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Driving to work some years ago all lights on the car extinguished, the engine died too and I found myself stationary on a duel carriageway between street lights with absolutely no electrics, totally dead in the water. In panic I jumped out of the car after ‘popping’ the lid, “what do I know about cars am I kidding myself” crossed my mind. After a vain attempt to see if there was anything obvious amiss in the near darkness the only other car that was going my way at that unearthly hour came speeding round a bend toward my well concealed vehicle. I stepped back in horror; there was a swerve and a blast of a horn as the car grazed by mine.This was an old car built like a tank but I managed to push it several yards under a light and up on the grass (I can still feel the pain on my clavicle). In retrospect I wonder how it would have been had I had this little device all those years ago, just press the button four times and I would have had a Bright light flashing SOS, surely enough to make the other driver aware I had a problem or for that matter I was there.• Very bright light• An emergency setting (see above)• Compact and very well designed• Being so compact has lead others to point out design flaws• Personally I think it has been well thought out although I see what people mean• Four blue LEDS let one know the battery level, while charging they flash from 25 to 100%• Once charging is complete they flash like a light chaser• Sure the USB charging lead is small but that helps to make petit• Wow the magnet is powerful, it would have stuck to (that was almost doomed) car like glue• There are also loops to hang it in a handy position• Oh, whilst playing a game on my tablet, I got the ‘connect to a power source message’• The little dome came to my rescue• Not only by powering the tablet but charging too as I played onI don’t do camping but if I did this would be with me, as it is I will keep this in my car for safety reasons.Just for the curious the cause of my car quitting was that it has been in for repair and the battery had been disconnected then not connected properly. Since then I have used sole trader mechanics with a word of mouth recommendation.A real handy device, recommended, even if you don’t have a car :-)
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I love the design of the light, compact and damn so, so bright, and that’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me…..This is not a spotlight it illuminated the whole area, for example, myself and friends always circle around at midnight and tell stores, normally freightfest stores to make others have a rather upsetting sleep, never happens though. We out this light bang in the centre and the light illuminated the whole area for us, easily viewing each of us, without having to glare. The light gives off a nice warm glow, but don’t look directly at it, it’s like I said damn bright.You can use for for other things, for example, if you break down in the night or need to do some repairs to your car before the morning,thanks to the two magnets on its underside you can attach the light to anything metal, making it good to view, example, your engine, tires etc.Everything is controlled via the underside, there is a power button, and USB as a secondary Powerbank, which is covered to stop water from accessing, kind of stupid putting it on the underside, should have been fitted to the side for better usability. The charging cable is perfectly wrapped around the light to keep, the light,small and compact, does a good job as well.If you are camping like we do all the time, well a lot of the time, there are two hooks, so you can hang the light, I have to admit this light is so versatile, I love it.When the light is first turned on, you get presented with 4 blue lights, this tells you how much charge is left in your light, each segment equals 25%.Pressing the power buttons, numerous times gives you 4 different settings, 1st press, turns it on to see power levels, 2nd press, light turns on, 3rd dim light and 4th which I feel is handy as hell, SOS signal and of coarse press it one more time it turns itself off.With a 3000mAh battery at its core, you will be getting plenty of light, for a very long time, or you can use it to charge up your phone, when you are missing your non social life and wish to stay in the fake digital world.In conclusion, this light is bright, versatile, bloody awesome, hands for emergencies and great is your needs power for your sad non social life..
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What a great little package! This is a really good lantern, which gives a bright diffused light, which will illuminate a decent area for its size without dazzling. There are two levels of light, with the lower one around 75% of the higher one. There is also a flashing mode.There is great attention to detail here, and the highlights for me are:- integrated USB cable- hanging loop and strong magnets (it will easily stick to a steel tent pole)- can be used in reverse as a power bank (but you will need an appropriate charging cable)My one minor gripe is that the on/off button is underneath, so if it is stuck to your ridge pole, you have to remove it to turn it off.And that is as close as this beauty gets to having any faults.Verdict: a lantern that packs of lot of light into a small package; great attention to detailDisclosure: I was sent this item free of charge in exchange for an honest review, which this is. I would definitely recommend this lantern to friends and family
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This is a well designed, well thought out and well made little lantern. Described as a camping lantern, where I can see it would be useful, but I think it is much too versatile to be limited to that. There is a USB cable fitted round it so easy to charge (takes about 4.5 to 5 hours) It can stand firmly, be hung by hooks on the base or indeed carried, and because base has 2 strong magnets it can be fitted to metal. The light will give battery status, a bright light, softer light or flashing light at the press of a switch.The light is really bright. There is a built in USB port in case you need to charge phone in emergency. All these features make it extremely functional.As I am first contact for a neighbours help line I have it at my bedside meaning I always have light to guide me to her door. It is small compact and easily portable. I love itSent to me in exchange for honest review
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Delivery:- 1 small Lixada 3W 280LM 3 Modes Camping Lantern- English descriptionParticularities:- Small, chic and practical (7.8 x 7.6 x 7.2 cm)- Built-in battery and rechargeable via USB- Energy-saving and environmentally friendly- Power Bank for mobile phones and USB inputExperience:- The light is very bright- 3 modes stages, super for many applications- Warning signal on the go- handiness- Charging by USB totally uncomplicated- Power Bank works well- Suitable for: traveling, outdoor, home, disastersConclusion:The small lantern is great and we take it very much. My husband take also times when he goes for a walk with the dog in the evening.Recommendation: YesNote:The product was inexpensive to provide,but it did not affect my honest opinion!
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Initially bought for camping, after a long period of buying expensive and branded goods and being desperately disappointed with the results, we now use this little light all the time! It's amazing - stunningly bright, easily recharged.Features I particularly love:incremental gauge of power: no more light suddenly dying and you can see how far along in charging it is!Brightness: the brightest light we've had by far and we wouldn't want it any brighter!The choices of dimmer light to make the brightness more comfortable in the evenings and the battery lasts even longer.I haven't tried to charge anything with it, but when I do I'll update my review.Really impressed by this - wouldn't buy a different one now,and the price (just short of £15 at present) is amazing.
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I have 2 of these in daily use for almost a year now so safe to say I'm delighted with them. I have them attached by their magnets to the metal lid of my bike storage shed lighting up the area where I work on my bikes. I get several hours of light on each recharge and like the 4 light countdown on when they need charged. Very neat USBs unwind for easy recharge. I always use on high mode.Have also taken one camping several times where it lasts inside tent in evenings over a 3 day trip and hung perfectly on its hook from tent roof. Used it to charge my phone or a short while during that trip too.No signs of any wear and tear after 12 months would thoroughly recommend as excellent piece ofkit.
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Other reviewers were not joking when they said it's small - about the size of tennis ball. Carrying a 3000mAh battery, you'd expect it to be far heavier than it actually is, so easily goes into a backpack to provide power/light for an evening out. On full-power, burn time is some 5 hours, but reducing to half-power increases this to some 11 hours (both these durations depend on power NOT being drawn to recharge a mobile device - if this is the case, burn times will reduce). Will hang neatly from a walking pole used as a support in a basha, shedding enough light to easily see by. Whilst not waterproof, it will certainly cope with the odd splash!!


