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I have used many different protein powders over the last few years and the biggest complaint I have with most powders is the way they taste. Out of the many I had tried for years, I finally had settled on ON Whey Gold and it was OK, but I didn't love it and so I didn't drink it as much as I should have when working out. Also, it did cause gas issues, a common side affect of many protein shakes, and also the aftertaste wasn't bad, but nothing to be happy about either. The price was great on it as well, and so I just settled on it.Finally, after reading reviews about Syntha-6 online and having friends tell me about it, I gave it a shot and it is AMAZING!!!!!I only drink chocolate flavored protein shakes and this one is creamy and rich and so delicious that it doesn't even seem like you are drinking a protein shake. Also, it has 6 different kinds of protein sources, hence the name, and I like that so I get fast and slow digesting proteins at once, which is much better for overall muscle growth. In addition to that, and most important I think, is that it has digestive enzymes and also 5 grams of fiber per scoop. That helps so much in preventing bloating, gas, and even constipation. I know that may gross some people out, but for anyone drinking a few shakes a day, it is very important.The shake is a touch sweeter and I like that as well, and it is a good dessert as well. It has 22 grams of protein per scoop and mixed with 8 oz of milk, a perfect 30 gram shake that can be taken anytime during the day, or multiple times throughout the day.The cons: I wish it had more BCAA's, but from the powder form I buy of that, I know why they don't add extra in and that is because it would make it really chalky. Also, for the protein percent per scoop, it isn't as high as ON Whey or some others, but the mix of proteins compared to just straight whey is a better trade off I think.Pro and Con: The cost is a bit more to a lot more depending on sales and per scoop right now without any sales or coupons or other promos, it about a $1 per scoop where I could get ON Whey at about $0.50 per scoop. So yes, double the price, but when you realize that this is something much more enjoyable and that taste is just as important, than it justifies the cost. At best I could do 2-3 scoops of ON Whey Gold per day for a few weeks, but with this, I easily do double scoops after workouts and before bed, and another scoop upon waking and another as a snack, so about 6 scoops a day without ever getting tired of it. That is 180 grams of protein, plus 30 grams of fiber. I usually don't get that much fiber from my mostly meat diet otherwise, and as someone trying to get 250-300 grams of protein a day, this has helped out so much.Even if your just looking for a shake in the morning for breakfast, this is great as it has about 200 calories and when mixed with milk and then a piece of fruit or a small granola bar or other breakfast item, it is a great 400-500 calorie meal that is better than any fast food pickup you can make.I already recommend this to so many of my friends, and I will do the same for you as well***** Bonus Points **********I wanted to try different flavors of Syntha-6 and wanted to order trial kits of different flavors to try before buying a whole jug, and the flavors I wanted were out of stock at the time and so I emailed BSN. Within an hour, they responded, asked for my address and sent me a Cookie Dough and Chocolate Cake batter trial packet for free. They were apologetic for not having what I wanted in stock and thanked me for my business still and the two trial packets they sent were not asked for by me, yet delivered for free and I can say it is a joy to deal with great customer service.GO BSN!!!!!!!
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Please feel free to read the hundreds of other reviews on this product, as they will provide you with invaluable information. However, it good to note that this product comes with Branched-chain amino acids, Glutamine peptides, is Aspartame free and stacks with a bunch of supplements. For the record however, I am going to voice my opinion solely on flavor in contrast to MYOFUSION Vanilla flavor. To be fair, I got MYOFUSION's vanilla flavor because I read the rather decrepit reviews of the other flavors. Being a college student and investing in 5 lb tubs every month means you better LOVE the flavor that you end up picking (however to GNC's credit, they do offer a 30 day trial and return period).In all honesty, the vanilla flavor was pretty decent. MYOFUSION lacks the aforementioned BCAA's, and from what I recall, each scoop is about 36g/ serving. Its good and flavor wise beat out GNC's generic whey protein, or even Warrior whey.So I read up reviews about BSN Syntha 6 and was shocked about how many positive reviews it got; specifically the chocolate version. Needless to say once I ran out of MYOFUSION, I quickly ordered Syntha-6. I received the item today, and couldn't wait to try it out (even though today is an 'off' day for me). Based solely on flavor and taste alone, I CANNOT stress how amazing it is with just a dash of 1% skim milk (less than half a cup). I mean it truly tastes like Chocolate milk. There is a creamy like texture, but not too thick (also depends on how much fluids you add obviously). Each heaping scoop is a mighty 44g (22g protein, 15g carbs, 2g sat fat, 2g sugars) and equates to 200 calories per! So be careful and make sure all your nutrient intake numbers play well with your goals; please read other reviews as well, and be sure to look at the product snapshot to get a gauge of the nutrients packed into this monster.I look forward to trying BSN for this whole month and seeing for any positive results when it comes to weight training. This thing is packed to the brim with nutrition and flavor; I cannot see why anyone would ignore this if you have a remote and passing interest in physical activity. For roughly $42, I can't imagine something that meets my nutrient requirements, balances cost, and doesn't skimp on the taste. AMAZING!p.s. This and the Blenderball (for mixing) are a marriage made in heaven!
