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This works for me. I like camping out of my car, with my 3 dogs, and adding this to the back of the car makes it much more spacious for the dogs and me, with privacy and headroom too!I was able to leave it standing while I drove off, and then when I came back it was pretty easy to reverse up to it and re-attach it. In heavy rain there was some leakage where the tent joined the car but I think with experience that could be fixed. I don't think it was a problem with the tent but with my skill at attaching it.It was a right hassle getting the poles in the first time but I hope next time it will all have got a bit more flexible so it will be easier. I'm still working out where all the fastenings go, but again I think with practice I'll find out what works best for attaching it securely to my particular car (a Skoda Roomster).Read full review...
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Excellent idea well executed. Definitely a two person job to erect with numerous straps to hook into vehicle - Range Rover mk3. Easy to drive away and zip up. Really good to sleep off the ground in the back of the car and have standing area in the tent. It’s well made and has thoughtful features eg high thresholds for doors. Recommend it.


Was a bit undecided if this was going to work with my van. Was totally supersized to find out it is perfect.I have a VW T4 and it fits the tailgate you have to play with the straps other than that it's perfect


Great idea. Not easy to put up, especially in a confined space. Once up does it's job well. Height could be reduced which would make it slightly less difficult to erect. Overall works reasonably well.
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