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So I have always been pretty skeptical about creatine up until recently of trying it myself.The key with creatine working seems to be taking the right dose and everyday. Also it takes about 2-4weeks to build up in your system and start working, this seems to vary among people. For me I noticed no effect until about week 4. I started noticing at the gym that my work rate had gone up and my recovery time between sets had decreased. So for example I wasn't lifting heaver weights or necessarily feel stronger but I felt like I was able to keep going for longer and rest less in between sets.This ment that my muscles became more pumped and fuller at the end of my workout,It was almost like I was getting tired but my muscles could just keep going and going, only stopping when I felt really tired. I weigh about 75kg and take the 5g dose that the bottle says this seems fine for me and you can find recommendations for your weight online. I did try another product that recommended a 3g dose but my body did not seem to respond the same. I decided to pick this up through Amazon as the price was also cheap.I also like these because the price isn't too bad compared to powder which I hate taking or mixing in my shake as it makes it taste bad, even the micronised stuff. The tablets are really big that will probably be the downside for most people, I don't find them to bad to take with alot of water in my mouth. I much prefer this to the powder but if you struggle with big tablets this might not be for you.Would recommend. Happy lifting
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Can't believe I've never tried creatine before. I always thought that it balooned your muscles with water and made them soft with no real benefit. I have now come to understand that the water in your muscles are just a side benefit and they don't get soft they get hard and in shape.The real benefit is the HUGE gains in strength, more specifically rep range. I find that I can really push a lot more of those last few reps, which is crucial when building muscle - those last few reps are where the biggest gains happen.In terms of consistentcy these are ok, I would prefer the micronised version but if I'm saving money then I don't care that it feels strange to swallow sandy water.It only lasts a second or two anyways. I find that it's less noticeable when mixed with a protein shake so try that if you can't handle the sandiness - or just buy the micronised version.Definitely will purchase again.
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Does everything you want and expect from creatine supplement. Without taste, this powder dissolves OK in water (or any other drink, I like to put some into my coffee!). Just don't let it sit too long, as it will flow slowly to the ground of your cup and you have to stir again.You get a scoop and can take your individual amount - it is recommended not to take more than 5g per day. Taking any more than that amount is probably not too dangerous (if not totally exceeding the amounts recommended), but it won't give you an additional effect, you basically waste your creatine.In the fitness world, it is common knowledge that initially 20 grams per day of creatine, taken for five days,successfully raises muscle creatine content by 30-45 percent. Afterwards you would keep the amount to c.5 grams daily. So, build up your creatine levels and then maintain.Hope this helps!
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Ok, I go to the gym 6 days a week. 2 hrs each session. I do alot alot of weights and cardio, the cardio consists of 1k...2k... and 30 mins rowing.. when i stop my creatine the weights get harder and my rowing times drop. It's not all a placebo taking creatine. It works 100%.. In 2 weeks I have gone from.7.00 min 2k row to a 6:45 2 k row. Weights are easier again.... I'm 6ft4 and 17 stone, and I take creatine 3 times a day almost like a loading phase. And this defently gives u a big boost... when people say u don't need to load, it's just a money making thing they are wrong.. load up for 2 weeks then drop down the dose.. just make sure u drink alot allot of water during the day...as u should anyway if your training or not training. If u want to push on in the gym and I'm cardio workouts.. CREATINE. Is a huge must as a supplement.
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I recommend this creatine product over other brands because it’s the most purest, the most effective, and the quickest fully saturate the muscle.I’ve been taking 20 g daily for seven days it’s not in my post workout protein ice cream and I have to say I have noticed a big difference, my lifts have increased in the gym, and my muscle contractions are very strong. I’m going to continue taking 20 g for three or four more days, then I’m going to reduce my intake to 3g daily to maintain the muscle saturation.It’s very cheap and affordable as it’s 1KG for only £10! I highly recommend this product for anyone who is looking to build muscle in the quickest amount of time.It’s one of the best supplements you can get.
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I've been using MyProtein creatine for quite a while now and I've been very encouraged with the results. Just thought I'd share some things that I've learnt:* For me, I've had the best results taking this less than 30 minutes of a workout. I cycle to the gym so I take a teaspoon full in a cup, dilute with just water as one of the last things before I leave. There are studies that suggest this is the optimal window and personally I've felt bloated otherwise.* I've noticed this does make me heavier, though the literature suggests this is water weight.* the literature also suggests that this helps delay cognitive decline in those who are sleep deprived.(not necessarily helpful unless you meet the criteria)
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This is a very good product if you want to push yourself that little bit extra during your workouts.I'm not an extreme body builder but am trying to get into shape and have also used this in the past.There's no weird flavour other than a slight bitterness if you drink it by itself before a workout (without protein etc)Nothing that would bother someone drinking protein though.Just to note, if you plan to push yourself harder by drinking this stuff, you absolutely need protein otherwise recovery time will be several days rather than 24-48 hours.I've searched for potential sideeffects online and couldn't find any negatives to Creatine and if your body doesn't use it all, it just..removes it as waste.
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Like any chump in the game of fitness, I didn't want to take those unnatural enhancers like branch chain amino acids or zinc. So instead I opted for the real deal, the big daddy pump, the sazule, the anabolic aerobic anatomically audacious answer to all my natural dreams. 5g a day of these bad boys and my arms have swelled to 12.5 inches at a crisp 19% bodyfat. I'm a guy so naturally I was worried about it increasing DHT and ruining my hair, but thankfully if anything, my horseshoe has been thicker than usual. To wrap this lil memo up, arms bigger, neck bigger, chest bigger, I've replaced my duality with intercellular water retention, I feel like a Tekken character.


