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Nitecore Tube; the ultimate in keyring torches!I bought this for attaching to my house and car keys so I have a way of navigating to and from the garage and house in the dark, among other things. This wee light gives out a whopping max brightness of 45 lumens and a minimum of 10 lumens. Much more than other keyring torches! How much is that, I hear you ask? 45 lumens can easily light up a room or a garage to find what you're looking for, for example. And 10 lumens is a mere tealight candle glow,which I find handy for navigating in a dark cinema without imposing on other folk, or for walking around my dark bedroom at night without waking up the other half! Also, you can increase the brightness in increments to suit your requirements.I ordered mine in pink and it's cool. It's incredibly durable for plastic casing (I think it's a special kind of toughened plastic used to manufacture this torch?) and the selling point for me was that the torch has a rechargeable Li-on battery which is charged though USB. Why is this special? Other keyring torches of this size all use single-use coin batteries, between one and four batteries being used at a given time to power the torch. And it's such a faff having to buy and replace them every time the torch dies on you. Whereas with the Nitecore Tube, you plug it in to a USB cable for charging, and in a few hours, its ready to go! I can conveniently charge it in my kitchen, bedroom, at my PC or even in my cars USB port. I don't have to worry about carrying tiny spare batteries with me all the time.How long does a charge last? Well how long is a piece of string? Manufacturer says you can get 48 hours runtime out of the torch before it needs recharged. I have to say I have never used it constantly for 48 hours, but since buying it just under two months ago, I have not had to recharge it yet.This is an awesome keyring torch and outshines anything else on the market. It packs a real punch of light compared to other keyring torches and is tough, strong, featherweight and comes in different colours and great value for money. Due to it's size and slimness, it takes up little room on my keyring and forget it's even on there until I need to use it.It might seem a wee bit expensive to buy upfront, but I feel that it is money well spent on a very well built and engineered wee torch. It should last very long time indeed.Love it.
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I've bought several of these as presents for other people because this is such an amazing little flashlight.Not terribly bright like some "tactical" small torches but enough for most people's everyday civilian use. If you want a powerful 10000 lumen torch for lighting up the woods to spot an owl flying away 100 meters away then buy a larger torch.The fact that this is so small, so simple, rechargeable and DOESN'T have some retarded strobe function you are forced to cycle-click past (strobe can be useful from a road safety/cyclist/pedestrian point of view)is brilliant.The build quality is also very impressive. Do NOT buy one of the knock offs on eBay.I own many different mini torches and I actually carry this one round my neck on a lanyard, and another mini but more powerful torch in my pocket. The Tube is SO lightweight that on paracord lanyard I don't even notice it's there. I even sleep with it on sometimes!!I have small kids and live in Sweden where it's dark half the year and people seem to like their ambient home lighting pretty "ambient". Meaning it's bloody murky in most people's house/apartment after the sun goes down. So this little guy round my neck gets used all the time! Particularly sneaking around my kids at night avoiding waking them by turning on the lights or using a bright torch, the Tube is great on the first click "low" mode. Then if I need more, I just do the double click or press and hold for "high". I never bother with the cycle up option. It takes to long.The only gripe I have is the inability to chose a more narrow or focused beam of light but I think Nitecore actually produce a Tube with a narrow beam so I may buy one of those too!!Overall this little thing has become my most used on-my-person item (except for this phone which I'm typing on now). I love it to bits. It is one of my little inanimate buddies I can always count on.
