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Good quality, better than the flavoured versions I'd imagine (as you're getting 100% L Glutamine with this, as opposed to 87% plus flavourings etc). It does have a taste to it but nothing to make you regret buying it, as I'm sure you'll be using it for a specific purpose in mind. Value for money too, as other brands (which I won't mention) are charging at least 5x the price.I purchased it to help heal my potentially leaky gut. If taking greater doses than the recommended intake, you may experience some dizziness or change in digestive habits (only for first few days). My advice would be to slowly increase your dosage, if you are doing this, and then slowly decrease it. I think it has helped with my digestion issues,though it's fair to say I did a lot of work on my diet prior to this... so this is no one-time quick fix for leaky gut! But it may be worth taking this regularly, in smaller doses, thereafter, which I failed to do. My leaky gut still seems to be there but to a much lesser extent.
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L-glutamine makes up half of all the amino acids in the body, and is by far the most prolific. Athletes take glutamine to assist in building muscle tissue and to help relieve muscle stress following exercise, and you can’t OD on it no matter how much you take.The L-Glutamine 500-gram packet from ‘My Protein’ is a scoop-able powder, so more versatile in dosage than tablets or capsules. It’s probably the best value on Amazon and is delivered in an airtight re-sealabe pouch.BTW herbalists advise that if you’re taking more than one type of AA (i.e. Acetyl L-Carnitine or L-Lysine as well as L-Glutamine) you should not take them all together but should space them out over a 24-hour period,as the different AAs compete for enzymes and may not be completely digested if taken all together.
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There are a bunch of suplements that guides out there suggest and this is one of them.Please make sure to check benefits of glutamine before purchase so you know if you need it.After starting to use Glutamine suplement after the workout and right before sleep, I no longer have any pain. The muscles are ofcourse weak and can't be strained while repairing but the process seems to be faster and without pain.Pros:* Tasteless* Mixes very easy with no bits (not even a bit)* Benefits are very evident.* Includes little scoopCons:Not a big deal but reseal mechanism could be better.Images include:Scoop next to typical teaspoonBag next to 700ml shaker for comparison.~200ml with 1.5 scoops (recommended dose)mixed for 30 sec showing no remaining lumps.
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After looking at some of the other reviews before I purchased I thought I'd add my bit. Taken with water only I'd describe it as not tasteless but almost tasteless. I take it with a vanilla whey product, which doesn't taste great to be honest and this doesn't affect it. The nutritionist I'm following recommends 5mg in a recovery drink. It says on the packet 5mg is one and a half scoops. There was a question about this in a comment. As for the effect I do seem to recover more quickly but this is very subjective. Hope this helps.


I take 15-20g a day and the difference in soreness after my workouts is insaneI'm 43 and just started working out again amd it was crippling me for days afterwards the DOMS were insane so I looked into a few supplements ( never used them before as 99.99% are useless and a scam ) thought I'd give a few cheap basics a tryThis stuff works I can hammer the gym 4x a week and I don't even ache now it's crazy


Waited to use before I left a review to see results wow guys and girls forget the rest trust me this is the best one to use the results are amazing this is a honest review not paid to leave this review. No flavour it does what it says on the pack no fancy box but excellent results. Mr peacock


Really good i use this before and after games of football hockey or gym session. I have noticed the difference and would recommend this product. There is no flavour so i add it to my juice and away i go. Good value for the amount you get. Th pouch it comes in is neat as well easy to reseal.


Been using for a couple of weeks now and has been helping with muscle recovery. Generally I take it after exercise in a glass of orange or apple juice. Only downside is it's not flavoured, however as long as you mix it with something you can barely notice it.


I have just bought it, so I can't say nothing about the effects of the product on the long term... however, I have already seen improvements in my intestinal health... I will see if it also helps for muscle recovery!


Glutamine powder is very useful in help repair the intestines. We've noticed several health benefits since starting to take approx 3g of Glutamine Powder each day. Such as better digestion and clearer sinuses.


The serving size is 1 and 1/2 scopes. Not sure why they didn't just make the little scoper the size of one serving. Either way, the price is good and the zip lock at the top actually works well. WOOT!


bought this post stomach operation to improve healing and rehabilitation. worked really well and still taking it for my gym workouts now, awesome product and very satisfied with service. thank you


I use this before and after workouts. It mixes well with water and doesn’t have any taste so very easy to drink. Good price too although I tend to buy when there’s offers on. I recommend this.


Mixed bag, this powder is a little more gritty than other powers that I have tried and not as sweet but for the price you cant go wrong as the finer ones I had paid over double for.


I bought this to help with my IBS as it is supposed to be beneficial for the gut. Good size package, powder is tasteless so easy to drink. Very pleased with my purchase
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