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Been using this since spring 2015. Really good bulking shake. Extremely good carbs, 5g of sugars to 50G of carbs is amazing for this price. 50g of protein is also amazing for this price. Not a lot of fats, but I didn't expect a lot from a shake. comes with a scooper and 3 separate bags of protein of equal serving. I have 2 a day 5 days and it lasts me roughly a months, usually more.The only downside is this shake does not taste nice, It's thick, powdery and gritty in texture. However, It WORKS.Don't take this the wrong way, it is completely drinkable, doesn't taste like gone off milk, it just doesn't taste like ON Gold Standard taste or a McDonalds milkshake.Pick 2: Cheap, Good Nutrition, Tastes Nice. I know which two I'd rather have, especially being on not that good of a wage.I've only use the vanilla and chocolate flavours and can't speak for the other flavours.
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This is the best tasting vanilla protein shake I've ever had. Coming from a man who has tried THREE vanilla shakes in his time I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious. I wash this bad boy down with nought but 400 ml of Aqua and it doesn't actually taste like ass, like most do. Results wise: yes. It definitely helps you put on lean muscle if you tren properly and take it regularly and good if you've acquired a girlfriend as this won't give you that perma-gas which makes every minute in your presence smell like you've shat yourself.This wasn't bad at all in making you fart (or shart). However, everyone is different so the best thing would be to try yourself and if it doesn't work try another because one will eventually.
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When it arrived I wondered where I was going to store this tub but when opened, the product has been split up into three foiled envelopes. Also there was slightly more than you pay for.Now I know what you're thinking. Where oh where has this happy customer disposed of his tub? Hmmm? And you are thinking that aren't you. Well the tub is in my garage with my garden tools in it. Aye you heard me right. I got my powder, separated to avoid mess and a free tub.....Also (yup there is an also)it was delivered bang on time by a very nice delivery guy who smiled then winked before he left. Each to their own I guess but there we go. Everyone's a winner ;)
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For me the go to product for protein supplementation whilst maintaining an active lifestyle.I use this sparingly throughout the day (do not RELY on this wholly) and especially for recovery after say the gym or a long and intense bike ride.Perhaps not as much bang for your buck as the previous version, in plastic drums, that stuff was some top soup!Ingredients have been modified slightly; bit more sugar and less of some other micros, but overall a good all in one. Creatine is cheap to buy separately should you require.Flexible,convenient addition to my food cupboards. Good taste, mixes well.
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This is an awesome supplement, not too expensive for a 5kg tub and it lasts a long time. Need 3,500 calories a day currently to build muscle and having two of these a day with two protein shakes aswell as 3 meals a day helps me reach that daily calorie goal.Not too high in carbs, so it's good for helping me to stay lean and have a lll my definition whilst getting bigger.I've seen results in such a short space of time by training 5 days a week and hitting my calorie goals I am seriously impressed.This is great quick convenient and easy for me to hit those targets whilst at work.Awesome!
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I'm one of those girls that used to avoid protien powder because i thought it tasted nasty until i started my fitness journey beginning of March.. My boyfriend actually recommended this brand and now I look forward to my shake! I did have to start with just one scoop as was too thick otherwise but I love the stuff and it's seriously helping in the gym. My results are amazing and I'm seriously happy with this stuff. Due to buy another tub in a couple of weeks :)


Really Good Protein shake I normally get the standard Whey Protein by Sci Mix, I thought I would give this one a try, I workout four times a week I have noticed the improvement in the gym within three weeks in terms of power and muscles gain, . This shake mixes well with water, avoid using semi skimmed milk it comes out too thick and has a slight chemical taste. Overall great product and excellent value for money, 5kg for £50, brilliant, Great Job Sci-MX.


Just got the product delivered in today. I thought it would be a bucekt with powder in it but the good thing was that it had 4 bags of powder in it in case you dont want all of it out at onve. Taste was okay but a little different than the sci-mx lean core ive been using in chocolate. Sci-mx products are good and i alreaty have been using Leancore for the past 4-5 months. Hope this one will give me the results that i am looking for also.


I don't understand the people saying it doesn't taste good! This shake mixes well and basically tastes like a strawberry milkshake! I mix mine with 400ml of cold water and it tastes great! But most importantly it works, it will help with recovery while also stopping you from loosing to much weight! Taken alongside a good diet plan you'll definitely get into good shape.


Really happy with this product, so much servings for such a little price. I bought the strawberry flavour and it tastes fantastic, i mix about 50g with 300ml of water and i use my ball protein shaker and it comes out perfect,i do this twice daily and get my other protein from other sources like meat. All round great product and will be buying again when i run out :)
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