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I've had cheap, dim "squeeze-on" LED keychain lights for years, but always felt obliged to ration their use, since the non-rechargeable CR2016 batteries those use are a pain to replace, and somewhat expensive. This Nitecore is MUCH brighter on high than any other keychain light I've used, easily illuminating a small yard (its light spreads widely in all directions, rather than casting a tight beam), and since it's rechargeable I use it much more often without worrying about the battery.It seems solidly built,and has survived several drops onto asphalt and concrete without even a scratch.I bought one for myself, one for my husband and one for my mom, and after a month's frequent use none of us have had to recharge yet. Despite the electronic power switch, which has a control circuit always powered, there seems to be little or no self-discharge. The single button is stiff enough to resist being turned on by accident in a bag, but still easy to press.The one improvement I would suggest, which should be doable purely in software, would be a way to switch from low/medium to high brightness without having to (briefly) switch the light off. For example, if the light's already on at less than full power, pressing and holding, rather than just clicking the button should switch to high for as long as it's held (as if it were off to begin with), then revert to the previous setting when released. My larger LED flashlights, such as the Fenix LD10 and Zebralight SC51 all provide a way to do this, and it's nice when walking at night and wanting to take a closer look at something, or if a car's approaching fast and you want to be more easily seen without briefly "disappearing".
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Someone asked if it will switch on in your pocket; yes, it happened twice to me that I know of. But I've had it two years now so that's not surprising. I've recharged it only once and it's still going strong. I almost never use it. In fact if I needed it today I would probably forget I have it. It just hangs on my keychain year after year being ignored. Here in the city there is no darkness anywhere.The switch is under a rubber protective cover and makes a satisfying click when pressed.The first press will (probably) turn it on in low power mode. The next press = off. Next press = on again, also in low power mode. Next = on, very bright. Next = off. Except sometimes the pattern is different. No matter, just click until you get what you want. Holding the switch down seems to force bright mode, but it requires a lot of finger pressure. On the side is a rubber flap that covers the USB port. It's attached so it won't get lost when you open the port. It has a sturdy steel loop to hang on your keychain. The transparent version allows you to see the battery and circuit- geeky fun. It's held together with tiny phillips screws- I look forward to opening it up some day and getting a better look at the innards.I seem to recall reading somewhere that this is a standard flashlight, but the seller has modified the circuit so that it can be much brighter than usual. Whatever, it's a great little unit.OLD REVIEW: I've had this a year and it's excellent. It's on my keychain and begging for me to use it but there is rarely a need. I've only charged it once and it's still going strong. Sure beats the bulky 1942 military flashlight I had long ago.
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Having a flashlight on hand has proved useful to me in many occasions, from finding something I dropped in a dimly lit location to shining some light when needed while TAing an optics lab. After browsing through various keychain flashlights on Amazon I eventually went with the Nitecore Tube. The main reason I chose this flashlight was for the rechargeability via USB. Fully charged, the battery lasts quite a while (longer or shorter depending on the brightness that you use).The normal brightnesssetting is a little dim but it suffices for reading or whenever else just a little bit of light is needed. The high setting is extremely bright (a little bit brighter and cooler than the flashlight on my phone) and works wonderfully for finding dropped objects. Additionally, though I don't use it as often as the low and high brightness settings (since it takes a few more seconds to access), the continuous brightness setting lets you set the brightness somewhere between the minimum and maximum.Update: After losing my first flashlight, I purchased a second one that seems to have a loose/shorted wire (when it does manage to go on it will go off as soon as you bump or flick it). Moreover, the screws are screwed in very tightly and strip very easily and so it is now impossible for me to open it up and try to fix the problem. I will probably be purchasing another one of these since I do really like the design and will report back afterward.
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Perfect, I have one on my E.D.C. (every day carry) case & another on my key. Very nice, bright white L.E.D., puts out 2 modes: a dim mode for when you don't want to wake your partner when making those midnight pee excursions & a brighter mode for when you make it to your destination to keep from "missing your mark" (gentlemen!!!).As for the adjustable/increasing light level after [you] click the low brightness ...I guess some may find a good use for that other than just playing with it.As described at presentation, just plug the mini USB to recharge, a blue LED inside the lights housing glows steady until fully charged & on the brightest mode it WILL stay lit for +/- 1 hour, I didn't fully test on lowest setting.Some may rethink considering the price but it's rechargeable & durable.I received one that constantly flashed/strobed on highest/brightest setting, had a minor communications problem with the seller when [they] only offered a $5. discount on "any item over $15. on their online store but as usual, Amazon customer service stepped up & replaced the rare defective NiteCore mini torch/keychain light.Be Greener for the planet!!! If you're going to use them, PLEASE use devices that are rechargeable & dispose of worn out batteries & rechargeable devices properly & responsibly -- THAT means: when they fail or wear out, DON'T JUST TOSS THEM IN THE TRASH BIN where the final destination: is ...the LANDFILL!