Lovely little light, which has a real quality design and feel to it. It is well thought out and the light output is impressive, both in power and the quality of the light, which has a warm soft tone and is not harsh white like so many LED lights.I would estimate that the high output is equivalent to a 40watt household bulb and the low about a 25-30 watt.I am impressed with the overall design. How the charging cable is integrated into the light. The battery charge remaining indicator and the design of the hooks and magnetic base.Small in size, but big on output and features. You will not be disappointed.


Fantastic light. I'm using this in the back of my van, the lights inside turn off after a few minutes so this sticks to the roof and I can pop it on when needed. Its got 3 modes, very bright, bright and flash. Theres also a blue led battery gauge.It's very well made, much better than expected. The usb charging cable is already attached and folds away nicely. There's even a usb output that'll boost a mobile phone battery when it runs flat. The only tiny niggle for me is the on off switch is on the bit that is the magnetic side too, you have to pull it off the panel its stuck to to turn it on.


Disclaimer: I was given this product from the manufacturer asked to give a review of it. My review is honest, unbiased and not influenced in any way.First of all is very well built and small lightweight with USB port that neatly slot in place, It has high, low light & flashing mode which one can use it for signaling for help. Built in powerbank you can charge your phone of it ect, Furthermore There's two metal hooks that you can use to hang off something. Bas has 2 strong magnets it can be fitted to metal - 3000mAh battery is a plus. I would highly recommend this product.


These camp lights are amazing! Great for camping and really bright. I also used it in the garden at night and its great as the magnet sticks to my metal washing line pole. The battery life is also great. Lasts for a weekend camping without any issues. Its also great that it does not need batteries and can be used as a mobile phone charger. I use it around the house as well and it sticks like a fridge magnet to my fridge, so I never need to search for it.Its not mega lightweight, but that was never as issue for me.


http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01AW7Q1EOThis is the best camping lamp money can buy it has a power level indicator on the top to show you how much battery it has left the lamp is rechargeable so you dont have to keep on buying batteries and you can charge up your electrical devices with the usb inside it  this is one of the brightest lamps i have ever used it is small and compact so it is good for camping i would recommend this product to anyone who needs a good camping lamp


So much light from such a small/compact unit. Purchased to replace the use of gas lights for a far safer and much brighter portable unit. Cannot loose the charging lead as it's attached and neatly stowed away. It has the bonus of being a power bank for USB items too such as your phone. The only negative is that the indicator lights are on the base so it's hard to readily see the state of the battery. The LED's would make a good night light.


Can't believe how bright such a small lantern can provide. There's 3 light settings, two solid with one brighter than the other (both probably visible from space!) and a steady on/off pulse. It's light enough to hand within the tent and has two clasps that link to provide a hook for an eyelet or vice versa. Nice little USB charger for a emergency boost of juice for your phone and it also comes with its own USB cable to charge.
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