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I'm about to buy myself one of the True Mass Ultra Premium Lean Mass Gainer. I accidentally bought the Syntha-6 instead of True Mass for body building 2 months ago and was force to use it until it runs out. I work out 4-5 times a week at the gym usualy 30 min - 1hr and I tell you all Syntha-6 has gave me 11 pounds of muscle within 1 month and a half. I do heavy weights one day, and conditioning another so I can burn off the belly fat. I started out curling about 25 pound dumb bell back in middle of the month May. Now I'm curling 35 pound just for warm ups and usually 40 pound is my average curls. If Snytha-6 was able to help me gain this much muscle, True Mass must be better. Anyway, for you skinny,boney folks who feels like you'll never get muscles. I would recommend you try Snytha-6 first. It has less calories and still packs a lot of protein. Once you feel like you reached a good point, you can upgrade to True Mass for extra weight gaining. I will continue to update more info after I receive my True Mass and tried it for at least 3 weeks. I gave this a a 4 star because the price is a bit high. Other than that it's great!UPDATE September 5,2012 - The results are amazing. I have gained about 15 or 16 pounds of muscles in almost 7 months for taking these with Syntha-6. I ordered already 2 of these already and will be ordering more. I do still have a bit of belly fat still from taking these protein and must do cardio to burn it off. However I have notice a huge strength and muscle increase in my upper body. I will not lie, some peoples body cannot absorb these supplements and must take other products to assist them. It took me about the first 2 months before my body started to easily metabolize them. I usually take some preworkout pills or drink with these protein to ensure maximum workout, so do not expect to suddenly feel strong and powerful and dangerously take on heavy weights when drinking this. I decided to change from 4 Stars to 5 now because compared this to retail price at the local GNC and Supplement stores, I am grateful they sell this much protein at this low price. If anyone thinks this is a scam or so call false ADVERTISEMENT comment me!
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I've been working out for the last 6 months or so with the goal of putting on muscle mass & bulking up a bit. I'm a tall, skinny guy (aka hard gainer), and what makes things even more challenging is that I recently had a baby who I often take care of. If you've done any childcare, then you know how difficult it can be to get a decent meal in while the kid is crying and tearing the house up. It was almost impossible for me to get in enough calories to make any gains even though I hit the weights 3xs per week. I did some research and found out there were high calorie shakes that could help me with my weight goals. I read a bunch of Amazon reviews and I decided on ordering BSN True Mass (Chocolate flavor)and was surprised how decent it tasted. I've been through I think 4 or 5 tubs of this stuff so far, and I still don't mind drinking it. I guess I should try another flavor, but I'm a bit afraid the other flavors might not taste as good. I usually make a blended shake with frozen bananas & other fruits, milk or rice milk, and sometimes peanut butter. It's good stuff, pretty easy to drink, and I haven't noticed any gas or anything like that. My original goal was to go from a scrawny 153lbs to 163lbs. Well in just a few months I'm already at 171lbs! (I don't mean to sound like an infomercial, but it's true.) So now I'm setting a new goal of 193lbs (I'll keep you posted on the progress).About a month ago I was curious to check out some of the competing brands, so I tried ON's Serious Mass because it had pretty decent reviews and a good price. A word of advice-- ON Serious Mass tastes DISGUSTING!! I thought it would be similar to BSN True Mass, but it wasn't at all. The serving sizes were insane and the stuff tasted like oily rotten artificially flavored nastiness. I gagged a bit the first time I tried to drink ON Serious Mass it because it was so nasty. I usually don't leave too many reviews on Amazon, but Serious Mass was so bad that I wrote a one star review explaining why it tasted like crap. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra few bucks to get BSN True Mass (or some other brand that is not ON Serious Mass).Good luck with your gains!
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I have tried several different protein powders over the last couple of years. I can say, without a doubt, that BSN makes the tastiest one by far!The macro nutrients and micro nutrients are exactly what you want if you're aiming to gain weight and add muscle. After lifting for 6 months, I was recommended by a gym friend that I should give the BSN protein products a shot. I started incorporating it into my diet to help hit my caloric intake and protein goals. Besides regular food, this was the only thing I added into my diet. I do NOT take any supplements. As a very hard gainer (really skinny my whole life) I was able to start putting on mass and muscle once I switched to BSN's true mass.In a bit over a year of lifting I weighed about 180 lbs, benched 200 lbs, squatted 365, and deadlifted 425 lbs. These aren't impressive numbers by any stretch of the imagination, but it shows what's possible when you start getting enough calories in you.I won't say that BSN was the only contributing factor (hard work, dedication, consistency, routine all matter of course) to my success, but it played an important part. I also won't say that the only way to get strong is using BSN, but it really helps the skinny guys like me overcome that barrier. It also tastes delicious, which makes it more enjoyable to drink than other powders.There are cheaper protein powders out there, but I think this one is definitely worth the money. I recommend mixing 2 scoops with water, which cuts it really well. If you're really eager to gain weight and want more protein, mixing it with 2% milk can be done. Be wary though, it will be very thick and won't mix as well - which is why I first recommend water.When you've felt you've gained enough mass and are looking to reduce fat while maintain muscle, BSN also makes Syntha-6 - a perfect solution for when it's time to cut!
