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ok its not the cheapest but neither is it the most expensive but it does include BCAAs in the mix at a pretty decent level this is not the case with all Whey powders.I have been using this a while - and it does make a difference especially if you train every day or even sometime twice a day e.g. strength and aerobic - running cycling etc... (which I was doing for a bit) it really helps recovery and I notice the differences in both recovery and results when I am and am not using it.For the best results I have found that consistency is key in both training and product use - I really notice when I am not using this but still training consistently. I have tried other powders and had varying results I have come back to this one each time.Its relatively low in sugar and sat. fat which is good.I use the chocolate flavour one and I do not agree with other users who say it tastes good - it does not - it is just about acceptable / boarder-line revolting. To be honest I have not found one that actually tastes like chocolate they all tastes like artificial sweetener mixed with muddy puddle to me and this is no better or worse than most of the others.It does blend well though so at least you can chug it and sort of perform a guerrilla assault on your taste buds in the hope you can get it past them before they really notice.
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Let's start by saying protein. Eat protein because you need it.You ask why this particular brand, with a frown upon your face?I then explain that this is not just any ptotien but one which is delicious.You think I whnder how it tastes?I then tell you that on one occasion I ate a whole bowl of it for breakfast and finished the whole huge 908 grams in less than 3 days.Your face lights up and you think wow this must be delicious!It also is very cheep and has so much protein in it you will have the portentously to look like me.You then think with question marks streaming down your face, how does this man look.Well let's justbsay people cross the road when they see me from a distance.You wonderwhy?I tell you for two reasons: 1 I am so huge that I can scare them off so fast and 2 because there is usually no room for the both of us on ten pavement, yes I am that big.So the. Your wondering why I am spending so much time reviewing this product.It's because it's exceptionally priced.As a proffessional weight lifter ( I feature on the worlds strongest man competition) I must pay my gratitude to eBay.Get this cheep product now otherwise York life and your body will always be average and average is not good enough in the life of Scimx
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I've used this product, USN IGF-1, and Optimum Nutrition's Whey Gold Standard. In terms of taste, this one wins hands down. Once mixed, it really does incredibly taste like a shake, and with better colouring(e.g. beet powder instead of red dye), for example, than even top makes--ie, Whey Gold which I can't believe uses red dye. In terms of ingredients, top notch as well...except perhaps Whey Gold may have a higher portion of isolates (but this is unclear as neither provides percentages by volume, but isolates are listed first in terms of order on Whey Gold). The scoop for this powder is huge...so expect this powder to deplete quickly...which may be is biggest weakness: price.Not sure why this powder doesn't get more praise than it does. The only other potential drawback for some might be the added vitamin content (see label)...particularly if you are already taking a multi. Muscles grow good and feel good when using this powder. I used this one mostly pre and post workout.
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I love the chocolate flavour with two table spoons of smooth peanut butter and I always add ice as it taste so much better cold. I use a juicer to mix mine as the peanut butter doesn't mix by just shaking. But if you are just mixing it with water then a good shake I find is enough to mix it well. I have also tried adding a banana to the chocolate one, the flavour was great but the texture was a wee bit thick for me so I would add more water next time but overall its a great product and I will 100% be buying it again. I tend to take half a serving in the morning for breakfast and half a serving at night before bed and then a full serving post workout. Its so filling and definitely keeps you going.Would highly recommend.
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Only recently purchased this from a local tesco. actually was a couple of pennies cheaper than Amazon, but will probably buy from Amazon in future for ease.Have had no issues with mixing, if you follow the directions on the tub (250ml water + 2 scoops) you get a great thick consistency, which I much prefer over a watery shake. Tastes great. Can detect a slight hint that it's actually a protein shake but perfectly drinkable. I've had no issues with bloating or bad smells, but may just be my digestive system.Yet to see if there are any significant gains made on it, but will update in a few weeks.Overall - great consistency and taste for the money.


