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As this product was selling at such a cheap price (only via Amazon) I did not expect it to be very well constructed.After ordering it arrived the very next day with no extra charge for such speedy delivery. I was extremely surprised by the exceptional quality of this product which is almost to commercial kitchen standards of durability.I have used it very hard with all sorts of different sizes/weights of cooking pans and have found it to be extremely sturdy and able to support the weight of very large pans indeed.I would not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone.


great as a cooker very sturdy and gives off 3kwatt which is as good as the gas cooker at home, also doubles as a heater when camping. One thing to watch out for make sure the heater is firmly screwed on to the gas bottle as it can work loose in transportation as happened to me , put it away in the shed after a trip 2 days later the whole shed smelled of gas because the heater had come loose fro the bottle, best to remove it for storage.


Screws straight into the top of a R904 or R907 cylinder. Ideal for water boiling or simple cooking.It is ideal for carrying in a car for one-person camping, or to stop and brew some tea. However, It and the gas cylinders are too large and heavy for carrying in a rucksack for hiking trips.It is also handy to have at home in case of power cuts.It is robust and good value for money.


This burner works very well where only one ring is needed, its unregulated 3Kw heat output heats things very quickly. It is the second I have bought as the first was so successful and still working well but I am lucky to have two cylinders. They are used on our allotment open days where large quantities of water for tea/coffee etc are required .


I have got the light fitting for the campinggazcylinder and I have been looking for a while now for a burner I would be very greatfull if you have a web sight or preferblly a catalogue that you could send to me. Once again I thank you for your prompt deliverey, and I will garentee that I will buy from you again


This is brilliant powerful single burner for the Campingaz R904/907 cylinders, and very good build quality. I've constructed a decent aluminium windshield to use with it. Totally worth the money compared to the older one that I have, which is feeble by comparison. Amazon's price was very good.


Bought it to replace 40 year old stove. Very robust, will take heavy pans. Heats up water really fast. Great for power cuts (had 25 in 2013 so need backup). Just screws onto gas bottle and very stable. Carrying handle handy. Maybe a bit pricey but if it lasts another 40 years OK. Hope I do.


Bought this to replace the old one I had. It looked good on the web site and when it arrived it exceeded my expectations.I found it very well made and having a carrying handle is a bonus.It makes it so easy to move and carry about.The large burner makes cooking easier.


Excellent product with high output and well made. Delivery to Italy super super quick ordered Tuesday arrived Thursday.I had thought of buying a two burner for a little bit more but decided I would rather have one burner of a higher spec and I have no regrets.


If you have the 907 cylinder then you may as get one of these. We got it for cooking outdoors even though our caravan has gas rings inside. Will use it for our tent also. Good strong flame and very stable. It works as described. Could not ask for more.


Purchased as stove for outdoor use, on those fine days when we are away in our camper van. The van uses the same gas bottle, so quick and easy to use with the spare gas bottle we carry. Nice quality product and powerful too.


Very good when going somwhere on a car and cooking for a several people (like 6 person) on a big frying pan 32 cm diameter Fast and good. But be carefull not burn food on first time use since its very poverfull.


Cheaper on EBAY .was advertised with gas bottle which I already had, But it didn’t fit, proper bottle cost me £40 so don’t believe all said, check first from another source. Otherwise good. Ya lives an learns.


Loved it and then some. Can really get a roar with this. Great to use with a wok too. Feel that the wind shield isn't as good as it could be, a piece of flashing underneath helps it.


What a nice little stove. Brought it so I could have a dedicated stove for brews. Ideal with a whisling kettle, put it on and forget till you get the reminder, then it's tea time!
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