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The NiteCore Tube Keychain Light T Series 45 Lumen Multi color Pocket Flashlight is an amazing buy. For only $9.82 I bought the NiteCore Tube and use it frequently, so much so that I feel that it is more than worth the money. Small and durable the Nitecore Tube can be carried with you at all times as it fits easy in any pocket or on a keychain. This flashlight has already come in handy, especially the night when I had to use it to check my Car’s oil in the dark before leaving home and returning to college.For such a lightweight, small flashlight the Nitecore Tube throws off a surprising amount of light as it has not one, but two brightness levels. This, along with the Nitecore Tube’s small size made checking the oil in my car extremely simple.Not only bright, but extremely simple and an added bonus it is rechargeable, features that I greatly enjoy. Now I can just recharge the flashlight instead of having to spend extra money on batteries. The only problem I have had with this flashlight is that is has gone off in my pocket, but since it is reachable it wasn’t a huge problem and I have found that attaching it to my keychain also solves this. I have dropped the NiteCore Tube several times and can attest to its durability. I would recommend this flashlight to anyone, but especially anyone who is constantly doing tasks in the dark.
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I brilliant product with great features and performanceI bought this torch as I have a need to read items in a darkened room, but keeping the light to a minimum. Having the 1 lumen option is ideal for this and a run time at this level of 48 hours, no anxiety regarding running out of battery. The additional high power mode equally useful for times when greater visibility is required, but it does have an impact on battery life, down to 1 hour.The final feature of the variable power is a great balance between power and batteryThe form factor of the toarch means I keep it with me, on my key ring at all times. You never know when you may need a torch!!!One thing that caught me out, I had thought that my torch had failed, as I couldn't get it to turn on. On searching forums and other reviews on Amazon, I found that the torch has a lock-out function which must have been activated in my pocket, so a simple press of the power button did nothing. Once I knew of this a long press, over 3 seconds, takes it out of lock-out and it's easily turned on/off and between power modes as normalI'm highly delighted with the product, performance, features and convenience which easily addresses all of my needs
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I love these flashlights. I have purchased 1 for each of my vehicles key rings and I also bought 3 additional ones for my dad, brother and friend. The flashlight is surprisingly bright for how small it is. I remember on Christmas Eve we were visiting my mother's grave at the cemetery and I used the flashlight to guide my family through the snowy trail and my dad said, "Wow, that is really bright." It weighs practically nothing and it is very convenient that it is Micro-USB rechargeable.I have recharged this at home on my phone chargers and also plugged into my third party CD player USB port while I have been driving.I use this all the time at work when I have dropped something under my desk. I even use it when I am in the server room and trying to read a label on the network switches. It is a fantastic tool and I would totally recommend that everyone have one of these on your keychain. It is way more convenient and brighter than your iPhone flashlight.My only complaint is that both of my kids under the age of 3 are getting tall enough to reach my keys and like to play with it all the time. :)
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This a fantastic key-ring light. Been using LEDs since 2000. I had been buying cheap LED key-ring lights by the bagful (via EBAY for less than $1 each) for years and giving them out as stocking stuffers and putting them on everywhere I might need a light. But, those only last about 1 year of typical infrequent use. These can be recharged indefinitely and I get more than a month of frequent use out of them before I top them off (I have not drained one fully yet).I have one on every key-ring I own which is way too many key-rings since I don't like to have all the keys I have with me (too big and too much to lose). I hike every week, and this is about half the brightness of a useful headlamp and enough for a backup light on the high setting. The low setting is great for reading menus in dark restaurants w/o annoying everyone else. At about $10, it's priced right to give to friends and family as an unexpected surprise gift (beyond a trinket). Everyone has loved it and when lost, they have asked for where to get another.
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