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Great supplement for anybody who is doing some sort of physical training. I have 1 when I wake then 1 during my workouts. I usually gets DOMs rwally bad. I started using this products and my muscle soreness has reduced alot. I've tried the 3 flavours blueberry, berry blast and the tropical flavour. The other two flavours are to sweet me. Mixes great with water don't even need a shaker cup.


Excellent supplement for filling in a lack of leucine in your diet for muscle growth and recovery. Normally you'd get leucine from other food sources such as eggs, but if like me you're not too keen on eggs, add this to your porridge oats and whey protein. Recommend the berry flavour over unflavoured. Trust me, the unflavoured tastes more like it was flavoured with bad feet.


Doesn’t dissolve! No idea if it works, I’m (literally) chewing through it. Tastes ok. Can’t recommend, try another brand. ?Edit: my bad I used the google and BCAAs typically don't dissolve. I just take a teaspoon full and wash down with water. Bit sweet, but easy enough to use. Not sure if it works but will finish the bag and take a view.


I would rate this bad but the end of it is this, it is non flavoured, powdered amino acids which are bitter and nasty in pill form let alone in 400ml of water. It does what it says. In hindsight I would recommend sweetener and a bit of flavour. But then you wouldn't be buying this if you want that would you?


Fantastic product not the best taste in the world but in a world where all you eat is tuna fruit and salad (not everything) it’s not that bad. Just get on with it and remember the 3 c’s


Tastes not bad,slight powdery taste but can't complainBerry blast flavor


Taste is really good. I dam recommend this product!


perfect taste. goot product


Good as expected


super seler


Love it




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