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At first when I heard people talking about taking salt pills to avoid cramping up I thought they were crazy and that all that was needed was for them to eat the right foods and drink plenty of water... Boy was I was wrong.Currently I am training for my first Sprint Triathlon (750 meter swim, 17 mile bike and 5K run). Never had a problem with training for individual events until I started doing brick sessions. For those that don't know, a brick session is when you do 2 things on the same day (i.e. bike/swim, swim/run, bike/run). That is when the cramping started for me. One of my friends offered one of the capsules to put in my drink during a bike ride and after 15 minutes I could tell the difference,and no more cramping throughout the remaining session.After that I went on amazon and looked these caps up and bought some. I have tried it in a water bottle where I open up the capsule and mix it in and another time by taking one capsule before biking. The capsules dispersed in water works pretty well, just keep in mind you need to drink all the water 10 minutes before you start running/swimming, otherwise it might make your stomach uneasy. By taking the capsule alone I recommend taking it 30 minutes before biking and that should get you through the brick just fine.One word of caution, I find that it doesn't taste very well in the water but you do get use to it.For my triathlon, I planned on taking one capsule 1 hour prior to the swim and then drinking it in the water bottle during the bike portion. The run portion will be only water.Hope that helps!
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After being on Terbutaline for a pregnancy (to help prevent preterm labor,) I noticed that I was getting major muscle pulls and cramps after doing hard workouts (postpartum.) I knew the Terbutaline drained potassium so bought these and noticed an IMMEDIATE difference; I was no longer getting injured. I already took magnesium as a norm but I was apparently low in potassium as well. They are a bit pricey but I adore them... just pop a couple in your mouth in the midst of your workout; plus I take some at night before bed. They work GREAT!That being said, I took off a star because now that I am pregnant again they are causing SWELLING. It's so weird; it must be the type of sodium they have in them mixed with pregnancy sensitivity.I was noticing my swelling was much worse earlier than normal and was flabbergasted. Then one day I ran out of Salt sticks and ordered some more... but they took a week to get here. That week I noticed my swelling was SO much better and my carpal tunnel was gone (from the swelling.) Lo and behold when I started taking two a day again, the swelling kicked in again. Now I am switching over to just plain potassium and magnesium supplements for my pregnancy; but will still use the salt sticks heavily after baby is born! I do notice when I don't take them I am getting round ligament pain; so if you are having that during your pregnancy I HIGHLY recommend a magnesium and potassium supplement (avoid the Solaray which has parsley in it though!)
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Oh my gosh! I have one regret that I didn't find these sooner. In my early twenties I was very active and in fabulous shape often doing 60+minutes of cardio 5-6 days of week in addition to weight training. At 22 I started developing migraines which were triggered by the workout. I would come home exhausted generally sleep it off for about an hour an feel fine afterwards. These continued to worsen until these migraines became a twelve hour ordeal involving hot and cold flashes, vomiting and diarrhea. I got to the point that I could no longer work out and even being outside in the heat or in a hot tub was too much. These migraines have pervaded my life for over twelve years!Fast forward to a couple of months ago my friend told me about these and I immediately bought some. We went to Disneyland a week later and I forgot them the first day and was passed out on a bench trying not to hurl due to the heat! Well the rest of the week was hot and humid and with the previous one I knew the chance of getting another was high. I read the back and it said I could take up to 10 per day which is what I did. Sometimes I did have to take them every thirty minutes but most of the time I could wait an hour. I didn't get a single headache the rest of the time and they have stopped them since as well. I have signed up for some kickboxing classes. I am so excited to see if I can actually be active again! I definitely recommend these, I feel like I've been given my life back!