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My go-to source for whey protein for the last 12+ months, the chocolate powder is truly a delicious treat after an intense weight training session or if I'm short on time and need a quick meal for breakfast.TASTE: 8/10My goals are primary strength and power oriented, and this supplement is deceptively "boring" to most trainees; the whey sold by Syntha-6 is the exception to that general attitude. The taste is better than any other brand I've sampled, with the exception of maybe Muscle MIlk - but this product is whey, and it's more useful for post-workout nutrition than the casein in Muscle Milk. I digress; the taste is awesome, the consistency is not very thick when mixed with water or even milk (so while it's not like a milkshake,it has a pleasant consistency that does the job).PRICE: 7/10Whey is always expensive - especially flavored whey. But Syntha-6 is competitively priced at ~$50/5lb supply, and it certainly beats GNC's outrageous pricing.SHIPPING: 10/10Always 2 days with Prime.CONSISTENCY OF SERVICE/QUALITY: 9/10Product always arrives with the accurate amount, flavor, and is always fresh. This whey protein is not whey isolate (isolate has a higher absorption rate and is thus more effective), but consumers buying this product know that and the price for whey concentrate here is more than fair. I don't think shelling out 1.5x more cash to benefit from 20-30% higher absorption rates is worth the money. This product is thus ideal for serious athletes on a budget.PACKAGING: 10/10Arrives in a box; the jug of powder has a seal that is easily removd. Unlike a lot of protein brands, locating the little scoop is relatively easy to do with this product. Jug is durable.OVERALL: 8.5/10Perfect source of whey protein at a competitive price. Taste is great - in fact, I primarily use water and mix 1-2 scoops with creatine and D-ribose, and the taste is still delicious for protein. With milk it tastes virtually like chocolate milk should, but is slightly thicker in consisteny. Never had an issue to contact the vendor over, but delivery is reliable at ~2 days via Prime over the past 12+ months. Overall, this is a tremendous buy that you should jump on once you're in need of more whey to fuel your gains!
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I don't need to tell you that Syntha-6 products are good products. They really know how to market their products, and the product reviews reflect excellent results. Here are my impressions on having used Syntha-6 over the past 2 years.I moved to Brazil 3 1/2 years ago, and there, popular name brand supplement prices are insane. The price for this product there is more than double on some occasions, so it wasn't really feasible for me to keep buying it. At this price, it was a no brainer. Seeing as how i came home every year, I decided to stock up and take some with me and here are my results.I tried to intake just two shakes a day. The carb count is pretty high on these, but as I go hard in the gym,I really need that extra boost. If you take this protein, and don't work out - you will gain weight. That's not rocket science. However, like I said, burn those carbs up in the gym! That's what they're for!Compared to other proteins, I always have a big boost in the gym with this one. It is probably because this isn't just strictly protein. There are lots of good things in this for you, so don't be surprised if you notice a great improvement in energy and overall ability.The taste is awesome too! I always get any variety of chocolate, and it's a great treat throughout the day. Unlike some proteins, this protein mixes exceptionally well. No issues whatsoever.One negative I found with this is the digestibility. I'm sure this is different for different people, but I maintain a little stomach trouble with this product. Not enough to stop me from using it, but enough to be annoying. I do have a sensitive stomach though, so I'm sure it won't have the same effect on everybody as it does me.Overall I really enjoy this product. I want to try the isolate out, but it's a little pricey for me right now. Amazon has a great price on this, and after seeing how much it is in Brazil, I'm glad to know I can find it here at this great price.Go and try it for yourself! After you get the boost, you'll be glad!