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This is a great addition to a meal replacement protein shake. It gives a good punch of carbs, fat, protien and vitamins. It tastes pretty good to boot, which can be expected since it isn't 100% protein like your typical whey. I am trying to lose weight, so I am not doing the 3 scoops 3x a day, but I do add 1.5 scoops to my protien shakes to replace breakfast and lunch. This gives me the full allotment of vitamins and minerals and adds some girth to the protien powder. It will also fill you up as I can easily go 4 or 5 hours after the shake without a full meal (only a piece of fruit as a snack when necessary). I have been using it for two weeks of a two month plan and it is doing its job nicely.I have noticed that since starting the shake routine with my workouts,I recover quicker and in general, I "feel healthier." I don't know if this is exclusive to this product or if it can be attained by using other similar formulas, but this works for me.Overall, I am very satisfied with the BSN as an addition to a meal replacement shake. I cannot comment on its stated goal of a "mass gainer", but can say that if you take the full serving three times a day, it may be difficult to eat as this stuff fills you up. Having said that, if you can still eat after the shake, you'll definitely gain weight.Let me tell you a little about me for perspective. Contrary to the product's title, I am not looking to bulk up. I am overweight and trying to lose weight by working out and diet control. This is one of the ingredients in my meal replacement shake. I drink a shake for breakfast and lunch each day. The formula for my shake is 1.5 scoops of Mass Gainer, 1 scoop of whey protien, 8 oz. of skim milk and 8 oz of water mixed in a blender bottle.
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I've been drinking this protein/weight gainer every morning for breakfast. It's absolutely awesome but it requires a lot of water! It can clump up too if you don't have the right shaker bottle. Highly recommend one that comes with a whisk (Blender bottle, GNC, etc). The stuff can also clump to the top of the bottle container if you don't shake it enough and then it sticks to the cap of the bottle in powder form.There is a whopping 600+ calories in each serving which makes it an awesome morning shake for those looking to gain weight for working out or for those who are underweight in general. It's also awesome to drink in the morning on an empty stomach because it gives an awesome jumpstart to your metabolism so you can start burning off body fat the minute you wake up.I also enjoy taking it with me on the go. I don't have to spend 10 minutes making breakfast, waiting for toast, or pouring all this juice and waiting for eggs to cook...I can just throw 3 scoops into a bottle and shake it up and leave. It's quick and awesome.The only bad things about it is that it is quite expensive. Luckily, Amazon is great and will ship this to you for free. You can also usually sign up for a subscription so Amazon will take a cut out while they bet that you'll order it again. The other pour thing is there is roughly 18 servings in this big container. That means if you have one daily, you're going to have to spend around $40 bucks a month in order to drink it every morning. Yes there are other options, eggs, oatmeal, etc, but this seems to do the trick for me to eat quickly in the morning so I can maximize my time and still get the most protein.Highly recommend.
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After much research and cross reference, I came across BSN True Mass and decided to try it for the first time. It has been awarded as a best mass gainer and product. What a surprise! This is one of the best shakes that I have ever tasted. I ordered chocolate. First, I tried the powder, and I could just eat that all by itself. I could taste quality from the powder alone. When BSN made this product, they definitely had flavor and texture in mind. Blended, it comes out like a malted milkshake dessert, no joke. After consuming it, you don't get that nasty aftertaste or lingering negative feeling in your stomach like those cheap proteins that won't digest quickly. Profile: 100% of vitamins and minerals.50 grams protein for 70 g carbs. No creatine but they have their own separate set. It does have 12 g sugar but it's good sugar. I am sure it's from the milk protein. I gain weight easily with sugar, but with this product, I saw NO fat gain or negative results. Recommendations: It's better if you have a shaker. Use real cold water to enhance taste. If blended, just find the right consistency - stir in a cup first, and add ice depending on desired thickness. I even added spinach and the flavor was not altered. You can use milk if you want, but water was fine for me. Too much milk can cause gas and bloating. I would probably recommend using a brown rice drink. Results: My servings varied, and sometimes I had 3 in a day. I have not gained any fat. Instead, my body felt better replenished, and I began seeing my body taking shape. I already ordered vanilla and BSN Cell Mass. But that it works, it WORKS!
