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After trying multiple different Pre-Workout drink in the past, ranging from SCI-MX, Optimum Nutrition, The protein works and others. Out of my experience I have found that this has been one of the best drinks out there.It managed to deliver extra boots of certain supplements that other bands do not include or include in small/under doses. This Pre-workout gives the benefit of adding 11 grams of Amino Acids, 3 grams of Creatine and 2.6 grams of Beta-Alanine. All in all this helps in getting a good boots in energy for when you are about to do your workout and also help put you in a state of focus to try and aim for that extra set or reps that you might not have been able to do without this.I found that It manages to mix well within water and not leave any lumps of powder with the liquid.I opted for the watermelon flavor and it did not disappointing, it did not taste foul like some of the others I have use. If anything the taste of the drink to was more like a cherry flavor, which I am not complaining because I like the taste ether way.Overall it has been a pleasure in using this within my workout routine, although there is a few thing that you might need to get adjusted to like the tingles that you would find from products like SCI-MX that would give you quite intense compared to this product that will give you them but in a much milder felling. All being said I would defiantly recommend this for any one looking for a change products or people looking into getting there into fitness.
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Well, this is really goog pre work out drink. Taste nice and gives you a good buzz. I just want to warn you how it affected me. I had been taking it for a few weeks without any issues. Then I started to feel like a desperately wanted a number 2. At times I barely made it home in time to relieve myself. Today I Finnish my workout and started to drive home when my stomach stated to turn upside down. I managed to get home just has mr turtle stared to appear. Unfortunately I never made it to the toilet in time and mr turtle and his family decided to make their appearance. I ran to the toilet while the turtle family was running down my leg trying their best to escape from the bottom of my track suit trousers.When I finally managed to sit down it was like a fire work had exploded. The turtle family covered the wall,s, bath, and toilet where they seemed happy lying there with their bad breath stinking tha bathroom out. They should call this product “ will explode”. Don’t think I’ll be using it again. Could have been worse, I could have still been in the gym when the turtle family decided to make their appearance. I would have never of lived it down. Plus I would have been banned from my gym.
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In all fairness, I've never actually tried a nice-tasting pre-workout. I used to take Fruit Punch NO Xplode and I have to say it does taste marginally better. This is fine though.When you think about it, you're essentially just shotting this because you only take it in 250mls (I take it in slightly less). I also use more than the recommended dose and I don't think I've ever taken the 'recommended break' after a 'few weeks'. Probably slowly killing myself.In any case, gives me the energy to have a morning workout at 110% intensity before work and gives a great pump. Makes my veins pop out and my skin feels tight. Id definitely give this a try if you're looking for a new pre-workout.As I said on a review of a protein as well (Sci-MX GRS 9hr),the taste shouldn't be important - you slog away in the gym for 1-2 hours, pushing yourself through (sometimes) hellish pain and break down all your muscles... Are you really going to complain that your rage supplement doesn't taste enough like an apple????Didn't think so.
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Its a good pre-workout. It's the only one I use and therefore, 75% of the time it works for me. I don't use it every time I go to the gym which probably helps. Use it too much and it's looses it effectiveness. You do need to take a break from it, follow the instructions. The flavour is nice, I like it and I am fairly picky. A bit sweet but it beats tasting like dish water. Doesn't mix 100% but that is ok, it's not going to get stuck in your throat.It does froth up when u mix it but doesn't bother me. Be aware, it does work and can make you train harder then you normally would or your body is used to and as a result you could pick up an injury.Just be mindful of that.It does help me as I mostly go to the gym in the evenings and gives me that energy I need to do the workout. For me it's worth it. I don't think it will work 100% effectively if you use it all the time and use it with other pre-workout supplements.
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So I've been using this product for about 3 months now and let me tell you, I'm a lazy person so it takes a lot of motivation for me to go to the gym even though it's very close to me. From doing no gym I went on to go 5 times a week, doing shorter but very intensive passes (about 45 min) and even do that very early in the morning on working days.I always want to relax and therefor the physical exercise is the last thing on my mind. After drinking one dose of this powder, I'm literally running to the gym as I feel I'm about to explode if I don't (in a good sense of the word). Together with good music (I prefer electronic music)this product helps you entering a "gym mode" i.e helps you focus in addition on considerably increasing your performance and spirit.Five stars for this product, and it also diminishes the need for coffee which isn't a bad thing. Highly recommended!
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I took this last week and I haven’t been to bed for 9 days.It’s like going to Glastonbury, but without the music.I would recommend it to anyone not wishing to waste time in bed.Take it before the gym and watch yourself single handedly lift everything that isn’t nailed to the floor.I’ve gained 86kg of pure muscle mass in the past week with little or no water retention. Chest press has gone from 60kg to 310kg (1 rep max). I actually broke the lat pull down machine, the pulley snapped and obviously I was left standing there just looking and feeling awesome. Leg press, they didn’t actually have enough weights in the gym so I got Sue from reception to stand on it. She was pretty impressed.I will never train without this product ever again!!!!!
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First time trying the 3.0 version and I'm impressed. The energy I received from this was Good. I track my calorie expenditure every workout and in the same period as normal I burned an extra 200 calories. Defiantly pushed myself harder than I normally would with the extra energy i got from this. I can't review about beta-alanine tingles so many people do not like as I've not felt them in a long time but I would imagine if your not use to the ingredient, you would get the tingles from this as it has a high concentration of beta-alanine. Only down fall for me at the moment is high calories per dose, but that is only a problem due to contest prep.But it will use and buy again once the show is done.
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I used no xplode years ago and loved it then and i still feel the same way now. In the past i used to have negative side effects like extremely itchy red skin for an hour and id have to sit on the toilet before a workout experiencing Bum Xplode but this new formula has helped with that because now all i have been experiencing is tingly itchy skin for afew minutes after taking this but then that goes away and im left with a more alert and focused state of mind. Iv noticed that i dont wait as long between sets because im ready to go again and it gives me the motivation to train at night afterwork when usually i would be feeling tired and decide to sit in front of the tv insteadz.


