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I’ve been mixing up my supplement use lately, trying a couple of different pre-workouts (with varying results) but this is my first time of using BCAA (branch-chain amino acids). I generally also use a low-carb protein shake after every workout, but I try to make sure I get the most out of my workouts, and generally go around 5 times a week during my lunch hour.I had read somewhere that you could maybe mix in an intra-workout into your protein shake, but in the case of this strawberry/mango being mixed in with my current protein shake (stevia-sweetened chocolate) I really wouldn’t recommend it - it tasted terrible.In isolation however this wasn’t that bad taste-wise - borderline quite nice-tasting in fact.I’m not sure about the vibrant colour that it mixes up into - I really detest the fact that supplements such as this feel the need to have artificial colours put in them - it’s entirely unnecessary. It does seem to mix well though, with no obvious residue and the taste was pretty consistent throughout the drink, instead of going to a weird concentration towards the bottom as I’ve had with other supplement drinks.I’ve just finished this tub of Defend, and whilst I can’t wholeheartedly state that my muscle breakdown has been definitely reduced, I do feel like I have had good use out of it. Doing my pre-requisite research I wouldn’t want to be over-doing the BCAA content of my diet, so maybe this sort of supplement is for occasional bouts of use.For a price of c. £26 (at time of review) I always think things like this are expensive, but if you’re getting maximum use out of it and are pushing yourself hard enough to warrant this sort of supplement, then this nice-ish tasting drink from a reputable brand is worth a look.I’m not sure what the orange funnel is really for though...
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Pleasant tasting and easy to drink. Mixes very easily (I tend to rinse out my protein shake and use the empty shaker but it would mix fine in a glass with a spoon). I recommend ice which also makes it a little more palatable.It's always going to be hard with a product like this to comment on how effective it is (do my muscles hurt less because of the drink or because I happened to work a little less hard than usual? Do I look like I've gained mass because I've been working hard consistently for weeks or because of the drink? You'll never know the answer to these questions) - HOWEVER the science behind it is interesting and seems to make complete sense. Further to this (and unusual for the supplement industry)there seems to be a unanimous agreement that 2-1-1 BCAAs are the best you can be getting.Ultimately I love drinking this after a hefty workout. It's refreshing, tasty and I feel like it's doing its job (placebo effect?).NB: Another interesting point - I measure out all my supplements by weight rather than just trusting the volume given by provided scoops after finding many "full scoops" provide completely inaccurate weighted measures compared to the packet. This scoop is the closest to what the packaging promises than I've ever come across, so much so that I've stopped using the scales for this stuff. Minor point but still good all the same, and important if you're tracking macros/sensitive to ingredients etc.
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I’ve been adding BCAA powder to my water to consume during and after a workout for about a year. I usually use the MyProtein powder as it seems to be good value for money. I enjoy a lot of weight training but also do HITT style workouts so take this to help prevent muscle breakdown.I was surprised reading the description to see it mentioned ‘no duck feathers or human hair.’ I’m now quite alarmed and feel I need to do a bit more research into what goes into my usual powder!I’ve used several products by Grenade now and I’m always so happy with the taste. The Carb Killa bars and their shakes are so good! They are a little more expensive compared to some other brands but definitely worth the money.However, this tub of BCAA powder is a lot more than I would usually pay! I usually pay around £9-10 for a 250g bag from BCAA so that is considerably more.The flavour of this powder though is delicious. I put it in my water bottle to have a bit before, during and after my workouts, I would say I prefer the taste to my usual brand. It comes with a small orange scoop (you need to add 2 scoops to water) and also a funnel, which surprised me at first. I have no need for it.So it’s not the best value BCAA powder out there – but it certainly tastes very nice!
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I'm already a big fan of Grenade products - I'm practically addicted to their Carb Killa bars - so I was excited to try this, expecting the usual full-flavour onslaught with maximum workout benefits too. I wasn't disappointed. They've managed to create a fairly natural-tasting strawberry flavour, which isn't too sweet, fake-tasting or tart, despite the zero sugar and artificial sweeteners. It has a very slight artificial aftertaste, but nothing that will stop you enjoying it during and after a workout. It actually tastes better when it's a bit over-diluted, I've found.Science-wise, you can't fault it - it packs a hefty punch of 2-1-1 BCAA's, the kind that everybody seems to agree are the best kind to be getting.That's nearly 8g of aminos / protein per serving, which will complement your lifting routine nicely.At the current price on Amazon, it's a bit less than £1 per serving, which seems reasonable given the quality. Grenade is a quality sports nutrition brand, and I think it has the flavour edge compared to cheaper alternatives, so I'd say this is good value overall. It's another product I'll add to the regular Grenade orders - can't wait to try the Green Apple variety too.
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Reviewing BCAAs sometimes brings out the complaints from the die-hard 'you shouldn't need them, because you should be getting all that you need from your diet' crowd. I find this intolerance of other people's choices and attempts at self-improvement exasperating, and the failure to appreciate that some people's circumstances aren't best conducive to doing this (just starting out on a regime that's designed to lose weight as well as build muscle; living in a packed student residence where kitchen access is a bit limited) disappointing. Acknowledge that the other person is trying to do something positive and move on.This is a good product. The powder mixes easily with water.The flavour is strong and very fruity but a bit on the sweet side. That said, I like this better than the tablet form I tried from another brand - the tablets were large, uncoated and somewhat difficult to swallow. Because this does mix easily with water, it's easy to use and convenient to take with you.
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My Name is Alexander and I'm a men's physique athlete and bodybuilder. I don't usually buy BCAAs primarily because there isn't much use for them. BUT, when it comes to throwing a powder in water and having a great tasting low calorie drink while I'm training is always a great thing to have. Straight off the bat what I love about grenade is they don't lie, alot of companies out 0 KALORIES on there products which is simply untrue considering BCAAs are proteins, this means protein like the protein in your diet which as your aware have calories. Each gram of protein is equal to 4kalories so remember that when your buying a product that says 0KALORIES. What is the benefit of the product may you ask?Well not much as you can simply get proteins from a shake or even better really food like chicken or beef as examples.Honestly BCAAs at best are a great tasting drink and that's really about it. Think about that when your buying these kinds of products. I just like the taste.
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This is really fantastic. It contains all the amino acids as the other products on the market but its quite concentrated. I am not normally a sweet tooth drink person but I got a tub of strawberry mango and it tastes incredible. You could actually sit and eat the powder by itself. Instead I mix it in my work out water bottle and have a great tasting drink throughout my workout. I do calisthenics and boxing with no weights and while I cant say I have noticed any difference in my body its also early days. Having said that my aim is conditioning and I like being slim so I am not out to put on massive amounts of muscle but I do think this will hone what I have.At £26 for 30 servings its under a pound per drink and I have one drink with each workout. It is a big improvement over trying to swallow big tablets and as I said it tastes great. No complaints and I will definitely be buying more of it.
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In many ways this product is right up my street - packed full of BCAA (2:1:1 ratio rather than the inferior 4:1:1 ratio of cheaper products), electrolytes and other goodies making it ideal for an intraworkout drink. They use vegan sourced BCAAs too which is another thumbs up from me (some brands use animal hair or feathers). However, two of the ingredients unfortunately contain milk. I'm confused as to why they source some vegan ingredients but then others contain milk? At least they clearly state this. Despite it containing some top notch supplements and tasting great it's not something I'd use again personally because of this. However,if you aren't vegan or lactose intolerant then this is a great way to get a dose of BCAAs in you and much more pleasant than taking handfuls of the large BCAA pills.
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An Amazon review is probably not the place to set out the evidence base for the benefits of supplementing with BCAAs. You probably want to know, if you have decided BCAAs are for you, is this product any good?It's a reasonable success as a product depending on your tastes. One upside is that the powder dissolves well which, given BCAAs are not water soluble, is a good thing (I've had other powders that have not mixed well in the past). The taste is fine, although quite sweet. I find the recommended serving too strong in taste to take intra-workout, so have tended to mix with twice as much water. All told, a reasonably good product,although for my personal tastes I would have preferred it less sweet.
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I regularly use pre and post work out shakes, but have never used a intraworkout supplement before.Still making my way through the tub, but I'm now a convert. I’ve been adding BCAA powder to my water to consume after a workout but sometimes even with making this into a post workout shake it can be difficult to consume this straight after a workout. Taking BCAA during the workout ensures that stay topped up, and minimise the risk of muscle degradation building up.The taste is great, and it dissolves well. 2 scoops to your bottle and off you go. I guess the funnel is for those using a thin lipped water bottle than a sports bottle - I don't need it.


