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Love the design. Coleman's kit is great stuff and reflects hugely in our overall camping kit and this product is no different. Brilliant design and functionality and folds down so well. Excellent piece of kit and I have no doubt it will see many years of service in our hands. My only issue is it was received out of the box with some slight damage ehic hcould have happened at any stage in the process to me receiving it - but not enough damage for me to send back but there is a slight warp which affects the opening out of the table. A pity because otherwise it is brilliant even with a warp. It will not collapse per other reviews once you click the support bars into place properly - once in place it is 100% solid.Design is brilliant.
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After researching camping tables we went with the coleman set ,firstly because of colemans good name and secondly unlike the tables with the fixed legs this table allows more flexibility with benches being moved and used elsewhere if needed.Firstly the quality of this product is superb and the genius way that the legs and benches strap into the top and close is amazing.From unclipping to assembly even for the average Jo Bloggs will only take 2 to 3 Minutes and produces a sturdy product.What the table also gives you is a fantastic retro finish pattern on the table top which you dont see clearly on the images.Thank you Coleman !


I wanted a table that would fold down and travel on the back sit of my lovely camper van. This is perfect. The table folds into a carry case and sits on the back seat so doesn't take up any room. The quality is good and the able a good size. It is just for me and sometimes a friend tho. The little benches live inside the table. They are small but for me, ideal as extra seats. I wouldn't want to try two adults on each bench, but ideal for one and probably two kids. You can also use them as extra little table for caper chairs and to out your feet on. So I'm happy...and the camps sights open on the 4th July, hooray!!


This has been a hit for us. Styling is cool and everyone agrees. Assembly is very simple. We use it for the garden mainly as its convenient to pack away and store but have used it for picnics. Being 2 benches means you have the freedom to position them comfortably or even without the table. The table also can be assembled for coffee table height which my kids love for their outdoor art projects.It's pretty rugged but needs to be assembled and treated carefully so not to damage the aluminium.


We used this for a week-long camping trip for two adults and two children (aged 7 and 12). It was the perfect solution. Light, yet strong and attractive. The product folds up into its own neat and handy "carry pack" (handle on table). Much better solution for us than four individual chairs/stools and a hundred times better than having the benches attached to the table. Very easy to assemble, close and store. Great investment for future camping trips.


Very useful addition to our camping gear. Used as extra table and seating in garden too. I feel that the hinges should have some sort of locking mechanism as they sometimes work loose. Although they haven't collapsed yet, I am very aware of them and keep checking that they are still in place which results in not being able to totally relax while sitting on the bench. Otherwise, no problems. Easily erected, put away and not too heavy to carry.


Great asset for camping. One issue I have, the legs for the benches don't have any bottom add-ons and they are really easily to get sinke in the earth. I had to make my own fittings so I don't sink. The campsites usually have grass and earth so if 4 people use them, you will get yourself buried quite fast no other complaints. The packed size is ok and can be fitted in a small car


I've had a bunch of camping table sets over the years. Most are cheap and flimsy and you are taking your life in your hands sitting on them when you are 14 stone like me.This set is sturdy and very well made. Goes up easily and packs away quickly. We've used the set several times on 3-4 day trips and so far it it performing well. Highly recommended


If you want something that looks slick, can seat 4 people (adults or kids) comfortably and that folds away to something half the size of an ironing board then definitely get it! The real attraction for me was the fact that the chairs/benches are detached from the table and so it can all be used separately as well as all at once. Great product.


Well worth every penny - packs away small and is rigid. We sit 2 adults on each seat and it has always felt sturdy and strong. The covers wipe easily and are resistant to sharp objects. Cleans easily and is far more stable than the folding plastic picnic style products on the market.


High Quality Product with clean finish details and really enjoy using it on picnics for my family. Not giving 5 stars just because there is no safe locks on the chairs legs which sometimes gives you the feeling they are not very stable to support adult weight.


Excellent customer service, the first table was damaged so I emailed them and they collected the damaged table and shipped out a new one to me the following week.Love the table, folds down small and is just big enough for four people to sit around.


Amazing product!! Can't believe it took us 5 years to finally buy one!! It's perfect for our family of 4. The cushioned seats are comfortable and because they are separate from the table, there is no wobbling when someone stands up. Very sturdy.


Bought this as a trp,ace ent for the cheap plastic fold up table that collapsed after one short season. Seems very robust and a useful seating area. The locking bit doesn't always clip in. Something to check but other than that it's perfect.


Good quality table and fold away benches.Easy to clean and all folds back into a carry pack when done.Safe enough for adults and kids and can take a good weight with lock outs on both seats which add to stability.Highly recommend
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