I bought this product as I had tried it before but not this flavour & was good value for money as it came with a shaker bottle also. I tried the watermelon before so thought i would try the green apple. When the package arrived and I opened the parcel, it was burst, So I contacted the seller. They were quick with a response of an apology and sent me out a second one which arrived today in a box with plenty of padding. I would highly recommend this product but more so from this seller. They were quick to deliver, and very customer focused. I will be buying from this seller again. I would highly recommend the green apple flavour and it gives you that boost needed when in the gym.


I've been using No-Xplode as a pre workout of a few years and find it really effective.I found that it really does focus and motivate before hitting the gym which I really needed at 5AM! I do have to say though, don't take this stuff after 5 PM otherwise the chances of sleeping are minimal!I've tried a number of flavours and my favourites are Green Apple and Tropical which taste amazing. I did see an improvement in my physical performance when I started using No-Xplode but it's best to take it in cycles as instructed on the container otherwise I found I built a tolerance to it and the effects were not as good.This is the only pre-workout I will ever buy - love it.


Not sure about this as I have only used it for training about three times. It just doesn't feel as powerful as the 2.0 version. This coule be purely placebo effect as I can definately train just as hard while using it. It just doesn't 'feel' like it is giving that tingly feeling iI used to get in my face.I know they have changed the formula slightly so I guess I just roll with it until it is finished. The after taste seems to be slightly different too. I didn't mind the taste on 2.0 but this tastes slighlty worse. But you don't get it for the taste right? smash it down and crack on. Happy with it because it definately still works but I think it lacks the impact of 2.0.


So, first ever pre workout I've taken. It's not going to turn you into a monster (I had 1 scoop and 250ml of water), however after a long day at work and after diner sometimes you loose the will to go and workout, I go to the gym at 9:30 till 10:30 (beat the crowds). I took the serving at 9:00 and I was feeling more awake, not a crazy buzz but enough to go and want to work out. My biggest mistake thinking I can get to sleep at 11:30, I fell asleep midnight but woke up at 3am, 4 am and 5 .... finally getting up for work at 7:30. In short it works, but not as crazy as people say but yes it's worth it if your offten tired befor you go to the gym.


I ordered this pre-workout because I only have time to go to the gym late at night, when I have no energy, and I found I was struggling to work up the motivation to really do anything while I was there.N.O.-Explode changed all that.My first time taking this supplement I not only had the energy and motivation to do all I'd come to do, I ended up doing double workouts. I started super-setting pull ups with burpees, and deadlifts with squats. Not just because I wanted to, but because I couldn't help myself.Taking this supplement is like getting run over by an energy truck. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone who frequents the gym.


Ok it doesn't taste great that's a lie, it tastes just as good as any other brand of workout powder...whats not very good at all ;-). But what it does do is exactly what it says on the tin. I'm on about my 8th month of working out, I will be honest I've been struggling with blacking out after half an hour, going dizzy just feeling extremely depleted because of the way i train. So i thought i would give this a go with some Carbonox for during my workout and ....BOOM!. I turned into an animal ... An hour later I'm wanting more, wanting to push harder and faster even when I have ran out of time! it has my recommendation


I've recently switched to N.O.-XPLODE after using Cellucor's C4 for quite some time. As with all pre-workouts, I became tolerant to C4 and always found the come down to be brutal. N.O.-XPLODE is a more subtle energy for me. It definitely puts extra "oomph" in my training (powerlifting) and helps me get my training in even why I'm tired after work. The taste is tolerable - not great (it's a bit like chemically laden soap) but it's not the worst. This product has earned the status of my favourite, out-ranking C4, Black Powder and Optimum Nutrition's Pre.
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