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I waited until I had used SaltSticks for a few long runs before posting my review. I was getting migraines after every long run (8+ miles) or race, even 10Ks. I had tried everything I could think of; extra hydrating in the days before the run/race, changing what I ate before, during, and after runs/races, getting more sleep, eating teaspoons of salt after the race/run...nothing worked. I would always get a migraine within an hour of finishing. I read other reviews for this product that said it had solved post-run migraines for other people, so I thought I would give it a try. It worked the very first time I tried it for a 10-mile training run! I took one capsule before leaving, two during my 2 hour run,and one when I got home. I have followed the same strategy on my 11, 10, and 12-mile runs, adding one more capsule during the 11 and 12 milers (for a total of 5). I drink water before leaving, and use one Nuun capsule during my runs, and refill my bottle with water along the way. I also use 1-2 Huma chia gels during the run, at mile 7 and 10 (if applicable). My half marathon is next Sunday, and I already have my 5 capsules packed and ready for the race! I live in Austin, TX, and I sweat like crazy, even in the winter, so perhaps my migraines were caused by losing too many minerals through my sweat that I wasn't able to replace with food/drink. If you have migraines or bad headaches after runs, I would highly recommend trying SaltSticks. It is such a relief to not dread my long runs and races because of the post-run migraine!
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I recently had a bad case of stomach flu for several days. Every couple of hours I went to the restroom to pass stool and only water came gushing out each time (sorry if I grossed you out). I woke up every 90 minutes or so throughout three consecutive nights to pass water, a lot of it. I should have gone to get something like Imodium or what have you but I decided to tough it out which made it last five days versus the typical three.I drank a few liters of 7-UP over a few days to help stay hydrated which appeared to be running out the other end. I added powdered potassium to the 7-UP but grew concerned about my other electrolytes.I started taking one of these every couple of hours and I could tell it helped me to not feel as drained.I could not eat anything for three days for fear of vomiting. Even tap water irritated my stomach. This product did not disturb my stomach at all. To the contrary, it seemed to ease a little of the discomfort. It seemed my periodic stomach cramps became a little less severe and a little less frequent.This product should be marketed in the medicine section as well, IMHO, along with products such as Pepto Bismal, Imodium, and so forth to be taken when suffering from diarrhea.
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I am so happy I discovered these salt sticks! While training for my first marathon, I noticed a dramatic drop in my energy level. While searching online for reasons why, I found the salt stick. I sweat a lot and live in the tropics, so I decided to try it. What a difference it made! I used it for fuel with dried fruit and one gu (trying to minimize the use of gu) during the marathon and did not hit the dreaded wall (I also carbo loaded for days before). I can consider my first marathon a successful race.I would recommend this product for anyone who sweats a lot and notices a drop in performance. It works wonders for me!**Update 2/27/16. I continue to use the salt stick and it continues to help me feel and perform better.Now I am training for a half marathon and, unfortunately, got really sick. I knew I was dehydrated and so was drinking a lot of water, but no matter how much water I drank my lips were still so dried up. I decided to try taking a salt stick even though I wasn't running or exercising. In less than 15 minutes my lips plumped up and I started to feel a little better (I still got sick though:(. My running buddy laughed when I told her the story and called it the runner's Botox. Haha!
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An AMAZIG positive change in my life since taking this product! I take Klonopin for tremors and HCTZ for high blood pressure, and they are both diuretics that ted to cause me electrolyte loss. Even after changing BP medication to a non-diuretic, I still had leg cramps, constipation and felt fatigued & weak all the time with hot flash. (I didn't have hot fashes even with menopause). I also had a huge appetite and headaches. I've been on this product for a week and what a complete turnaround for me! I no longer take BP medication because it has brought it to normal. No more big appetite. LOTS of normal and stable energy, normal daily bowel movements, and I can sleep without any night time cramps or morning achiness.I am a lot more cheerful and have lost 6 lbs from eating normally again. I used to feel like a hypochondriac. Now? I'm out jogging again and staying up later than usual. So happy now. Can't say enough about how wonderful this product is for me.
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I like this product and I am going to continue to use it. It might not be a 'cure all' but using this along with proper hydration has eliminated my cramping so for.I typically have cramping during long mountain bike rides (2 or 3 hour) and since using the Saltstick pills, it hasn't happened at all. I have also been focusing more on general hydration on the days leading up to my long rides, so that is also a big part of it. My legs are still exhausted toward the end of my rides, especially rides with a lot of elevation gain, but they don't have the 'twinge' or feeling of cramps starting.I have been taking 1 pill about 30 minutes before the ride, and 1 pill per hour during.I have a hydration pack that I use for anything longer than an hour.No problems with my stomach or difficulty digesting these, and they are easy to swallow. I will update this review with any new information or changes!
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I bought these as a last ditch effort to relieve my severe exercise-induced migraines. I've had typical migraines for 20+ years and recently developed severe ones that would last 2 days after any kind of exercise (Crossfit, yoga, golf, you name it). NOTHING was working (I'm already well-hydrated) and I can't take Imitrex after every workout. Much Googling led me to these capsules, and I figured why not? Taking 2 about 45 minutes before my workouts has been a Godsend; I almost never get crushing headaches from exercise, and if I do get a headache it's mild.I would caution that you might want to check with your doctor before taking them; my neurologist said they could possibly raise blood pressure(luckily I haven't had that problem).
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The pills seem to do what they say they do.I've used them for running and moving from my last apartment.The later sounds a bit odd to use these - funny story.I biked a couple of miles to pick up a moving van (cargo, not the 10 foot truck we had ordered) around 18:00 after a day of packing. This was followed by 12 hours of moving beds, boxes, and furniture down a few flights of stairs, into three runs with the van to my new apartment and then 2 car loads. I carried a 100oz CamelBak, and took these with B vitamins every hour and a half between 23:00 and 5 am. The air temp was around 80F. We moved; my legs, arms and back never cramped,and I remember dropping the van off the next day.Great stuff.
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This is great so far. I open the pill and dump the contents into my water for my long runs. I have noticed that I have not had any side aches and I sweat the entire time too!! (I usually only sweat for like the first 30 mins and then it stops because I'm getting dehydrated. I sweat a lot!) The only negative is that since I put it in my water I do taste a bit of the salt. I just added some of my preworkout to the water to flavor it a bit and that helped. I have not figured out how to take a pill while running, so that is why I put it in my water. I would definitely recommend this product, especially to heavy sweat-ers....we dehydrate faster. :)