I tried this out for the first time about a week ago, I have been training a lot over the last few months and thought I would try Creatine out. I went for this product after reading the positive reviews and I haven't been disappointed, It really helped with my performance levels. I was pushing myself harder, faster and longer after using it and I am impressed with the results. I tried this with water and it doesn't taste great so I added a bit of juice and I was good to go, other than that I found that I couldn't reseal the bag so I just folded it over and used a clothes peg to seal it.


These were WAY bigger than I was expecting - so big in fact i had to check the label to make sure i was supposed to be taken orally. But they seem to be doing the job.My advice - make sure you are drinking enough water. Creatine helps your cells absorb water and so you need to make sure you're providing plenty of it. I'd say at least 4 - 8 pints a day and the bigger you are, the more you will need.Without it you will become dehydrated which could lead to headaches and constipation. As i found the hard way ;)Oh - and don't try and take 5 in one mouthful. It's not nice.


Creatine has been shown to be beneficial not just for skeletal muscle, but the brain as well. I tend to supplement with it daily , rather than loading, and post workout.There have been no known bad side effects if used appropriately and the benefits are numerous.You won't feel it as such, but I assume over the months to years, it will have a benefit, if the scientific research is correct.Interestingly, can be used for gut problems too when combined with Glutamine, as it gives the cells the energy they need to rebuild the gut lining.


My 3 decades of M.E./CFS is in remission due to 5 supplements including this one.Early days but I am now doing weight training!! and DIY!!! and I can make my own bed!! and cook a meal!!! (sufferers will know where I am coming from).Please give them a try if you have M.E./CFS I have made a public list, I think you can access it by clicking on my profile?There are sub groups of sufferers, so I genuinely hope you are one of the ones, like myself who will benefit from these supplements (nothing works for everyone).Good luck.


100% Creatine. Flavour free and a bit odd when used with just water. I recommend having in a fruit juice (pure orange) or with your protein shake. Some mild stomach cramping when on an empty stomach but difficult to say it is the Creatine or the shake... The resealable packaging seems like a good idea but it is rubbish though, the powder is very fine and goes everywhere and leaks out. I decanted to a tub, much better!


Great mixed into a glass of orange juice/coffee/protein shake every morning, you name it. Always buy myprotein creatine personally, it’s a good price, works, and is quality. People saying it doesn’t dissolve well... obviously? Don’t know why people are crying you can even drink this with water and it’s not even that bad. I give it a spin with a spoon or shake it (in a bottle) then get it down you, jobs a good’n.


Excellent stuff. My muscle density has increased noticeably within 2 weeks of using this product. I've only been taking 2.5g in the morning with my coffee and a further 2.5g before bed in a green/mint tea.I advise that you dissolve creatine in a warm liquid, this way you will avoid any bowel discomfort. Also make sure that you're not taking too much, you can begin too feel dehydrated if you do.
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