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When I saw this product I fell in love with the idea of it and had it on my wish list for some time. A few few weeks ago I was in a position to purchase it and can now say that I love it for what it is. I have a light duty bodied petzl which cuts down on weight, however felt that there would not be proper protection for it as it rattled around with my other small gear. Furthermore I wanted to have diffused light for my kit without needing to go out and get another light which would mean more weight, cost, and room. Also,I like good, long lasting gear and will pay for it if I have to. Enter the NOCTILIGHT. Added weight, cost, and room is unavoidable when looking to add to capability to a system compromise must be made.That said, the NOCTILIGHT didn't add much weight, gives a comfortable level of protected to my headlamp, defuses light effectively, didn't add much weight, took up little extra room, and is good gear that does not break the bank. Other things to note, the zipper is heavy duty, and the cord attached to hook has a strong return for its tasking, which in my experience means the elasticity of the cord will remain good over long use.
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It can tightly storage a PETZL Reatik. It´sa little bigger than I expected, but that is ok for me. It´sa very high quality product. There is a softer plastic part that you will be able to press the headlamp buttons without any problem, when your headlamp is inside the product. I would buy it again and I recommend the product. I am in Brazil and the delivery was considerably fast and I wasn´t taxed, but I bought only R 200 in products plus shipping costs inside the same package. There was only a minor issue, which was associated to this product that I´ve order, which delayed a little bit the shipping, because they´ve informed that it does have in stock when I purchased, but they didn´t have it.But Trekkinn team contacted me and asked if I would like to remove this item from the order, so they could ship the rest of products.
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I bought this to protect my 350 lumen head lamp and to replace my mini-lantern. The case did the trick in both cases. The quality is sturdy and the zipper looks tough enough to use over and over as needed. The case has a marked on and off switch on the lens that fits perfecting with the on and off switch of my Petzl tactical headlamp. I use it everyday when I walk my dog at night. I take the headlamp out and use it and then put it back in the case when done. If I need a light to find the leash I just grab the case and switch on the headlamp and find the leash easy enough in the dark. I plan on buying a case for each of our headlamps in the house.I will be carrying the case with me during Hurricane Dorian as I live in the east coast and evacuations have started.
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This is very handy for making more diffuse lighting to fill a tent or cover a picnic table or area at a campsite. It is a bit bulky if you are trying to minimize volume in your pack, but when you store your headlamp plus some spare batteries in there, then it isn't so much extra space. (Even without spares it might be good to take your batteries out since Petzl's don't have a power switch lock and might get turned on by accident.) And I like the flexible dome that lets you squeeze it to change the light settings or turn on/off without having to open the case.I use this with a Zipka headlamp, which doesn't have the thick strap, so it sits lower in this case.But it still works to create a nice broad diffuse and even lighting for an area.
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Though its irritating that petzl lights are not water resistant I love them anyway. I own 4 now. 3 different models.I picked 2 of these up for my reactik lights. The old one with the whistle the is easier to turn on in the case. The new brighter model seams to roll forward when trying to turn on.The case seams to be well thought out and the lantern option works great if I can get the button on. The little hook doesnt like to wrap around the shock cord very well. The hooks doesn't fit on my blind support rods.Hunters. You may have to tape the zipper pull or something. It's kind of loud when it slaps the case.So if you plan on adding a small caribeaner to the little ring for easy access keep that in mind.Wish they were cheaper.
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Petzl is the best headlamp ! Tikka 200 lumen is awesome and newly designed headstrap is great . I’ve tried mfr. and Petzl light is always brightest and runs longest!!! . This great accessory light is a super overall , using it as a nightly nightstand light and would buy again for its function, but my only complaint is that the cases’s on off button function could be redesigned for more precise responsiveness. Maybe I’ll get the feel for it over time, as seems to take more pressure than I like , but other than that it’s truly great,,, and I love the compact design for an extra light weight light !!!!. It’s on my nightstand and use it all the time with batteries and a 200 lumen Tikka .Thank you Petzl!
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Was looking for a pouch for the Tikka RXP, and found this. I thought it might as well have 2 functions. It seems that the shape of this case is made to suite the ‘normal’ Tikka’s better with their on/off button centered in the middle. I was concerned that the RXP/Reactik on/off button might not be suitable. Well, the button is presseable because the plastic is very flexible, but not ideal.Also, the RXP with its ‘unusual’ headband (vs the normal Tikka’s) just fit in this compartment, see pictures.The top of the plastic is very sturdy. Let’s see how long this lasts.


I'm not a camper and don't need a light weight in-tent lantern, but I bought this case and love it. This light is my go-to flashlight; I use it almost daily. It's handy for just about everything and is bright enough that you don't have to squint. The carrying case keeps the headlight strap well-contained, making it easier to store. For me, the fringe benefit is that, when the power goes out (which it does at least a couple of times a year where I live), I have a ready-at-hand lantern. Well made, easy to use, I highly recommend hit PETZL NOCTILIGHT.


This works really well with my headlamp, which is a Black Diamond Wiz. The power symbol on the case even pretty much lines up with the power button on the headlamp even though it's not the same brand.I keep it hanging near the top of my ditty back and headlamp storage and as an easy way to see the inside of the bag. I haven't taken it camping yet, but it's clearly going to work as a general purpose lantern on a tabletop or hanging.I would recommend using this with a headlamp that can be operated with a single button on top.


This has quickly become my favourite purchase this year. It works great as a protective case for my head torch, but even better as a tent lantern. It works standing on a surface, or hanging from a hook, loop or pole, and when used as a lamp it is bright, clear and has a wide range (this will vary depending on your torch). I have a tikka and was very impressed with it. Even better, it's not hideously overpriced like most outdoors gear these days. I'm almost looking forward to my next power cut.


I had been waiting for this to come down to an acceptable price I’d pay for turning my Petz head lamp into a lantern. It fit my head lamp, including strap quite easily with extra room to spare which meant that I had to make an extra effort to activate the lamp from the outside. The zip looks weather sealed but have yet to test the water resistance of it. When on it does give a nice spread of light and even has a hook to hang the lamp from your tent.


This is great for camping - small and lightweight - you can store your headlamp in it when you're not wearing it. So wear the headlamp around in the dark, then climb into your tent, take it off and fold up the elastic headband and put the headlamp in this case, face up - and it transforms into a lantern! When you zip up the case, if you've put the headlamp into it properly, you can even turn it off and on through the plastic dome. Clever!


We brought the Petzl Noctilight while hiking the Northville-Placid Trail. This conspicuous, lightweight lantern illuminated the darkest campsites and could be adjusted to hang inside our tent as we previewed our guidebook for the next day. The lantern threw plenty of light and could easily be adjusted using the controls on our headlamps without removing them from the lantern. We still use it at home on our screened-in porch!


Good idea, well built and can fit my petzl atik core in easily. Hangs from tent loop and also protects headlight when packed away, however for it to give out any amout light to actually see then the headlight needs to be on full light output which drains the battery. Handy to have but probably wouldn't buy another, there are plenty of hanging lanterns out there to get instead if it's a lantern you are looking for.


I thought it was a little expensive until it arrived. Well made and good quality. Fitted my PETZL head torch as expected but it really all works well. Good brightness allowed through. Hanging cord is nice and tucks away well. I leave the rechargeable battery in. But there is enough room to store my charger cord and spare batteries.This is why it's a bit expensive, it's a very cool idea. Go on and treat yourself.
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