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First of all when I review something I'm no nonesense and this is a legit review as I've been doing this BCAA for over 2 years now, all I'm going to say is I've tried them all and even Scivation, Xtend BCAAs aren't as good as these and these have less sodium too!My workouts are Olympic level at my local gym. These BCAA help me so much because of my calorie deficit training I only eat once a day and in that 2-4 hour period a day I eat like a monster. They call that the warrior diet.Thanks to these damn Mutant BCAA I get fast delivery to my muscles and replenish me all over during my gym. Fuzzy Peach is one my fav right now but I think I personally prefer Apple and Bluerasberry.Not going to lie but I feel like a badass before during and after when I down this after heavy weights sessions,kinda like I'm in X-men movies all henched. Something in it takes the edge off my cravings for food and sugar as well. There's NO caffeine in it so perfect for intra workouts.I took 1 star off simply because 4 is the best and right now there's nothing else that beats this on the market in the "whole world". Well that and I hate having to pay nearly £50 just for 1kg of BCAA. Should be 25 tops as I down 1kg in less than a month. I train 6 days a week for 4 to 8 hours. on my rest day I put 4 servings in those huge 2.2 litre container drinks full of water and this BCAAs. and sip it bit by bit throughout the day.I've tried over 200 variations of BCAA's off Amazon and Amazon.com back in the day. Guess you get what you pay for, watching out for deals and new flavours is the next best thing to do lol
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I workout avidly. Usually 2-4 hours a day, 5 days a week. I have always had a smaller build but as of recent have been doing strength and resistance training to improve muscle mass. Someone recommended me I try BCAAS while working out because they would be really good. So I took the chance and bought a tub or two. Will this product or even this brand of BCAAs instantly fix your life? No. When it comes down to it, it is a supplement. What it does however is very good, I have used a couple of different brands so far but this one has to be hands down my favorite. The taste of it is good, for having no carbs or sugar. I find its never too hard to mix. There will most times be some sediment and left over granules of the mix after I finish,but most of it does mix and the rest is easy to clean out. The first time I tried it I just used a single scoop and filled the shaker to the top with water. It was.. not so good. The instructions say to mix it with from 250ml to 500ml of water. But from trial and error, honestly 250ml is the perfect amount you'd want to mix it with. It doesn't water it down too much so you will have a good consistent flavour and mix in most cases. It could have been a change in workout, or even change in lifestyle. But as soon as I started using this product I could already notice results. I would say if you do workout frequently or at a high pace I would definitely recommend it. Hard work can do a lot, but sometimes you need a little help and this is where that comes in.I would recommend this product.
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Awesome! I have the blue raspberry and it definitely tastes like blue slushee that you buy at convinience stores. I take it after a fasted cardio run so that I dont lose muscle mass. Will look into more flavours from this brand.Update: I got the sweet iced tea because everyone seemed to like it, and its way too sweet. Will be giving it away.Update 2: I took a dive and bought the watermelon flavour- its great! It tastes more like sour watermelon juice than a watermelon juice. I like to pour these out in a glass to see the colour- you know what they say, we eat with out eyes.I was a bit worried because someone said there is 22 servings, but I measured the weight of a FULL SCOOP and its 13 grams,which is 2 grams more than the serving on the side of the bottle. This means if you measure ONLY by filling the small scoop, you would get a max of 26 servings. However, if you get a mini scale and weigh everytime you take product out, you will get the 30 servings exactly. No need to worry!
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I train 5 times a week and have a rigorous body split routine. I dont mess with pre-workouts so rely on intra BCAAs so safe to say I have tried many brands over the last 15 years.Mutant is by far the best premium BCAA powder and its not hard to see why. The powder is clean, fibrous, mixes very well and the taste combinations are just fabulous (try Pineapple or Mango if you can). There's no residual lumps, "manufactured smell", funky after taste or "anti-social side effects" that other powders can give you. Best of all there are ZERO cals in the product. Something that the other BCA manufacturers hide on their lables since those products carry 50 to 80 cals a shot.The only real downside is that you will also pay a premium price for your premium BCA (anywhere from £15 to £30 for a tub)but it is worth it.I use it intra workout and occasionally through the day. It does not disappoint.
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Rehash for New version- It's generally a top world known brand I don't know about any of their protein supplements I've yet to try them but, Mutant have decent BCAA's for decent quantity and price! Guess its really good for cardio in that sense or hit exercises helps to safeguard your muscles with BCAA's and Glutamine so your muscle doesn't break down. I just wish it had High dose of the full spectrum Aminos Essential aminos plus the BCAA/Glutamine Combo. I'd then rate max 5/5 and it be the best BCAA Amino on Amazon for sure.For New version all flavours seem decent I'm quite fond of Fuzzy Peach, Roadside Lemonade, Iced Tea, and Blueraspberry Those are my fav flavours.


Great tasting BCAA powder! Ingredients / nutrients are excellent, it mixes easily, and it tastes so good I have to force myself not to drink my entire bottle of water/bcaa’s within 5 minutes of starting a workout.Bonus use - it’s good for preventing hangovers. If you slam back a bottle of this after a long night of consuming adult beverages, you’ll wake up with a clear head (and will be ready for work in the morning).I haven’t tried a flavour other than fuzzy peach, but I would like to try them all. The only downside is the price - a bit expensive, but I suppose you get what you pay for.


I've tried various flavours and find this one to be alright. My favourite is the mango one and the fuzzy peach one though. However, I find the BCAA to be amazing in muscle recovery and it allows me to work out almost everyday, where otherwise my muscles would be too sore to do. No sugar, low in calories and no caffeine are major bonuses of this product compared to other BCAA products, especially as I work out in the evening and don't want any caffeine.


This is my first experience using BCAAs, and I think I've hit the money with this one. Tend to mix a scoop in a litre and have during my workout. On rest days I just drink it throughout the day alongside my water. Fantastic taste and can leave you feeling abit dry mouthed toward the end but overall it's fantastic. I have quite a sweet tooth and having this sweetness helps me not crave sweet things throughout the day!


Excellent product and performs as intended. If you follow the prescribed BCAA/water ratio it is too sweet. I mix it with a full litre of water and it is perfect for me. I train late afternoon, often feeling low in energy. But with this product I drink about half prior to my workout and the remaining during the workout and it is great. It does taste like sweet tea. I will buy again.


Yes it is good . I can feel myself got the strenght to do my work out longer . Am it does make the bit of difference when taking it. I would recommend this to anyone who's struggling with energy even when you are high energy food an still lacking energy in the gym well look no more am get yourself some mutant.


Excellent taste and quality. I normally dilute this in a litre of water and sip throughout the day, followed by another serving in the evening during exercise. It's a silent worker in the sense you won't feel like a pre workout; but know that it's contributing to your fitness expedition.


First time trying this product after trying a few samples of other products from the same company.Chose the green apple flavour and it's amazing in taste!I use 1 scoop in 2 litres of water and drink it throughout the day and it still tastes great with that much dilution!


Got the watermelon flavour and it’s pretty good. I drink it for working, working out and sometimes just daily to help with muscle tension. I actually think it helps calm my headaches I’ve been using BCAAs and straight glutamine for a few years and I swear by it.


Why use such big container if is only half full ??The measurement scoop is way bigger than is needed so don't use it because you'll be taking like 15 to 17 gThe seal looks like a standard one but no inscriptions written on it whatsoever and that's strange ?


The best BCAA in my life. Nice taste and give me a little kick. Only one thing I do not like and this is magnesium oxide. This type of magnesium is not well absorbed.... Well... actually zero..... But I did not buy this stuff for magnesium.
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