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ALL MY LIFE I've struggled with calf cramps and it's hurt my athletic performance... till now. I have never before been able to attempt a full marathon because I always suffered from leg cramps- Gatorade, sufficient hydration, nutrition nothing eliminated the post-event cramps. Gatorade doesn't have the sufficient Electrolytes to replenish extended events like marathon running.I have found that a supplement of Calcium/Magnesium/Vit D/Zinc before and on off days, then coupled with this has TREMENDOUSLY reduced fatigue and all but eliminated cramps. I'm training for my first marathon and my weekend miles are all in excess of 14mi- my "wall" hasn't been strength or energy, it's been cramping.I sweat fairly heavily (6'2" 208 lbs), and have learned that hyponatremia is a huge problem with runners- I drink enough to stay hydrated only to not be able to replace electrolytes- even if all I drank was Gatorade. Now, I bring a snack baggy with 1 of these for every 30-45min of running and I can go and go!I haven't tried as some say to try SportLegs, and I may yet do that, but for now- 18-22 mile runs these next few weekends will help me know if this is what works for me.oh, if you're wondering if such a dose of sodium would be a shock on your stomach- for me, I've not noticed any nausea or problems at all- and believe me- after 2-3 hours of running, anything at all can easily upset your stomach!This stuff is freaking Brando!!! (Idiocracy - movie reference)
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These work so much better for me than the Hammer brand. I lose a lot of salt during my long runs and this has a higher salt content. I also like the magnesium to prevent muscle cramps. I told hubby to try it as he struggles with muscle fatigue at the very end and after his long runs. He said he could feel a difference in his muscle strength.The first time I tried these was on a 3 mile run to see how my stomache would handle. I don't generally have a sensitive stomache except for when I'm running. I can't handle anything but water to drink. Anyway, I took one and felt really strong all through my run. I live in Florida and even running at 6am it's still hot and humid.I had a great run and did one of my best times without setting out trying to do so. In fact, I wanted to keep running I was feeling so good.Then I tried them on my 8 mile long run. I took one before I started and another 45 minutes later. I could feel a difference in my overall energy level about 10 minutes after that 2nd pill. My legs felt less heavy. I still needed my nutrition for fuel and I don't meant this to sound like I used these pills in place of that. This just helps my muscles regain the essential minerals I lose during runs. I also noticed a quicker recovery after the run. Less soreness in my leg muscles.So glad I tried these! I have a couple half marathons coming up and these will definitely be in my running pouch.
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I purchased these in preparation for my first marathon. Although electrolyte drinks are typically available at aid stations during an actual marathon, typically on my longer training runs I was just drinking water that I carried along with me.How many you need/use will probably depend a lot on how much you sweat, ambient temperature, etc., but since I sweat off about 2 lbs an hour at average temperatures while running I am drinking quite a bit to maintain hydration. I found that one of these tablets every 45 minutes (recommended dosage is 1 tablet every 30-60 minutes) worked well for me. On really hot/long runs I do notice that the sweat on my forehead and face can get somewhat gritty (presumably from the salt/other electrolytes sweating out)a few hours in, but it's not that annoying-- better than bonking for sure. And I only noticed that residue principally on my forehead. I suppose if it sweated out in other places it could cause chaffing issues, but I didn't notice it.In any case, I found them very useful for long training runs, and also used them during the actual marathon. My typical run is about 7 miles, so I don't bother with them then-- my post work-out smoothie has enough in it that I let that replenish my electrolytes. However for longer runs (say, longer than 90 mins - 2 hours or so), I find these very useful.
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- I have used these saltstick caps since I stumbled upon them on Amazon as the 'cure' for severe cramping. I would cramp severely after running 10 or more miles despite drinking Gatorade and hydrating appropriately.- I use them in conjunction (together) with GU gels/hammer/Glukos gels while on long runs with no stomach or other issues at all.- I have also used them in conjunction (together) with mustard packets and pickle juice, one of the other items recommended to stop/prevent cramping. I have not had any stomach issues or body movement issues.- I use these capsules for night runs (together with caffeine-free GU gels such as the root beer version which I love) as they have no caffeine.I am able to sleep well since, if I use caffeinated capsules and gels, It takes me forever to fall asleep.- I use the saltstick plus capsules for morning runs (together with caffeinated GU gels) as they have caffeine in them.- I have taken a picture showing you the size of the bottle as compared to a 16 oz water bottle and I have placed the caffeinated saltstick plus capsules in the background. The regular capsules are white and the caffeinated ones are green and white in color.- I also use protein shakes after runs to aid in recovery and I have no stomach or other issues.