Easily one of the best Amino acid blends on tne market, sitting at a high dosed full spectrum powder this is one of my staples for my gym bag!The high dosage allows for you to keep your body in a anabolic state even when cutting, it helps prevent muscle wastage.I mix this in a 1.5Ltr bottle drink after my workout and another during the day.The blend also includes a absorption profile allowing a more efficient adsorption of aminos.Taste is abit off but if you are after results, grenade has delivered a solid product here.The tub also comes with a funnel which is useful for filling bottles!Taste 6/10Mix 10/10Effectiveness 10/10


Taking BCAA is presented as bieng unquestionably a good thing, but it not without health risks if used over a long period. At least with this product, you are safe from contaminants. There are no other nasties such as cafeinne to be concerned about. The ingredients are ideal to support muscle devlopment when training.I don't find the strawberry and mango repulsive, but it is taking some getting used to as is the combat branding. Otherwise the comtainer is functional and I like the funnel.


Really very fruity and the usual high quality from GRENADE.NO SUGAR which is a big plus to see as a lot of these sort of products are loaded with sugar for energy.NO CAFFEINE ... again a lot of the rubbish on the market relies on HUGE doses of Caffeine to provide your Work Out boost. I tested on a few weeks ago that had the equivalent of 8 cups of coffee in it !This has all the good stuff and non of the rubbish and it tastes good.Definitely would buy products from this company.


I love this BCAA for many reasons: 1) No hog hair in sight; it’s suitable for vegetarians ?? 2) This Strawberry Mango flavour is AMAZING and not sickly if you use only one scoop of powder like me, 3) Great price (£40 in H&B versus only £20 here!!), 4) It’s a mega light drink when mixed with water. I can literally drink this alongside food with zero bloat! ?In spite of the above I’m having to discontinue this BCAA as I have a soy intolerance and yes this contains soy! ?


An effective post workout BCAA, usually I give up on these sort of supplements quickly because the inevitably oversweetened kids-drink taste of them is unbearable, but this is on the just-tolerable part of the nausea spectrum. Sugar free, caffeine free and almost vegan, so that's all a plus.A star off for the ridiculous, infantile militaristic branding. I think you can even get a hand-grenade shaped water bottle in the range. I'm not an eleven year old boy.
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