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Product wise, I rate this very highly!!I decided to join the gym and start taking protein shakes and take the gym life seriously. Start weight 62kg and now a year and a half on I weigh 78kg. Obviously diet and training are a big part to this as no protein shake can get you the results by itself!The taste... I think this product tastes great and I rate it better than Maximuscle and Phd products.Quantity wise, other people have complained about this and I guess I can see why... however the results I have achieved with this product far out weigh this small complaint!so... why haven't I given this product 5 stars?...Well this third company often send you another protein shake!!!!The one advertised is Muscle Mass,Muscle Function and Energy Yielding Metabolism - Perfect!! but instead I have often received the one for Performance and recovery - which is just not what I want. less protein, less calories etc... and no explanation as to why I have been sent the wrong one!I think maybe the company should have a drop down menu, like you would have with clothing colours/sizes to make sure this doesn't happen, so you have the choice of protein that you take on board.I have always be refunded once you bring it to Amazons attention, you have to send the product back, which means a visit to the post office...But all in all as long as you are sent the Muscle Mass, Muscle Function and Energy Yielding Metabolism shake, it is a truly great product!! And if anyone has any questions, let me know and I will be happy to help!
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Although expensive, I love True Mass. Not only do you get an optimal quality protein shake, but you can immediately feel the results with what you are getting. Doesn't make you bloat, you always feel stronger and you definitely gain LEAN muscle mass. You will have more energy and this lean muscle mass gainer will be efficiently adsorbed so your muscles can build at their best. I have been using this product for a few years now and I cannot use any other gainer; I'll just drink whole milk if I cannot afford this.I almost forgot to talk about how it tastes and how well it mixes because these or the least of my concerns when using products to work toward my goals.This mixes just as well if not better than any other protein shake out there. Can mix it with milk, water or both and whatever other supplements you have. If you have a blender bottle, there's no need to stir this powder or use a blender; just make sure you have good about of liquid comparative to the supplements you put in and shake until dissolved. The tastes depends on preference. I have tasted several flavors and all seem tolerable, but with what I mix with this powder, anything chocolate seems to be the best tasting to me. Overall they do taste like slightly modified milkshakes, and anybody looking for something tasting better need not waste their time with such trivial concerns. Get this if you are looking for an extra boost in your gains without all the hype and hardcore methods that come with gaining muscle mass.
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I bought this mass gainer to help me put on size because I wasn't getting the amount of calories i needed in a day. I'm a young bodybuilder but sometimes it's hard for me to eat 6-12 x a day but sometimes i can't eat a lot or don't have time, I'll make me a shake and head out.Taste: 10/10I bought the chocolate milkshake and let me tell you, this was one of the tastiest mass gainers I had ever bought. You can't go wrong with chocolate. I added peanut butter to add extra calories to my shake, and it taste exactly like rescues puff (the cereal)Mixture: 9/10It is very easy to mix, I hardly had any clumps when shaking it using my shaker bottle.Size:It is 5.82 lbs and good for 16 servings.This is a good amount of servings, like i stated earlier, I only took this mass gainer when I didn't eat enough a day to meet the amount of calories i needed that day, so i had my true mass for a long time.Overall this is an excellent mass gainer if you aren't meeting the amount of calories needed. True mass mass gainer is easy to digest and I had absolutely no bubble guts afterwards (some mass gainers make you poop afterwards) this did not. For the size of the size and amount of servings, it is a reasonable price and works lovely. I would highly recommend.
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To be honest, I am very new to taking protein and a strength training regimen. I haven't tried a lot out there but based on glowing reviews and personal recommendations I decided to use TrueMass to supplement my weight lifting and nutrition.First I'll start with the taste. At the time of this review, I have tried a few different whey proteins and this is by far the best. It even tastes extremely delicious with water which I can't say about other proteins.My results were pretty astonishing. My body is naturally muscular so I don't necessarily have a problem with putting on weight. Within 4 weeks I put on 20lbs (keep in mind I was on a tailored diet), saw noticeable definition in bicep, tricep,shoulders, chest, and ab muscles. Some of this of course was fat and/or water weight, but I can honestly say that I've never looked or felt this good in my life.Comparatively, after using this supplement I tried another whey to see how it compared. I noticed that I was retaining more water weight and not seeing the same results as I did with the TrueMass.Overall your results will vary, but from what I've experienced with this product, it has had a noticeable effect. It may be pricier, but the old adage "you get what you pay for" rings very true here.