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This is a decent protein powder - but with so many other options, I wouldn't purchase it again.First of all, I think taste should be discussed. Everyone that uses Syntha-6 raves about the flavor, and it's good (in fact, with milk, it's fantastic). However, every protein tastes better with milk; with water, Syntha-6 is slightly above average. Mixing with water, the protein has a distinctly artificial flavor, with a noticeable aftertaste. Although it really tastes like a milkshake when mixed with milk, the protein shake is just a protein shake when mixed with water. This is kind of disappointing, as I was expecting the flavor to outweigh the powder's comparative nutritional shortcomings.Syntha-6 has more fat,cholesterol, and calories per serving than Optimum Nutrition and Dymatize - all while offering less protein per serving. And while the idea of a multi-protein blend seems appealing at first, the Syntha-6 labels provide basically no information on the mix ratio. This makes it kind of hard to determine how to use the protein. Is it suitable for post-workout shakes (traditionally a time when quick-absorbing whey is used)? Is it a good protein to take just before bed (generally a time when slow-absorbing casein protein would be used)? Ultimately, you don't have enough information to know with any degree of certainty; you just have to trust BSN and believe that the Syntha-6 mix is ideal. Personally, I'm inclined to believe that it belongs in the "jack of all trades, master of none" category.In short, I won't be getting another bottle. The protein's flavor really isn't game-changing; the nutritional value is poor, compared to other mainstream options, and the mystery blend of proteins used in Syntha-6 just doesn't have my confidence. Get yourself a bottle of whey and a bottle of casein instead, if you're into the post-workout/nighttime shakes thing. Otherwise, just go with something that has a better nutritional profile (like Dymatize or Optimum Nutrition).
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I believe the Macro nutrient profile qualifies this more as a light meal replacement than a pure and simple protein powder.People compare this to a Mcdonalds milkshake or a shake from a restaurant. I wouldnt go that far.Does it taste like a Milkshake? well, the taste is pretty good. Keep in mind that my favorite protien powder is Muscle milk orange cream which taste like those old ice cream "Push ups". I purchased the Chocolate and strawberry shake and I will say that compared to other PURE (thats the key word) protien powders this is tasty, Mixes easy, and most of all is very easy to drink.Ive been in the bodybuilding world for 20 years and have tasted and used the most horrid tasting productsfor the sake of results.If taste is whats keeping you from having your protien I think you'll be happy with this. I am using it with skim milk as a meal replacement because I dont really think this product qualifies and a pure protien product in that they have added fiber and good fats to enhance the flavor.Yes, the carbs mainly come from Fiber and the fats are MCT's and EFA's which make them just fine.Do you get results? Well Im using this protien 2-3 times daily to controll caloric intake and in the last couple of weeks with minimal cardio I have lost 7'lbs and its been very easy because this powder keeps my blood sugar stable.So, in my opinion this is good stuff and I will be using it as a staple in my diet because I no longer tolerate nasty tasting powders.I would recommend this powder and despite many of the reviews making it sound like this tastes like a milkshake from your favorite shop...it doesnt...But it does taste like a milkshake compared to other protien powders and Meal replacements.Toss in a multivitamin, some milk, and you have a nice meal replacement with blood sugar stabilizing protien and good fats along with some much needed Fiber.
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I think this is my first time leaving a review in Amazon despite I am buying products from Amazon at least 3~4 products per week. For a quick note regarding my physical appearance, back in 7 years ago I was extremely overweight, started about 30% body fat, 38inch+ pants size, and even had a gout... I have been working out for almost more than 7 years and currently maintaining 10%~15% body fat. I am NOT a body builder nor heavy lifter at gym. I am just an electrical engineer going to gym/outdoor activities 5 times a week. My main workout routine is basically to maintain my body weight, muslce, and body fat as consistent as possible.So far I have tried Myotein, GNC AMP,Gold's Gym Protein Powder (they stated FDA approved). This is my first time I tried BSN's brand and consuming for more than a month, I got to say I love the taste out of all the protein powder I tried. To be honest I am NOT an expert. I do NOT know all the specific ingredients and how they benefit to my body.Two things I love about this product compared to other protein powder (Myotein, GNC AMP, and Gold's Gym Protein Powder) are,1. The taste (I had Chocolate Milkshake). I do not taste Aspartame and today I just verified from the label that there is not.2. The result. Since spring and summer is coming up, I am beginning my strict diet, trying to go down about 9~10% body fat from 15%~16% body fat. Along with my diet I have been drinking BSN Protein Powder and I am seeing better results (less muscle pain and faster recovery).Overall, I prefer this Protein Powder over all the protein powder I have bought. I honestly liked Gold's Gym Protein Powder but they are $20 more expensive than this product.
