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I've used a decent range of creatine powders, ranging from cheap, Walmart-brand stuff to way over-priced GNC-sold supplements, and have never noticed any real difference in the gains in both strength and size I get. That is, until I discovered MP creatine. I first used this product about 6 months ago, and the first month I used it, I gained a legitimate 15 pounds of muscle, which was amazing for a naturally-slender guy. I used it for 3 more months in a row, each month garnering me at least 8 pounds of muscle growth.After the first 4 months, I decided to try a new product that was being raved about (not gonna mention which one, no negative publicity here) and what do you know? I only gained 4 pounds all month. Half of what I was getting with MP's product. Now, in month 6, I'm using the product again, and immediately notice an improvement in strength and definition, with some solid size gains in there as well. If you are thinking of using a different product, don't. The price, # of servings, incredible blending ability (barely grainy at all, very manageable), and most importantly, gains I get from this product, are one-of-a-kind, and hold true to MP's tradition of putting incredible fitness into the hands of people like me (college kid, not like I have a ton of spare cash), and need quality products for a cut-rate price. I love it.
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First time trying MP creatine. There's no loading phase required so that's a plus, although i typically never do one. It's a blend of creatines', which is something I see a lot manufacturers do nowadays, as to if they're more effective I honestly can't tell, but either way I've never used a creatine that didn't work. 60 servings is a good 2 month supply, if you take 5g a day. I'm about one month in. As for the performance it works pretty well. More endurance during sets, more reps,typical things that creatine does. I don't get cramps at all, but that's because I drink plenty of water, a gallon or more a day. If you're buying creatine hopefully you're well researched in it & know that water is a definite must when taking this. This and protein are pretty much the starter packs for bodybuidling, anyone who's lifted enough weights in their time will recommend them from the start. You will retain more water, so there may be slightly more weight, that all depends on your body's composition. And for anyone wondering it DOES come with a scoop, neat little green one buried in it.
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I have now gone through one full container and now started my second container of this.This mixes well with water and has very little if any taste. I take this before my workout (around 5pm), along with a preworkout supplement, L-Carnitine, and Glutamine. Great combo and in my opinion the only essential supplements for a body builder (and of course protein).I have been purchasing MusclePharm products for some time now. Compared to Optimum Nutrition who I purchase from regularly as well,they are right around the same price. I believe this product is priced cheaper at the moment for the same size as ON. I don't believe this brand would be better than another comparable brand as far as effectiveness. There really wouldn't be a way to tell as creatine has very subtle results, but I do like to take a creatine as part of my workout routine. Musclepharm is the brand I am going with currently. I have been working out for many years. Would recommend this item as it is a perfectly good creatine and musclepharm seems to be doing good stuff.
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It's pure creatine, if you're looking at this product most likely you know what it is and what it does. It works just fine for me, works as expected like creatine from any other brand. My "but..." comes mostly from an error on my end. I purchased this product which is relatively the same price as most other micronized creatine on amazon (I've tried four brands), they're all pretty much the same ingredient and result wise; the problem I have with this brand is that despite it being the same price as the others,I only get half the volume at 300grams. Again, it's my fault for not noticing 300grams instead of 600grams but I do want to point out that the other three brands were all 600grams for $11-$12. I'm essentially paying the same amount for half of the exact same product and haven't seen a single distinction from this brand, ingredients, or results than any other. All said and done, good product, but you can get twice as much from other brands for the same price.
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Female reviewer here. I really enjoy a lot about this product. I didn't have to load when I started taking it, which was nice. I had a bit of bloat for the first week and gained 2 lbs, and then it went away the second week and I lost the 2lbs again. I haven't had a problem with bloat since. I put half of a scoop (2.5g) in my pre-workout drink, and half in my post-workout drink. As others have mentioned, it doesn't dissolve very well,and if you get the granules of it on your tongue they leave a gnarly aftertaste- so make sure you drink it with something that tastes good, and that you stir your drink really well before drinking it. Most importantly, I've noticed that by adding this to my routine, I've been able to go a bit harder at the gym and I am starting to visibly see some gains. I'll definitely be purchasing this again in the future.
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I have been using this creatine supplement for three weeks and I am very pleased with the results. My reps have increased at a steady rate and I feel this creatine gives me that little bit of extra strength and energy needed to complete additional reps and sets which really contribute to muscle growth.There is no loading phase with this creatine, which is great, and it has no real taste. Three small scoops in a cold glass of water before your workouts and you're set.I have done plenty of research and I would suggest taking this roughly one hour before your workouts. I used to take another creatine supplement directly after my routine, and there is a noticeable advantage taking it before.For the price and the results I believe this stuff has an excellent value.
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WOW! Single-handedly one of the best purchases I have ever made. I have tried many brands of Creatine and I have found my favorite now! Muscle Pharm Creatine has to be the best formula I have ever encountered and it doesn't have all the other junk in it that I don't like and has nearly ZERO flavor. I usually mix it in one of the following: my crystal light, my protein shakes, my yogurt or my vitamin water. Simply put, this particular product has played a huge part in allowing me reach my goals.If you plan on using this, I would like to recommend using Muscle Pharms Glutamine and mixing it it whatever drink you mix your creatine in.Products I tried that were not as good: Cellucore, Red Creat7ne, GNC Creatine Monohydrate, BSN Cellmass.
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Fitness experts say don't waste your time with expensive brands that add other ingredients to Creatine because the other ingredients do nothing. The creatine is what you want, so that is what I get. It is cheap and it works.I am 60, and I do a lot of aerobic workouts like running, and cycling. Simply put, with creatine my muscles recover faster from a workout. I have less soreness and I can go everyday. As a runner, I often had trouble with psoas muscle tightness and soreness. Using creatine,that problem is completely gone. As you age, your body produces less of the natural creatine, so this helps replace that creatine. I ride over 100 miles a week and I run about 21 miles and have lots of speed and energy.
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Started taking this Creatine after a long off period. I was off creatine products for about 2 months and my workouts went just fine. I would train around 4-5 times a week. Then I decided to get back on creatine to gain a some lean mass. Not only am I putting on more lean mass than I have in a long time, but I am able to train 6 days a week. My recovery time has shortened quiet effectively. Keep in mind that I stack this product with other products(pre workout, whey protein, multi-vites)so all of my improvements don't come from just this product. Eating clean and drinking lots of water will also increase the effectiveness of the product. Overall this is the best creatine product I have used to this date.
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Great Creatine for a great price, I've tried many other brands but this one is definitely the one I would call the best, other creatines have that "Maybe, maybe not" and "Okey Dokey" effect, this one really gives you the power and endurance you need in the Gym, I'm not an expert in nutrition or pharmacy, i'm just basing this review on real world results. With other creatines I feel weak and wearing off after 40-60 minutes of hard lifting,with musclepharm I can easily do a 1:30 hour workout and easily go for another 30 minutes after that (which I often do).I also like that it's unflavoured and without any sweeteners, so just add a drop of juice to the mix and you're good to goReally reccommended
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