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Rating for Part Quality (but this is the wrong kit) The OmniFuel-2 (build 2015) maintenance kit (official part 731771) is not the same as the older 731770 kit. Two parts within the kit (Flame Spreader, (item-7) and Bottom Screw, (item-33) are specific in fitting the newer 2015 OmniFuel-2 stove. See Photos This was verified at two sources; OEM Primus parts website (primus.eu) and a major UK distributer (base-camp.co.uk).


Person above is an idiot. The reason your pump is leaking is because you haven't cleaned or replaced the non return valve. Honestly,people like this shouldn't be given things with flames. Only crayons?


Seems to be complete with the ability to provide more than one maintenance. I won't know more until I actually need to perform maintenance on the stove.


Bought the stove, so I needed the maintenance kit. I will be depending on the stove to function, so I could not take a chance and not purchase this kit.


Knocking on wood I have not used it yet, but I am glad all of the things I need are here, also glad the other jets are there so I can use white fuel.


The are part of the Primus stove, is better to have it and not to need to use it. for the price highly recommended spare to have in your box.


The kit is alright but the price is too high. I mean come one...a few pieces of brass and orings? Also it doesn't include the tool either...


If you own the stove just buy the kit you will thank me later it has all the parts you need to repair in the field.


Fast shipping, always good to have extra parts when on the trail, everything you need to keep the stove working...


Replacement priming pad, parts, jets, grease and parts to rebuild pump. Will need these someday.


It's a service kit folk wish it had more but its it ok . It has the major parts that are needed


Great product, and works very well. I would highly recommend this item.


Had inside everything I needed to service my stove.


Thank you for your good quality & quick delivery!


Keeping for quick trouble-shooting.
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