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I have always been active, an experience novice. Ran a marathon, biked long distances and play various sports. I have a lot of active experience under my belt. More recently I have had a hard time with gels and sugar filled sports drinks upsetting my stomach thus I avoided them except in small quantities. Running never seemed to be an issue for me. NEVER cramped, the limited amount of gels I was taking was doing their job. It was not until I started road biking. Every competitive bike ride I have done the past 35 miles in 70 degree or hotter temp has either end with cramping, leg spasms or extreme discomfort. There is one bike ride in particular that I have done every year for the past 4 years increasing my distance every year.And every year I have going further before the spasms came about. This year frustrated as I could ever be found these gems in a blue bottle. I did a 50 mile bike ride this year and felt GREAT easily could have done a lot more. I ended up taking only 3 pills over the very hilly 50 mile ride. SaltStick ie cramp-no-more works great. Helped me out on many other occasions since then and would recommend this to anyone wanting to go further. Just remember a little goes a long way. Taking too much of these could be dangerous.
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I like to ride bikes both on the road and in the woods. During the summer I happen to sweat, ok I sweat a lot. I never really knew that replenishing essential minerals is really important when exercising. So important, that for a really long time I was getting headaches after every bike ride. I was drinking a ton of water, so I couldn't figure out what was causing the headaches. Long story short, a friend told me I should try taking in some salt and other minerals on my rides to see if it would help. I started with a DIY solution of seasalt, sugar and honey in water. Seemed to help but it was a pain to mix and make for every ride. I was on to something. Tried some Gatorade...salty and a ton of sugar.Tried some other tablets called Nuun....meh, ton of people complaining that the old formula was better, new formula was gross, etc. It was at this point I found the SaltStick product. I take one each hour of exercise. Sometimes out on a ride for 4+ hours so I will only take 3. I drink plain old water and eat healthy snacks, like a banana or a handful of trailmix of raisins and almonds. Post ride headaches are now a thing of the past. So strange, such a simple solution. Hope this review helps someone else.
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I was having some issue with my electrolytes due to medication and I spoke to a Dr. Friend of mine and he told me to get a sodium/electrolyte supplement until the Dr treating me with the medication could figure out why it was making my electrolytes so low. Let me tell you, from day one I felt better, I could tell they were working, or was it a placebo... I can say definitively NO it was not a placebo as the blood work ran showed my electrolytes back to exactly where they needed to be. Ultimately the medicine the Dr. had prescribed was not for me, but every time I do work outside now, when I start I take SaltStick about 3 hours later if I'm still working and sweating I take another dose.I never loose focus, and have much more energy. If your an athlete and think maybe I need a good electrolyte supplement, these are the best that I could find, and I did try others, I will not mention them in this review. Price is right and they work for what you need them to do.. replace the lost electrolytes in your sweat or other body release of water. If you are under a Dr care for medicine I would say talk to them first... see if its for you. Don't self medicate as it may have interactions.
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I bought these because I am a runner and often experience stomach cramps during or after running long distances. After I run for a while I always get bad stomach aches and finally realized it is most likely due to dehydration. However, drinking a lot of water or sports drinks during a run isn't always practical and isn't always enough. Now I bring a couple of these with me on my long runs and take one every half hour or so. They have really helped. The other day after running 13 miles I came home and about 30 minutes later I couldn't bend over because I was having such a bad cramp in my stomach. I popped one of these and about 30 seconds later the cramp had eased significantly.These are also great for muscle cramps as well. During runs in the heat it is very easy to get dehydrated and my legs start to cramp, these really help to keep me going and keep my legs from cramping and getting too tight. I also prefer this to guzzling water and gatorade while I am running.Summary: I would strongly recommend these to any kind of endurance athlete looking for a great way to alleviate stomach or muscle cramps. Or simply to replenish lost electrolytes to keep going the distance!