bit dubious, but having cramped bad at Brighton marathon 2016 (that never happened before) I was told about salt tablets, so rather than buy some unknown salt tablets made from talc and things from the Eastern Bloc, I bought the highly rated and well reviewed SALTSTICK, I've run twice when having one just short 6.6 and 8 mile runs and 1 tablet each time, and I can honestly say they made me feel less tight and more relaxed, and a bit more sweaty, I guess there is some science here, but also the mental aspect I will be taking 4 tablets or so on a marathon this weekend and will post update... give them a go I rate them so many others.....


I sweat a lot so after every long run, i am extremely exhausted. I would hydrate with water and Gatorade but I guess it doesn't have enough electrolytes to suffice my body's need. I read about saltstick in one of the forums so I decided to buy it, hoping it would work for me. As soon as I got it, I took one capsule and went for a half an hour run. I was so amazed on how quickly I felt the difference. I felt great during and after the run. I also used it when I ran a half marathon and I did not have any swelling in my hands. This is now part of my running and exercise routine. Overall, it works great for me!


You need this if you do any endurance sports. I use these along with fuel gels for my marathons. I take one or the other every 45 minutes and have not had any issues during my long races. So no muscle cramping or fatigue as my body is getting the right amount of sodium and electrolytes. I do not like drinking any of those sports drinks along the way that are passed out so I pop a caplet and some water instead and keep running. I have put these to use in two marathons so far and will continue doing so. Great price on Amazon!


Bought these to try to prevent cramps whilst taking part in long distance cycle rides. A bit dubious at first as I'd tried electrolyte sports drinks to no effect but salt sticks done the trick! No signs of any cramps until 95 mile into a 112 mile challenge around the Lake District taking in some BIG climbs (this time the cramps were due to not enough miles in the legs tho). Have already recommended to others who have suffered cramps and have just ordered another batch.


Perhaps a little bit expensive for what they are, but these little capsules came to my rescue on day 1 of a ride from Land's End to John O'Groats when I hadn't properly hydrated the day before. 60 miles in I was cramping badly and having to get off the bike to stretch every few miles. Another rider offered me one of these and within a few minutes I was fine. I've kept a few capsules in my saddle bag ever since.


I ran 10 miles today and took one capsule towards 30min to my run and since then I haven't felt tired towards finishing the 10miles run...I am still a beginner runner here, I usually get tired around 6-7 miles and I just walked but this time I haven't..continued runnin...Usually ran 10miles around 2hr 10min and for the first time i ran 10miles at 1hr and 40min...I couldn't even believe myself as well..lol...


Ordered for my husband's first full ironman and they really helped him. Only wish we had ordered more! If you're going to engage in this type of activity (which I personally don' t understand) this is a fantastic product. It's impossible to maintain your sodium levels otherwise. Also, the order was delivered on time which was super important as we waited til the last minute to order. LOVE that about Amazon!
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