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What is this?So, let me tell you a little story. Last weekend I was in a hurry and I had to get all my stuff ready for a camping trip. And rest assured, Lighting EVER and so, so, so helpful when it comes to this kind of issue. This item is so very versatile for every situation. They are fairly watertight so can be used in the rain and even in a shower (not to be submerged though), versatile, I like the twisting mechanism to open and close it, it can be attached to the top of a tent, onto branch and are quite surprisingly ergonomic for the metal handle that they have.The metal handles are also very sturdy and can be folded in for storage.The twisting mechanism I told you about before is pretty much the on/off switch and can be used to dim the brightness (e.g. if you are getting to sleep inside your tent). I have dropped the item a couple of times and although it is sturdy enough to safely fall from a 5 foot high branch, it will nt really hurt you very much if it fell on top of you inside the tent.At the time of this review, the price plummeted from £30.99 to £13.99, which as far as I'm aware is not only just a great price (as most competitors which are not even as good as this one are around the £25-30 mark for the pair), but it is (as far as I'm aware) around about the price of a single one so you are basically getting a buy 1 get 1 free offer.Great product (or pair of products) for an (arguably) even better price. Make your camping trip just that little more bearable (trust me, you'll need it) and go though some of LE's great items like this.
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I am impressed with these lanterns; they are excellent quality and very useful. They have a matt black body with the LE logo and silver handles on either side to hang the lantern. The base unscrews to access the battery compartment which uses 3 x AA batteries.The pièce de résistance is undoubtedly the on/off function. It smoothly glides open and closed to turn the lantern on and off. When open, it reveals three columns with five rows of small LED lights with reflective mirrors above and underneath. These are bright. The best bit is I can control the brightness as the lantern turns on as soon as I start to slide it open. I can choose to reveal one row at a time which increases the number of bulbs emitting light.I love this feature.I have one hanging in an outdoor storage cupboard and one in the cupboard under the stairs. What I like most about using them, is I don't have to hunt for an on/off switch, I simply reach in and pull down to get the desired amount of light; this makes the operation so much easier.I am delighted to have these lanterns, and they have an all year function, not just in my camping season. They will also be very helpful in a powercut!I was provided the pack of two lanterns for free from the seller in return for an informative and fair product review.
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Super deal on emergency/camping/backyard lighting for whenever you might need it. I like the fact that I can regulate the light output by varying how far I open the lamp. The light output is terrific. I have a couple of interior rooms in my house with no windows. With the doors closed these rooms are totally dark. Turning on one of these lights in those rooms is like being in broad daylight. I have bought 2 sets of these lights and will continue to buy these for family and friends for all uses. THESE ARE GREAT LIGHTS, Get ya some now!! /;-))We just had a severe microburst storm here in DFW two days ago. 300k without power for two days. These lanterns saved the evenings for us. We were able to cook (gas)read, and do the crosswords and such as needed. They work great, do not get hot and have outstanding battery life. I know two of my lights have at least 80 hours on the 3 AA batteries that i put in them 3 years ago. Sidenote. I DO NOT store the lights with the batteries installed. I keep them in the box with the lamps and put them in when needed. I do this to prevent any possible damage to the lights in the event of a battery leak.Damn fine lights for the money, and now you can get a 4 pack for what I paid for 2 /;-((
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We bought our laterns from Costco, but are the same as these in the photo, except we had three for £17.00 with all the batteries supplied. These are great for outdoor use, camping and have been recently used for when the power in our home is knocked out. Three is just right for lightening up the hallway and shines plenty of light into the doorways of seperate rooms.The only one little issue is for those who think its a powerful light to shine a beam out infront of you walking, its a powerful latern but not practical for using it to guide the way if on a cliff path at night or in a forrest. Its that bright it does shine in your eyes even when your not looking at them,the corner of your eye too me always seems distracted by the intense light. Our are 350 lumens, its a good strong and portable latern which covers many uses, but for camping i would of gone for a stronger beam with a wider circumference to show up more ground asnd surroundings. So if you enjoy camping like me, then these are very good, robust and strong, but for me personally i think i might buy two more that are around 500 Lumens as these are great for in tent use, or in the home when you have a powercut.
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they work well and are bright and certainly cheap enough. a note of warning i swapped the aa ni-mh batteries i had in one of the lanterns with 14500 lithium ion cells for higher voltage and quicker recharging the lantern made it through one full cycle of the lithium ions. I recharged them to full voltage and reinstalled. the higher voltage fried all 30 of the leds instantly. I disassembled the item to find the source of the problem (fried leds) found lot about its construction. Its 30 led hooked up in sequence for some reason no heat sink but they are spaced far enough apart as long as you dont give it too much voltage and one tiny tactile switch.this could have been one third the size with a little heat sink in there its all plastic and empty space. they made a larger item to give the illusion of higher quality and more expensive construction. all in all it was worth what i paid. there is no circuitry inside whatsoever so no low discharge or temp protection for li-ion cells and it would be kind of dangerous to use them. this is no new invention its running on 30 year old technology
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I got these on offer for test and reviewI really love these cans of light. They are really bright and the handles double up as a means t hang them with. They are not much bigger than a can of baked beans and easy to store. I have one in my caravan permanently and the other by my back door for when I let the dog out or go and lock up the chickens at night. So easy to use just a sharp jerk one handed will pop the light up and on, quite handy especially as ive normally got hands full when going up the garden. Being LED lights they really do get a lot of life out of the batteries, havent had to change them yet and ive used one every day since I got them about 4 weeks ago and even left it on over night in my lads room and it still hasnt dimmed yet.I would highly recomend them for anyone who camps, caravans, fishes at night in a bivvy or just have one handy at home.
