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Best overall protein powder on the market. Higher than average protein content and lower than average bad fats/sugar content. I researched for hours between this and OP Gold standard. Syntha servings scoops are bigger by 10g more than gold standard scoops but same amount of sugar and fats (so if you used same size for each then syntha edge is less fats n sugar).VanillaSo I decided to get vanilla ice cream as I thought I could use that in fruit smoothie because vanilla goes better with fruit than chocolate.1st impression. Is it smells like milky bar chocolate (white choco...) Not like vanilla ice cream.2nd as a stand alone shake I find it sickly.To rich in flavour but throw a 7 or 8 raspberry in the nutri bullet with a scoop and water and you have a epic smoothie.3rd wash out mixer straight away because the residue in the cup smells like off milk very quicklyChocolate milkshakeIMPORTANT ***Taste is not 100% milkshake like, as the chocolate is slightly chemically rather than creamy chocolate. This because it's made to taste like American chocolate bars not like CREAMY CADBURYS which were used to in uk which is a far far far superior taste, FACT. Therefore the syntha is still very good chocolate taste but not super taste..The tub is only 2/3 full. But it's not fake or used it's 1 generic sized tub with different sized portions you might order.You will end up buying 1 per month IMO because you will want it more than once a day it's to tasty not to. which is it's only negative because as long as it stays £28 x 12 months. Gold standard is slightly better value for money about £45 x every 2 months.Finally my main reason for choosing this over gold standard is that syntha DOES NOT contain digestive enzymes (the stuff that triggers the poops due to speeding up digestion and release)Choc as a standalone drink for gym and vanilla for mixing into fruit smoothies at home or work type of drink.
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Tastes as good as Syntha 6 (without the 'Edge'), but with slightly less calories and slightly more protein. It's also more concentrated, as far as I can work out - the nutritional information for Syntha 6 is for a heaped spoon (the plastic one provided), whereas this one asks for a rounded spoon (which according to the internet, is subtly less). That hardly matters since both have the same number of servings, but do be careful if you're used to putting a heaped spoon in.I've tried the Vanilla and Chocolate flavours, and definitely prefer the Chocolate one. The Vanilla one tastes fine, and there's no strange aftertaste like with other protein powders, but it's just a bit boring.By the time I got halfway through, I ordered a tub of the Chocolate just to vary it up. The Chocolate, though, I could happily swim in a lake of and not get bored. Weirdly, the chocolate has less sugars (1.1g) than Vanilla (1.5g) too. Also has a bit less fat and carbs, and more fibre and sodium (as well as a marginal >0.5g less protein).So what's my take-home? Vanilla is great but potentially monotonous, so get a smaller tub. Chocolate is great consistently, so get a truckload. Getting the 'Edge' version is worth it for the extra few pounds.
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I've tried a lot of proteins, this one mixes the best and has the least gross flavour, borderline tasty... (come on lets be honest, all protein powders suck when it comes to flavour) - but make sure you get chocolate, its the only one I find doesn't get sickly over time!Also top tip, treat yourself every now and then with (you will need a blender): a scoop of this protein, half a banana, large table spoon of peanut butter or almond butter, 4/5 heaped table spoons of vanilla frozen yoghurt and a little semi skimmed milk (not too much! just to help it blend)delicious!If you found my review useful, please let me know you care by hitting the yes button below!


This is a nice product, its very creamy. I usually have Optimum Nutrition Vanilla Ice Cream because I like the Amalyze and macros but I sampled some of the BSN products at the Body Power expo and thought I'd try this as it were nice if not a little watery and warm at BP.This mixes well, I generally undermix, I put 3-5 ice cubes and around 360ml semi skimmed milk (the ice cubes make it 400ml on level) to 2 level scoops which is approx 1.8 portions. Mix it up cocktail shaker style, and its smooth, rich and creamy.I would say the ON is like white ice cream and this is like yellow ice cream, or a cornish ice cream perhaps.


Best tasting protein powder - I've tried soo many proteins and this product is awesome! I've used this in a lot of recipes - brownies / mug cakes / muffins / pancakes / protein bars and so many more.Honestly if you're after taste then you cannot go wrong with this product. My favourite protein and one which I will carry on ordering!If you're taking this as a shake then the mixability is great - never had any lumps or grainy texture.PS I have also tried cookies and cream but don't think it is in the same league as this.


Always buy BSN Protein powder. It tastes great, even when mixed with iced water and no milk it tastes great. It mixes really easy, you don't need a blender, although I do use one. The taste, flavour and mixing, to me is just as important as the ingredients which this has everything I need. Purchased many times over the years. Strawberry, Vanilla Ice Cream have to be my favourites!


This is the best protein out there. Not paid to say this and not a complete noob who bought only one protein powder. I tried at least 10 different brands and this is my all time favourite. I am having a shake right now and it's so good that I wanted to leave this review. I blend one banana, 5 ice cubes, one dose of powder and milk. It is better than eating ice cream :D.


Having been on Syntha 6 for a while, I purchased on Amazon for a slightly better cost than in local shops.The stuff tastes great (the best whey protein I have tried actually) mixes well and does the job nicely.The protein arrived in the usual Amazon box, not much packing but everything was fine even the tab inside the lid was in place.All good.


I LOVE this protein. Taste, amazing. Nutritional values, amazing.Per serving (1 scoop):24g protein155 calories4.5g carbs (1.1g sugars)3.7g fat (0.8g saturates)I was given a sachet and got hooked, I had to buy it. BSN is new favourite for protein supplements.I bought Chocolate Milkshake and Vanilla. Both taste great.


One of the best tasting protein shakes I have tasted, I don't have to force it down like many of the others I have bought. It really does taste like strawberry milkshake and the tub is quite large. It is a bit more expensive than other products but I would say it is definitely worth it.


Still one of the best powders you can buy, and its so cheap compared to other online retailers.If I'm not blending with it, then I will add 1x scoop to a full tub of full fat Greek yogurt and muesli for breakfast Yummy!1x scoop of this + the yogurt is over 50 grams of protein!


tastes great blends very well and is a top quality protein no cheap stuff. tastes much better than competitors brands . on repeat subscription for thsi product now no need to purchase another product as im going to get the best price with amazon subscribe and save


OHHHHHH MYYYYYY. I loved the old Syntha, but this one actually tastes even BETTER! and to top it off the macros are way better too! BSN, you've done it again.The Chocolate Peanut Butter is out of this world! Looking forward to trying the other flavours!


Just got this although I can't say how good it's working yet it tastes great. Also I find other brands when used in a shaker a lot seems to sticks to the shaker when washing it. This one it's a quick rinse and ready for next time.


The best tasting protien out there. I've tried several and nothing comes close to the flavour of syntha 6. Its mix of different proteins keeps you full for a while however not as effective post workout as ON gold standard.
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