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I bike commute about 13 miles one way to my job. The heat and humidity has been so bad that most of the time I can'ttell if I'm underwater or on fire. I absolutely hate putting Gatorade in my Camelbak because it never ever gets clean no matter how hard you wash it. So I was loading up on water before the trip, sipping along the way and then I would have a few sports drinks when I got to work. Generally this left me wiped out for part of the day, not to mention I had to do the same thing for the ride home.So last week I got these and I've noticed a distinct improvement in the way I perform in the heat. I take one pre-trip, drink plenty of water along the way,and then one after I arrive and I feel fine meaning that aside from my legs I don't feel like I've been outside in the heat sweating.My girlfriend tried one after she some strenuous gardening in the sweltering heat and she was amazed at how well she felt afterwards.I would imagine that if you have high blood pressure or other health issues you would need to run this by your physician first but if your active and healthy and want to brave the heat I would chose this over regular sports drinks.
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As I say, "Sweating is my superpower". It doesn't help me pick up chicks but it does keep me cool. Problem is with cramping. My coach says "unless you sweat water, you should never drink water. It's got to be electrolyte balanced." On a recent hard 110 mile training ride in 95+ degree temps, these SaltStick caps helped me through it without cramping. In addition to carbohydrate nutrition (which contains some electrolytes), I've found that taking >1000 mg of SaltStick / hr with 60 oz of fluid is enough to keep me going without problems. That is, for a 6 hour ride, that's 6 grams of salt in addition to other nutrition!SaltStick caps are the best I've seen at preventing cramps.Hammer Endurolytes are ok - although I don't like the mix of other electrolytes as well for me personally - but they are far less concentrated than SaltStick caps (40mg Na verus 215mg per capsule). On the Mountains of Misery race (105 miles, 10,000 feet of climbing), I had to take over 50 Endurolytes plus other forms of electrolyes (along with 400+ oz of fluid) to keep the cramping monster at bay and it was a near thing.SaltStick caps work great. Highly recommended.
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One of the biggest problems I've had in training for endurance events is combatting dehydration. Not just the loss of water from sweating, but also electrolytes. Completing training and events hasn't been a problem, but lingering headaches afterwards have. Consuming sports drinks and gels usually makes me feel sick to my stomach, and seem to be ineffective in helping my recovery. The model of coupling water, electrolytes, and sugars seems inherently flawed to me - a one size fits all solution to the very dynamic problem of hydration and recovery.Salt Stick electrolyte tablets were a revelation for me. They are formulated to replace the salts that an average athlete will lose in an hour of exertion.For every thirty minutes of exercise, take one tablet, up to 10 a day. Since I've started using them I've had a much easier time with my endurance training. My long runs feel easier, and I no longer get splitting headaches hours after my runs. Along with the Salt Stick tablets I also carry simple glucose and water. I take each as needed, which is far easier than taking an all-in-one solution is incorrectly balanced for my immediate needs.
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I saw another person saying "THIS CHANGED MY LIFE," when I was originally purchasing this, and in my case I have to agree! I have always had horrible, debilitating headaches and nausea when being outside in any amount of heat. This would always happen no matter how much water I drank... if it was even remotely hot, I would get sick. I was telling a friend (who happens to be a pharmacist) about my issues with the heat as I was planning a trip to a tropical area where there would be no A/C or relief from the heat. She mentioned that headaches / nausea can sometimes be caused by an electrolyte imbalance and that a lot of runners and bikers take an electrolyte supplement to prevent getting sick when they are being active.I honestly did not think it was going to work, but I spent a week working in 90 degree weather with no breeze and 90% humidity and did not get sick a single time when taking this. No headaches, no nausea, when I normally can barely walk in 70 degree dry heat without getting ill for several hours. I never in a million years would have thought it was electrolytes, but I am SO glad I discovered this!
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