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I bought these mess tins for use while camping in Norway for a week. I had only ever used square, steel military-style mess tins before, and thought these would be strange to get used to at first. As it turned out I now prefer this design.The set is made up of two pots an two lids (the lids can also double as frying pans). I would say this is perfect for between 1-3 people camping and the tins are very lightweight indeed (useful if you're forced to cut down on weight to conform to Ryanair's tiny baggage allowance limit).I also found the tins to be easy to clean with a regular washing up brush and a bit of brillo pad. I would advise soaking and rinsing straight away after use to avoid burned on stains,but this really applies to any pots. My tins have come back in near perfect condition apart from a few dents here and there which were easy to pop back out. I would highly recommend this product.
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Bought for domestic use on alternative cooking source e.g. camping gas stove or spirit burner, in case of power failure sometime in the future; used in that situation the thinner material would also heat up quicker than household pans and be economical on the gas or meths.My actual camping days are sadly long gone but this set gave me an upsurge of nostalgia - worth buying for that alone! But seriously, it looks a great bit of kit, compact, and offering a good mix of size and function. I can't fault the price either - I shopped around online and bought mine for £5.99...


I didn't know what size the pans were as it didn't really give dimentions so just hoped for the best. I was a bit concerned that they were a bit small but tested them out on a short camping trip and the big pan heated a tin of beans lovely and quick. I was a bit worried about frying eggs in the pan as it is non stick so on the way I picked up a non-stick frying pan from Tesco for £1 and used that instead so have yet to use the set fully. It packed away nice and small and the handle was easy to use and secure. I am pleased with it as it is a good price. Would recommend.


Bought this set of pans thinking it would be useful for camping, arrived quickly but my, they are super small. Perhaps it is my fault as didn't quite understand that when I purchased them. So yes, they are cute and package together really well and all in good shape etc, but I couldn't really use them as they are so small. You could probably fit the contents of a tin of beans in the largest, and as for big bowls of pasta/rice etc for 2-3 people it's not practical so not particularly useful for me. So, it probably is a good buy if that is what you are looking for.


I use these as my everyday outdoor pans at the moment and i give them more abuse than any product should be asked to take but they take it. They are not super strong but for the price they are great. With sets like this on the market there is no point in buying expensive kit you will lose or damage in your pack and will only have to spend more money to replace. Nice little set very light and packs down to a nice size. Added bonus for me was that they fit my trangia set very well.


Great, essentially just what I needed. Packs away nicely (best if you can stuff some extra socks/small items etc. in there to maximise space), easy to use (the handle is definitely helpful), and really easy to clean. Not sure they're entirely worth paying the extra few pounds over a set of mess tins, but the pots are quite sturdy and have served well so far on a few camping/festival trips.


Bought as a light weight option for camping with a friend, they aren't bad, can make a 1 person stew with ease and the largest makes a half decent pie oven if you later pastry on your meat with a little air gap between lid and pastry and pile embers on the top of the lid! Not as good as steel, but they where never going to be! I would buy them again. And suitable for a bug out option


Only bought this set as I ruined a saucepan in my existing set on an expedition. Ended keeping whole set in my kit and using remainders of old set as spares instead.Very light weight weight with a single handle loosing some of this. Also lids double up as pans.Has a webbing strap to keep kit together and room inside to hide teasbags, cupasoups, oxo cubes, matches, etc


Worked well.A 'bit' hard to clean, handle can heat up fast if you leave it attached. Very hard to get lids off when over a heat the handle just didn't work well for this, or I was using it wrong.Loved how the lids can be frying pans too. Loved the price! It didn't melt it did the Job and boiled lots of water also really liked how compact it is.


just come back from a long weekend camping trip, and would like to say this is a good product.light weight, no issues with cleaning it, and easily coped with 2 of us camping.the smaller of the 2 pans easily coped with a normal size heinz baked beans (around 60% full).very good bit of kit, small, light, usable and a very good price too.


A very useful set of camping pots.Easily packed away into each other to reduce space needed and very light.Only problem is, they're easy to bend out of shape. I go car camping a lot so I don't have to worry as I keep them in their box. However, if you're the hiking camping type, you might want to opt for something a bit sturdier.


You get what you pay for! This is a thin and very light aluminium cookset. Its lightness is great for ultralight camping and its exactly what I was looking for. It is well made but BE AWARE, the aluminium is VERY THIN and would be EASY TO DENT or EVEN PIERCE. But its VERY LIGHT TO CARRY.


This set is absolutey perfect for a weekend camping situation for a couple of people. If you have more people to cook for the set will probably be a little too small. I would recomend this set to anyone that wants a simple, light weight cook set that takes up a relatively small space.


Great price and very light. On the other side they do bend and dent quite easily, as well as have their outer layer scratched off to reveal darker inner material (I'm not sure if that's a food safety concern or not - I've used them on a month long cycle trip and survived though!)


Really handy, compact and useful camping equipment. Does take long to get hot, good for boiling water, warming stuff. Not that suitable for cooking as it doesn't have a non stick coating.. You have to be extra careful when cooking as it gets too hot, too quick.
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