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So far so good for my husband! My husband is an avid runner who refuses to retrieve or delay his daily wk. outs, never backing down from the unforgiving "110 temp. with ridiculous amounts of humidity!" Obviously working out in these extremely tumultuous-unforgiving conditions isn't wise but those that know "extreme athletes" know that athletes won't be deterred by "painful dehydration inducing leg/body cramps". No amount of water or rest beforehand or afterwards will alleviate or prevent my husbands painful spasms....... problem now solved with THIS SPECIFIC TYPE OF SALT STICKS. My husband takes one before he runs and then sometimes mid run if he begins to feel "extremely rapid or increased hydration depletion" due to him pushing even harder than usual.There aren't many variances in factors offering an explanation as to why he needs more pills some days/times than others, all I can say is that these babies WORK WONDERS!!
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I ride advanced trails in the San Francisco Bay Area. On 75% of my rides I'd experience delibitating cramps towards the tail end of the day. They would ruin epic rides. I've tried scarfing down bananas, Gatorade, Pedialyte, Goo, etc. with no success.Tried Saltstick after reading stories from long distance runners.... went on my 5th ride since using them -- no cramps on any ride. Not even a hint. I take one with breakfast then every 30 min on the trail (this also spreads out the caffeine which is fantastic for even focus). Big bonus: I also no longer get headaches after really intense rides. Truly amazing, especially since nothing else was working for me. Sure, I'm exhausted and my legs are sore from the workout,but no cramps and no headaches.An enthusiastic 5 stars from this mountain biker.
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i've been using these tablets for almost a month and i must say they are amazing..i've never used any electrolyte supplement type of pill, aside from drinks, that work like these. 5 minutes after taking one i can feel a spike in my energy and alertness on short-medium rides and most definitely on longer ones, 4 hours++..i've never had any stomach problems with this product and no bonking type feeling after the pill subsides...i sweat a tremendous amount, i can lose 4-5 lbs. on a four hour ride even after putting 90-100 oz in me during the ride...these pills really take the edge off of that dehydrated-bonk feeling after the long ones, i highly recommend them


This is a must for runners and endurance athletes. I run half marathons and do triathlons up to a half ironman (70.3 miles). I found on warmer days, I would either drink too much water and feel the water sloshing around in my stomach, or my calves/feet would cramp up on longer and harder runs. These pills are magic!!!! They help your body absorb and sweat out all the water you drink and also reduce cramping. I can feel these kick in about 3-5 minutes after taking them. If I am training or racing for any longer than 1 hour, I will always have these with me. I've given some to a few different training buddies and they are all hooked!


I purchased these to use together with the GU gels whilst running. I cramp easily and these salt sticks work well and have reduced and/or virtually eliminated the cramping that would paralyze me on mile 15 to 18 of a marathon run.These have caffeine and I use these in the morning, together with caffeinated GU gels. They work well together (at least for me) and I don't have stomach problems.For night runs, I use the non caffeine version of these salt sticks together with the non caffeine version of the GU gels. Caffeine keeps me awake and I have used the caffeinated ones at night and it took me a while to get to sleep.


I struggled with debilitating cramps during training runs whenever I would hit 18 miles. Bought these and took them for the first time during an actual marathon. Still had cramps but they came at mile 22 and they were not as bad as the ones I got during my training runs, i.e., my quads and calfs did not freeze up completely. I was still able to run/jog to the finish with pain. Whether it was just the adrenaline from the actual race or the SaltSticks or the constant intake of fluids, it got me through the race. Overall I would recommend, if nothing else you get 30 mg of caffeine per serving.


I started with the original version of salt sticks without the caffeine which worked great! I decided to try these with the addition of caffeine.During my 5 hour ride yesterday, I took about 8-10 pills to curb leg cramps. My stomach started to act up, similarly to when I drink coffee. Not very pleasant while exhausted and major flatulence for 3 hours after the ride.I recommend this product still but just beware how your body deals with caffeine. I will be buying the regular Salt Sticks and mixing these in to reduce the inverse effects I have with caffeine.


I am not a doctor or a world class athlete, but I bicycle in the heat of Texas and am considered a Clydesdale in the riding community. I have used the SaltStick Caps religiously, consuming the dose appropriate for my weight and my normal hourly fluid loss. My commitment to using the Caps plus focus on good hydration and nutrition during each ride has meant NO cramping during or after the rides. During the RAGBRAI, I provided Caps to someone I knew who was having a terrible time with cramping...no more problems.


If you are a runner, biker, etc. the biggest problem is finding the right supplement to give you energy or in this case to keep your electrolytes up during a long race. I have tried many things as I tend to overheat and after about 5 years of trial and error these caps work for me. In fact, I have found myself runner faster, but finishing strong and picking people off in the final 3-5 miles of a long race. I also recommend trying along with SportLegs.


I have been using Saltstick electrolytes for years but when my supplier was out I bought these instead. The difference is this has added caffeine. I done a lot of research on caffeine and performance and was surprised to find out that caffeine holds sugar in the muscles longer for needed energy...and I just thought the stuff makes me feel good. I don't feel wired at all taking this I just feel a bit more alert towards the end of a long hard ride.


Use this product as a core part of my program. Initially used on the recommendation of a friend to help prevent cramps during long rides. Now use on a regular basis when road cycling as well as when playing competitive soccer. Minor issue - most recent shipment seemed to have broken capsule as the product in bottle cover with powder and there was powder residue all over inside of the bottle. Could have been rough handling by Amazon.


I rode for 25 hours non-stop on my ElliptiGO bike using this product to maintain healthy electrolyte balance and had no issues at all. It's the second 24 hour ride I have done using SaltStick and I also find the product stops me from cramping while I am still in the early stages of long distance training and still building up my endurance. You can read my ride report about that 25 hour ride on this link to my blog: ([...]).


Really helpful for those extremely sweaty days on the golf course, bike, running trail, etc. The caffeine content can get a little excessive though if you are sweating a lot and in need of electrolytes throughout the whole day but if you have a tolerance for caffeine you likely will appreciate the pick-me-up. It can also be helpful as a recovery for those hangover mornings instead of taking an Advil!


This is an amazing product. I would like to give more than 5 stars but I cannot do so. I used them during my marathon last Sunday. I improved my PB for a marathon by 40 minutes. They really helped me a lot. As indicated, I got one capsule every 20 minutes and I never exceeded the daily limit. I will use them during my long physical activities. Thanks a lot, Salt Stick. Please, keep producing them.


These are great for cramp prevention. Haven't used anything better.I know Saltstick "plus" means there is added caffeine and some other things, but I think it's mainly plus more $$$. I don't notice any difference between the two. However, if you even get that placebo effect and think you're getting an energy boost when 10 hours into an Ironman, then these are worth the extra cost.
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