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I purchased this under suggestion from my personal trainer, I love the feeling after a heavy session & I love seeing ripped veins in the areas I've been training (currently sat at around 25% body fat, not a very vascular person through the normal day, pretty vascular after a good session) so he suggested I purchase these, give them a try & see what like. I'll happily say that I don't feel more pumped up using these, I don't really feel like I'm lifting heavier, they provide little to no benefit to me in the gym, but it's after a workout where they shine. For hours after, I'm left with thick veins running from my shoulders down to my hands on show, I feel good seeing that & feel it's a testament to my training.These work wonders on the weekend, if you're going out on the pull, get some of these inside you, do a heavy workout & by the end of the night, your body still looks like you're just out of the gym. Will be buying again.
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I started taking these before a work out rather than SuperPump pre work out.The two give completely differant effects.Pre work out shakes give you a buzz and make feel full of energy etc etc .However Pump is totally differant. Once you get training , the growth in your muscles , power , strength , definition , pure bulk is incredible.I cannot recommend this product enough.I would say though, only use if you already have some good size and are training for an extra bulk and definition


Dose what it says, but only with the right suited diet tailored to suit your body and not someone else's. E.g I have no large intestine so I can eat quite alot of liquidised quality food with protine and all the good carbs I use this at 5pm 30min without training, only using 1 capsule. Love it!


These are ok the pre workout this company makes works faster but these seem to last longer


gives you an extra edge when training use when required. keep within the guide.


One of the best. Gives you incredible pump that last more than 24 hours. 10/10


I eat these pills for a week and can tell that it works.)))


Got an amazing pump. Well worth the money


Very good pump


Good staff








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