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I am using it as a meal replacement once per day, and am losing weight. It is delicious, and I just mix it with ice water. I drink it everyday through the work week and off on my days off. I work nights, so when I come home in the morning, I simply mix this in a blender ball cup, drink and wash, then ready for bed. I chose this as the time for using, because this is when I am most hungry, thus most out of control. This kills my hunger, and I want nothing else after. This is a big statement from me, because I can cause some damage when I'm hungry.I know there are a lot of meal replacements on the market loaded with all kind of extra vitamins. This is another reason why I like BSN Syntha 6,because I take a very wonderful whole food multi and don't want a meal replacement with cheap synthetic crap that is not good for you, but looks good on paper. The multi vitamin I take is by MegaFood, and you can get it here on Amazon.I am a post menopausal women of 54, and when I say I am losing weight doing what I'm doing, don't take that lightly either, other older ladies know exactly what I'm talking about. So far I have lost over 15 lbs, and have no doubt I will lose the remaining 15 lbs to reach my goal. I do plan on continue using this protein powder, several times a week after to maintain my weight. I love it, it suits me, and I hope it helps others out there.On a final note, this product does not make me feel weak in anyway, on the contrary, I feel good and strong. I am active at work on my feet for all eight hours, and am not a gym junky by any means. I do take walks on occasion, but not regular or obsessive in any way. Good health, and good luck.
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So I'm 24, and have been lifting weights seriously for about 6 years. I'm 5'10, 190 ~9 to 10% bodyfat, and try to get about 200g of protein per day, more when I'm on a bulk. I'm not a BIG eater or anything, so I utilize whey protein to hit my daily protein macro everyday. I've tried a number of brands: Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey, Dyamatize Elite Gourmet Protein, Muscle Milk, and even GNC brand protein (tasted SO bad I threw out 1 lb worth, seriously). I can honestly say that all the brands above, with the exception of GNC, taste pretty good. Syntha-6 is no different. Mixed with either water, milk or made as a shake with fruit it tastes great. I've tried Vanilla Ice Cream,Chocolate Milkshake and Banana. If it's too sweet, just add more water. I generally use a scoop in the morning and a scoop (both times with water) after workout mixed with my blender bottle.To the people that think drinking whey protein will magically help you gain muscle... it won't by itself. You need a steady and intense workout, while eating a healthy diet overall and getting enough sleep. Protein is a supplement that will help aid your diet if you don't have the time or appetite to eat enough food/protein. If you're looking for a good dietary supplement, then Syntha-6 is a great choice. I can honestly say that it is a quality whey protein, tastes great, and does do what it's supposed to. The price won't break the bank, and the prices here on amazon are the best that I've seen.5 stars
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I used to get ON protein powder for years, and to be honest, I really like it. Still do. But the price kept going up, it's 16 bucks more now than Syntha-6, and then ON stopped being sold on Amazon's subscribe and save programme, so I ventured out to find another. I thought I would give this brand a try, and now use it all the time, especially since I am saving around $160 plus a year. It has a slightly different taste than ON's chocolate flavor, not a bad thing, just a little different. But they also have more ingredients, some I don't really need, or think I need, but what the heck, it's a good protein, tastes great, and does the job. It mixes easily too. Just a shake in a blender bottle,like any other protein powder, and your set to go. I often blend it together with a banana and peanut (natural) butter. Actually, since it is my first drink of the day, and before I work out, I use 1/2 coffee and 1/2 milk to mix it with, often more coffee than milk ratio. The coffee is the day old coffee my wife leaves in the pot for what she made that morning. It gives me my caffeine fix at the same time. You should try it, it tastes great. You know what they say, don't knock it until you try it. The fact that this comes in 5 pound tubs is better for me than having to keep ordering the 2 pounders all the time. So that is another plus. I'll keep getting this for a long time, I get another brand once in a while too, for a change, but this is a regular purchase for me.
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I've bought this several times and it is usually good but I've noticed inconsistent flavor, color, and mixability between batches..Usually it's just a slight difference.. but this new batch I just got is particularly bad tasting and it doesn't "mix" like the last few I've bought.. It's almost like I got the wrong flavor but I doubt they'd make a flavor like this intentionally hah.I have another tub of this that is about to run out and it's a darker color and tastes better and it mixes differently.. If I didn't have the other one to compare to, I'd think I was imagining it.If this was the first time I tasted this, I'd never buy it again.. Not sure if I'll take a chance on buying another.Anyone else ever had this happen?I see it has pretty good ratings. I don't want to let one bad batch spoil my opinion of the product if it is just a fluke.As a side note, I thought maybe the tub just needed to be shaken up but that didn't make a difference.I checked the expiration / lot on the new tub and it's a newer lot than my last tub and not expired.. so I know it's not that at least..Edit:I contacted Amazon Customer Service and they sent me a replacement fast. The replacement tasted fine. I must have just been unlucky. I threw out the other stuff.I bumped my rating up a star since it was probably just a fluke.As usual, very impressed with Amazon Customer Service. Thanks!
