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For PowerBar 5 Electrolytes 10 Tabs, 27 customer reviews collected from 3 e-commerce sites, and the average score is 4.5.

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Amazon has 9 customer reviews and the average score is 4.1. Go to this seller.
Bikester has 12 customer reviews and the average score is 4.6. Go to this seller.
Trekkinn has 6 customer reviews and the average score is 4.8. Go to this seller.

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They taste good and help me get back on my feet faster as a “heavy sweater”. It's a shame because of caffeine, to which I react strongly (read: don't drink on the NM, otherwise I won't sleep).


The product descriptions are mixed up, it's Pink Grapefruit (which tastes nice to me) that has caffeine - late night exercise with this = sleepless night for me!


It has a very good flavor and is easier than drinking water alone than with the camel always tastes like plastic. It helps a lot with dehydration and stiffness.


Really happy with the taste and how mixable these are. I would definitely buy these again. Also, this a well known brand.


Refreshing and totally delicious when biking is always there is super stomach compatible and provides an energy boost


nice and fresh product, easy to take with you on the bike ride and on the way when refilling to use.


Great Value, speedy delivery, have purchased a number of time. Powerbar a great brand.


The product has already been used. I think it´s better and healthier than plain water.


if I take it consistently, I have less spasms in my calves with a lot of sweating


We use a lot of these. Great tasting & gets rid of dehydration headaches quick.


I find the product fulfills its purpose with at the same time pleasant taste.


Tastes good, dissolves well, no complaints and works well for recovery.


Love them. Great taste and good value. Provided great hydration.


Same quality as some of the tablets that are more expensive!


Very good refreshing thirst-quenching sports drink!
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