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First of all, I'd like to say that before I started taking this I was at 137lbs. I'm 5'9, 29 years old, and in great shape! I've been using this product for about a year now and I'm at 176lbs. I gained 20lbs over the first 90 days and I haven't lost it. I'm an EXTREMELY hard gainer so if this works for me then it can work for anyone. If you can't gain weight taking this then you obviously don't know what you're doing. It says "meal replacement" but come on, if you're hitting the gym and trying to bulk then this shake needs to be a meal supplement...taken between meals and before bed. I take 3 servings a day (only 1 scoop though) and I've had the best results ever. I don't mean to put anybody down,but in the world or lifting taste is a luxury, so if you give it poor reviews due to that then you're kind of foolish. Fortunately, true mass tastes really good and is easy on the stomach. It's not as tasty as muscle milk, but muscle milk doesn't have 7 different types of protein nor does it have all of the other goodies that's found in true mass. For a mass building supplement I can honestly say that this is the only one that's ever worked for me and I recommend it to everyone who's trying to bulk up.
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This flavor is amazing, i'm used to buying the Strawberry flavor and might I add great as well but the Cookies and Cream is a slept on flavor. I've only used it with water and it's still amazing and feels perfect after a good workout or just something to get you going for the day. Enough of the taste Though I personally gained some weight from using the product, although not done with the tube yet and still gaining this product as definitely contributed to my weight gain essentials. One thing I did hate is the scoop that's included in the tube, this thing was hell trying to take out wish they didn't make it a treasure hunt trying to find that thing.Overall great product (Nothing less from BSN)been a fan of their stuff since college. If your thinking of ordering I recommend it and it's hard finding that appropriate weight management shake that helps and feels good to drink compared to the others that taste like chalk or feels like a chore. Again great product, but if you're really looking to get the best out of it, use as recommended meaning adequate portion of food along with the proper dieting and you'll gain a great amount of clean weight.
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Easily the best product I've found for gaining weight. It digests easily (much better than the protein powder you get from grocery stores) and has the ideal ratio of carbs/protein. Any more protein would be a waste, word on the street is you can only use ~30 grams per meal anyway. I prefer to mix this with maybe 16-20 ounces of milk to make it a bit thinner, then drink half at a time with a few hours in between. That's 1000 calories easily right there. It actually feels like a ton of calories too - my whole chest gets warm from drinking it, especially if I haven't eaten in a while.As far as results, I've already gained about 10 pounds over a few weeks (160 -> 170).It's always been difficult for me to gain weight and I feel like I'm barely trying now.I sort of agree with others that this is the best flavor. Strawberry is less rich though which makes it easier to eat more actual food along with it. I've also noticed that strawberry mixes the best, with cookies and cream being a close second, but chocolate takes a bit longer to mix and results in a thicker shake.
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I have used this item for about 20 days now. Initially when I used it with Milk I got lot of Gas and few days back I switched to water and it works fine. I am not a big fan of Chocolate flavor but I chose Chocolate Milkshake anyway coz it's cheaper than other flavor and I find the taste alrite(for someone who doesnt like chocolate flavor, that's good)Before using this product I use to weigh 145 pound in the morning after my shower and potty. Now I weigh 150 pound and I'm 5'9" tall. I wish to gain another 10 pounds so ordered another. Between I don't do hard workout. Just lil push ups here and there and some stretching about 8 times a month. I naturally have high metabolism rate and need to eat lot to gain.I have been having only this milkshake in the morning and decent size meal in the evening with lil snacks here and there and still managed to gain 5 pounds in about 2 weeks of its use. I'm in my late 20's if this info matters......I haven't given it 5 star because I did not gain as much weight as I wanted. I'll update my rating once I see more gain.
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Great weight gainer. It contains very high quality proteins such whey isolate. Only 15,7 g out of 84,8 are sugars per serving: this means that you are not stuffing yourself with sugar and junk. I've been taking it now for about a month and I already have gained 2 kilos. However I really recomend to anyone who wants to take it to make sure you DO NOT stop eating less. Otherwise it wont work because you are replacing meals and therefore maintaining or decreasing your calories intake. YOU WANT TO INCREASE THEM! For me it has always been taught gaining weight but with this it really works out. BSN TRUE MASS GAINER. Also you need patience. You will need to go through a couple of these containers to gain the weight you want in my personal opinion.If you follow the servings directory then you will have it for 16 servings total (165g per serving) You dont need to take 165g every day. Just try it out and then decide how much you should take, also depends how much weight and how quickly you want gain it and the amount of calories you are taking daily.
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