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I take this protein blend before bed with milk. Taste was not amazing like most reviews on here say it is. It was a 7.5 out of 10 for me. But still good. I had zero digestion issues after consuming. Protein blended easily with milk and left no residue in the bottom of my shaker cup. BSN protein tub has an outer seal and a scoop inside. Just lift heavy weights, try to eatas much whole foods as possible(minimize processed food), sleep at least 7-9hrs a night, take your protein(1g-1.5g per pound of bodyweight), and you will see results in the gym. You will not get any muscles from consuming this product alone without resistance training. This is just a supplement to help you reach your recommended protein intake for the day.Ex: I weigh 200 pounds. So I need to take in a minimum of 200-300 grams of protein a day. Most of your protein should come from whole foods. So if I get around 160 grams of protein from my daily meals, then I need to get 2 scoops of this protein(22grams per scoop) to hit my 200-300 grams a day mark. Although, I only take one scoop(22g protein) of BSN protein and that's at night. Right after my workout, I take whey isolate protein from my favorite brand(Animal by Universal Nutrition-24 grams). I included six pictures in this review. I recommend this brand because of how easily it mixes with milk or water, and it gave me no bad digestion. That's all. ?️?
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So I've been trying to find a protein shake to use as a meal replacement for weight loss. After a lot of research I narrowed out down to several that had consistently good reviews for health and taste. While they all vary some, when it comes to meal replacement the most vital thing too me is taste. If it tastes nasty, I'm not going to use it to replace a meal. And most will provide something similar as far as the basic health benefits go.I ended up ordering the Syntha 6 Chocolate Shake and the chocolate Ideal Shake. TheSyntha does have more calories per serving: 200 vs. The 120 for Ideal. Still that leaves either as a low cal, healthy replacement for a meal.The difference for me was the taste.I tried the Ideal Weight for three days, thinking I might get used to it. Not a chance. I can't believe all the positive reviews it has for taste. Maybe it's just me, but it has a very chemical smell and tastes nasty. At least with just water. I literally had to work not to throw up after drinking it.On the other hand, I just had my first Syntha and it tasted just like a real milkshake to me! Yum and that was just with cold water. This I'll be happy to replace meals with. And in the end, that's what's going to make the difference, in my opinion.I will say the free Ideal Shake, shaker bottle I received is great! That's worth ordering for mixing and taking on the go.
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While this product does taste great, it only contains 46.61% of pure protein (it is a very impure protein...) as it is a protein blend. Here is my source:LIST OF PROTEINS/PURITY CONTENT[...]- for affordability, I go with Optimum Nutrition's products, as their purity level is 78.95% and it's about the same price as this stuff. That is why it's cheaper. I know it isn't cool to read this, because of how good it tastes, but facts are facts.Moving on, it's the best tasting protein powder on the market, mix it with milk and it tastes exactly like a chocolate milkshake. However, mix it with water, it still tastes very, very much like a chocolate milkshake. It's a delicious flavor. I drink it in a pinch,or if I go over to my fiance's house and forget my own protein powder. Personally, I use Optimum Nutrition as it's a better quality of protein. She prefers this powder as she is very, very picky about what she eats and she cannot stand my Cake Batter O.N. protein.Please bear in mind if you are a serious bodybuilder or really care about how much muscle you're trying to pack onto your frame, you'll want to go with Optimum Nutrition's product line and I recommend their Cake Batter protein flavor. The Cake Batter flavor goes well with cinnamon, which also has many health benefits and tastes great with it. I call it my Cinnamon Roll Rush.Lift hard~
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I've actually used this protein powder while deployed in 2009 and not only loved the taste of it but the results as well. It has been a few years since I used it but realized, since working out again, I'm not taking in enough food each day to build up as I'm working out. My mid section is down a lot but another inch or two and I'll be the happiest I have ever been but then again, I need to build up in my chest, arms and shoulders and remembered the last time I used Syntha 6, it really helped me out. So now I'm back to using it. I notice that I'm maintaining my weight while my mid-section continues to decrease, the areas I wanted to build up on are starting to grow and last but not least,my muscles recover much faster than when I wasn't using it. If you're only looking to lose weight, I don't recommend it, I would find something else that will help you lose weight faster but I've never had a problem with weight, just that my mid-section would blow up when I wasn't watching what I was doing. Now I'm back in the zone and couldn't be happier with the way I'm looking and it should only get better. If I remember or receive a reminder, I'll give another review in a few months to give more details since I have only been using it again for about 2 weeks. Either way, best protein shake ever!
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