Mixed well with water after a thorough stirring. Easily digested. Good for replacement to meal. Muscles were not so tired after strenuous run or other exercise (mainly weight bearing to failure)and at 56 that is a big plus.Downside is the cost but at less fat than cheaper brands I am content. I do have the impression that the price is linked to the high-sounding new-agey words that, when researched, boil down to little of massive use or importance.Still, I would probably fork out again for this product, well, until the government up the VAT again on health foods! Or until austerity measures end my buying anything apart from food for the kids.


I have tried a few different whey protein shakes. This one is by far the best tasting whey shake I have tried. It doesn't make you gag and resembles milkshake and is easy to drink. Mixes really easily and no lumps. Lasted me around 10 days I would say and in the main only had two serving a day but occasionally added a 3rd. Would purchase again. Unfortunately it's gone up in price since I last ordered. Believe it or not I feel the benefit of using this whey for only 10 days. Tub half empty as seems to be standard with these shakes.


Hubby has used this for a while (gym visits) but over the last year or so we've also used it to increase the protein intake of an elderly relative. She has dysphagia and so has difficulty swallowing meat ... but due to her various medical complaints she needs protein for growth and repair. We use this shake with skimmed milk to give her the protein that she needs. In particular, she suffers from degradation of one of her toes and when we give her the max amount of shake over a few days it seems to help the healing process.


As whey protein goes this one has stuff in it that prevents bloating...wow. Lower in fat than the cheaper versions I have sampled and so I used it without worries. If my muscles benefitted they didn't show anything different from other wheys. Good as meal replacement too I found. The price is 'whey' too high I reckon after all what I am paying for is the new-age-high-science-words that, when researched , don't amount to the high cost compared with other brands without the 'words'. That's my opinion.


I don't know what some of the reviewers are used to regarding protein shake flavours as they say this tastes bad,I have tried ON 100% and musclepharm,for me this is the best tasting by far plus its 35g protein per serving compared to the 24g in Optimum nutrition 100%,mixes nice with water or milk i tend to mix it with skimmed milk and it tastes like a MacDonald's shake (strawberry flavour),I have had the 100% sci MX and the diet pro meal and had great gains with both.


I NEVER write reviews, you can check if you like... first off I just have to say that this is great value! Its the best tasting shake I have ever had (Strawberry) and it literally tastes like a high quality milkshake. Its without a doubt been the best shake I have ever bought and is 100X better than that Maximuscle crap I tried.I'd recommend this to anybody look for a great shake at a great price with a great taste! Its a great breakfast replacement too!


I have tried both the Vanilla and Chocolate versions, both of which taste great. The vanilla does mix easier with water making it smoother. I have only had Sci Mx and Optimum Nutrition and this by far tastes better. I drink this in the morning upon waking up and after a workout and although I have worked hard, I believe it has helped in my recovery and build of muscle. Would recommend buying from Amazon or online as a lot cheaper than stores.


I use this with almond 'milk' or soya milk for breakfast on DH's and my low carb diet. I use a stick blender to mix 2 scoops with 250 ml of almond or soya milk, plus 50 ml double cream (that's a low carb diet for you!). It tastes pleasant and is filling, keeping appetite at bay. It keeps me going for hours.It just tastes really nice, and the chocolate is good too. The strawberry doesn't have a very strong strawberry taste but is still good.


I brought this product after already purchasing some from a local shop where I live, the reaons I defaulted to amazon is because it was the cheapest per unit. This product when mixed gives a nice taste and it quite thick however it can be a little sweet. Like my viper I tend to mix this product to half measure and have four drinks, rather than the two full measure. It enables me to have constant quick digestable protein.


If I'm honest this is by far my favourite whey protein powder.The chocolate flavour is bang on and the protein content per serving is the highest I've seen with the lowest fat. Fat for lean gains. The resealable bag is very high quality too not like some others I could mention that just won't reseal! I can only mark it down(slightly) on its significantly higher price compared to others available.
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