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Very good value for use hanging in my tent and lighting the area up.Please note though that these lanterns do not give out a beam of light which would be useful if you wanted to look more than a few feet ahead of yourself - though it does look dazzling if you look straight at it - dah! So no good to use on a dark night for navigation. What it does well is light up the area around you (so you can see around you in approximately a 10 foot circle) so great for tent use or as an emergency light source to light a room / tent. The handles are sturdy and make hanging the lanterns very easy.Bought mine via lightning deal - this product seems to be always on such so if your not in a hurry for it wait a day or two and you will be able to get it on such!At that price and for my use definitely 5 stars!
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Great lamps and really good value. They are designed to look like metal and although they are inescapably plastic, and lightweight for it, they look and feel like a quality product.As others have mentioned you can control the amount of light emitted by how much you pull to reveal the LEDs and the action on the pull down is smooth and firm. It feels robust too - very reminiscent of soft close tape decks for those of you of a certain vintage.Although the pull down allows you to control the light it doesn't stop all the LEDs being lit although as they are LEDs the additional power usage will be minimal.We purchased for camping trips - they are a great to light a large tent as the sun goes downand also as kids night lights with only part of the light revealed.All in all - a great value product
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These lanterns are awesome! Small in size and using only 3 AA batteries, their 30 LEDs put out a brilliant white light. Built of what looks to be high-grade plastic, their construction seems solid and precise. To install the batteries, you unscrew the base to get access to the battery compartment. To turn on the lantern, you simply pull up on the top and the lighted portion emerges from the base, where it is stored while the lantern is not in use, and turns on. There is otherwise no on-off switch. If you're camping in a tent, you can hang the lantern from the swing-up handles. If you're using it at home on a table, simply fold the handles down, where they tuck nicely against the sides and out of the way.A great product at a great price.
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These are great AND also a great deal. They are exactly the same as the one I spent over $11.00 for. These lights and all of their cousins have only one problem. The lights are VERY BRIGHT and unless U hang them above eye level you will be blinded. This is easily fixed. I took an empty rubbing alcohol bottle, cut off the top and bottom. Cut the resulting piece to make a long flat piece. Make a true straight edge, measure from that edge 2 1/2" and make another line and cut along the line. Take that flap which will slide under the slight lip at the top and wrap it around the globe and secure with a couple of rubber bands. You now have a great lamp with soft light that is perfect for reading.I will try and post pics at a later date.
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Received this product in quick time. Initial thoughts are how sturdy and robust the lamps are compared to other ones I've used in the past. After fitting the batteries it's a simple slide up and down to turn on and off. The joy of this is that you can adjust how much light it let out depending how far you slide the bulbs out the black sleave.We used this lamps in our 8man 4pod tent (kalahari 8) and found we only needed one for the whole tent which allowed the other one to be used as a toilet lantern.Overall an excellent product, well worth the money l, especially considering the cheap plasticy competitors on the marketI did receive this at a discount rate for my unbiased opinion.Still definitely worth the money.
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I purchased 2 of the 2 packs of these lights. Two lights were given as gifts to my camping buddies and 2 we kept for ourselves. I definitely would buy these again and highly recommend them. They are very bright. We were recently evacuated from a Florida State park and had to pack up the RV at night during a storm. I used one of these lights and it proved indispensable. My only suggestion for improvement would be for it to have some kind of latch to keep it closed so you can hang it up and it would stay in the off position. When you hang it, the weight of the bottom pulls the light out and it turns on. A very minor thing.My friends love their lanterns they received as gifts and rave about them.
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We love these lanterns. They turn on by raising the handles and turn off automatically when the lantern is shut. They give off a lot of light (we have even used one in an emergency for several days when a light was out in a room.) They are great to have around for power outages as well as for camping.I'm back to buy my second set.I see that some reviewers say that these dim quickly, and I can see how that would be the case depending on the batteries used. We used high quality batteries and the lantern lasted 2-3 hours before dimming. To me, that is a reasonable amount of time given the large number of LEDs and the brightness of this lantern.


Bright enough to fill a room with light. The good part is that they are bright and cheap. The downside is that the "switch" that turns the light on and off occurs when you pull the light up from the protective shell. While this may sound a little cheesy and cheap, one should bear in mind that some high quality American made flashlights from Mag Industries also works in a similar fashion by rotating the bezel to turn the light on and off. Considering the price, the consumer is getting an appropriate value for their purchase, bearing in mind that buying most Chinese products from online vendors has it's share of risks.


If you are a couple of keen campers then this is ideal, as it contains two lanterns - each identical. They are very lightweight and take 3 AA batteries (not included). Once fitted the batteries produce a really bright light, certainly enough to illuminate the inside of a tent with ease. The handles of the lantern lift up to make it easy to carry and then fold down the side when stored away. I would argue that every house should have a lantern, as they always come in handy in emergencies – such as if you have to change a fuse in an outdoor fuse box. In short, for the price, this is a great value pack of two lanterns.
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