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Contains most of the spares you're likely to need except the large "O" ring that fits the fuel bottle. Not sure how long the small black "O" ring will last, but from my experience with similar gas appliances, 2 "O" rings would have been better, since they don't last long with regular use! Would recommend it to serious long-term wilderness backpackers/campers/climbers etc. who would be seriously compromised without a working stove, especially in winter when hot meals and drinks are essential.


I did eventually get it , I needed the rubber ring for the pump .Make sure you have a pair of pliers or something to grip the rod to do this job .I replaced the white pad also .Tried to get the stove to work with new jet couldn't ? .So put old jet back on stove .I seem to remember the stove when it was new taking a while to settle in .With the new rubber valve in , feels like a new stove .So nearly taking my eyebrows off , like it used to , before settling in .


I bought this because I need to drill the nozzle into 0.76mm for alcohol fuel and still keep all the fuel option available


The kit is in a hard case and has the parts you need, good quality that I have come to expect from Primus


Arrived within 5 days and with all parts


It's a grate kit for repair the stove
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