simple to erect. Good buy.


Nice wide sturdy bed and it took my weight of 15 1/2 stone which was good .Easy to transport and put up


High quality, sturdy and very quick to erect, highly recommend this bed.


Long wide and comfortable. I'm 6'1 and 18 stone and have loads of room
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