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I've got a few Nitecore torches - they're well made and very bright with good features. With the recent bad weather, we've had one or two short power cuts so I wanted something I could use to read in the event that the lights were out for a longer period. This seemed to fit the bill.It's smaller than I expected, but as well made as all Nitecore's products. Despite its size, it goes very bright and the fact that it uses a single AA battery is a plus - the ability to just swap in a new battery when it goes flat means you could keep this light running for a very long time if need be. The magnetic base is a handy feature too. In fact,it's so neat I'm thinking of getting another one to keep in the car's glove box.
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A useful addition to any flashaholic's line-up. Well built, genuinely different, and it has sufficient runtime to make it an integral part of a lightweight expedition set-up. The beam is very floody, useful both as a flashlight with the diffuser retracted, and as a lamp. My only gripe are is that the twisty switch is a clunky interface and would be better served by a reverse clicky. An 18650 version would be exceptional and I'd buy it in a heartbeat if they ever make one.


I bought this with reluctance as I am used to using large Lithium Ion powered torches and didn't think a small single AA powered lantern would be much good, HOWEVER, it's brilliant. Can't recommend it enough. It lights up a "workspace" for two people to make a brew and pasta with a portable stove and works well with rechargeable AA batteries. (Eneloop)


Great product, and great idea. It's a bonus to have a lantern in camp or during a power cut. Torches are good, but a nice diffused light is much gentler on the eyes. This fits the bill totally.Also handy if changing a tyre at night, as it has a magnetic base.Another benefit, Is it's nice and compact


Somehow nitecore have found a way to turn a AA battery into retina damage. This thing is crazy bright on full power and very efficient in the lower modes for longer run times. The magnetic cap is strong and very useful.


Fantastic little camp light. Great light throw when hanging up in the tent. The magnetic base makes it fantastic when working on the car (both engine and changing a tyre. Recommended


Size of a chunky lipstick. Hardly going to flood light a room, but for camping, it's great. Magnetic base is strong enough to hold securely and battery has yet to run down.


Love it. Neat and robust light. Great as a lantern in a tent or clipped to your bag as a safety light. Strobe is literally brilliant.


Very good torches and this one no different.Good small size and good power.


Very Good product, fast delivery. Thank you
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