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I have been professional deckchairing for many years and after destroying several chairs in the past, I decided to go for the Coleman chair with table. My usage of these chairs is very demanding on both the human body and the chair and they both have to be able to withstand -20 degree cold, ice & snow, thunder storms, gale force wind and prolonged sessions whilst remaining comfortable enough to enjoy myself. I particularly like the carrying handles which allow me to trek them far out into the wilderness while clipped onto a strap on my back and they are quite lightweight which helps when also wearing heavy thermal gear and carrying lighting and survival equipment for night sessions.The chair is cleverly designed to become structurally tough when the weight is bearing on the seat which prevents collapsing. The weight limit of 113 kg is sufficient for me, allowing me 13kg of weight gain!I've never before had a peckchair with a table and this is a welcome addition during times such as enduring 8 hours of sitting in freezing Winter cold when I can have a flask of Whezzan to keep me going. The table has a sort of kitchen counter effect and would safely handle a few kg of survival equipment on the side, plus a drink. The back rest is the best part for me, often the backs of these chairs are tough or unforgiving but the Coleman chair sort of moulds to my back allowing you to fully relax and gaze at the wonderful views of the wilderness without feeling like you need to stand up all the time.For amateurs this chair may be a bit on the side of overkill but don't let that put you off it is VERY good. For those who need their chairs for rigorous, hard usage in the most bitter conditions and as a professional I'm sure I'll get many years of usage out of it and take deckchairing to the next level. So much so that my fellow deckchairers have all placed their orders for this chair making it the Official SAF Chair of 2012, another great reason to buy it!
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I recently purchased two of these chairs, and was prompted to do so following good reviews on this site.I am very satisfied with the build quality of these chairs. With my advancing years I am finding it more difficult to use the canvas, folding chairs which I have previously taken to air shows. These Colman chairs are a big improvement, being firmer and with a good strong frame. Even so the weight is well managed and so they are easily transportable. The side table, though not essential, is a very useful addition along with the cup holder which is not always provided by other manufacturers. I am very pleased with my purchase of these chairs and now I look forward to road testing them at afuture air show.
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We bought two of these last summer, mostly for touring in our caravan. They are stylish, I love the colour - the picture doesn't realy do it justice), very strong and wash a treat - as I found out, almost to my cost, when I left one in the green house under a grape vine. The chair got splattered in red grape juice and soil. I was amazed when it ALL washed out!My parents always commented on how much they liked them, so, for Xmas we bought them a pair (with the side table). They were made up with them. They arrived on time and very well packaged. And, if I need two more in the future, I'll deffinately go for the the ones with the attached table - a glass of wine and my book right by my side -heaven.
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This is a pretty good modestly-priced camping chair. The quality seems as good as any other Coleman product. It's well-stitched and the fabric seems durable.As far as comfort... it's not got the best back support, but what camping chair does? The fabric of the seat also rides back as you sit on it, so the seat 'shrinks'... just pull it back outward from time to time.We ordered two of these and on one of them, the table doesn't really lock into position correctly, so if you put something too heavy on it--like a drink, for instance--it may just cave under and everything goes spilling everywhere.All that said, I like the chairs and I'd order them again knowing what I know.I


Coleman is a quality name and these chairs are excellent. Initially I wasn't going to purchase the model with a side table, mainly because of weight and stowage in our motorhome, however my wife convinced me it would be much better and she was right!! You don't need to bother with a small table outside with these beesties!!! There is room for drinks, sandwich, iPad, Kindle, etc., etc..... The colour in the photo is not what I call Khaki, it looks more Cream, but they are more like light Khaki. Very pleased, they are comfortable good back support, you can't sleep in them but for eating, drinking, or just sitting watching the world go by, they are very good.


As yet have not used for camping, just as extra seats for parties. These appear robust, well designed and well made. The aspects that are less desirable for me are the folded and unfolded sizes. Folded they take up a lot of space in the car. Unfolded I (and I am a big guy) have tons of space to sit comfortably in them. The width makes them stable, but overall I would have preferred a narrower chair that takes up less space in the car. I tend to use quite a small packable table when camping and for instance if you wanted to sit 2 each side of a table with these chairs the table would need to be big.


Having spent quite a bit over the years on cheap chairs that split, broke and were generally uncomfortable I decided to go for the Coleman. We camped for three weeks this autumn and they were excellent. Comfortable, stable and very well constructed - no more fear of tipping over. We are minimalists as far as camping goes, none of this full dining table nonsense, however, at going on 70 a good seat is essential for a pleasant holiday and the side table was indispensable. The materials seem to be top class and I expect them to last a long time.


Wide and lightweight. Although it is a 'big' chair compared to other picnic chair, it is not too high and extremely sturdy.The side table came in handy but not essential. Easy flat storage so sits in the boot or roof rack box without taking much space. Days away came in handy, especially for elderly family member with bad knees and spinal/back problems too, as the base of the seat is soft. Good back support and arm rest. Enough space to add a cushion for extra comfort. Kept in the garden and does not rust or get mouldy. Strong material.


These chairs are terrific, they are comfortable and easy to fold and the side table is a very useful bonus.We bought one and were so impressed that we ordered another. We use them in the garden and recently took them with us on a camping trip where lots of people commented how good they were and where did you get them from.They may cost a bit more than the fold into a bag deck chair gizmos but they pay you back in usefulness and comfort and they are so well made they will last for many years...


I bought this deck chair for my large partner who is tall and heavy, following knee surgery. It was purchased for watching our son play cricket at bench-less cricket grounds, camping trips and picnics. The side table is handy for a mug of coffee or glass of beer. The dimensions of the chair are good for someone with a larger build and the seat higher than on the usual folding chairs. The only thing to discover now is its durability....time will tell.


I have long envied my friend how has onw of these folding chairs with fold out table so I treated myself for Christmas. Coleman make some of the best quality camping products and this is no exception. The design, particularly the hinging is superior to similar cheaper seats. The only minor critism is that The picture used is of an older model showing a lighter coloured canvas. I one I recieved is definitely karki colour as described


Light and comfortable. Bought the Oneway for myself as this was too expensive, but Oneway no longer appears to be available and this has come down to same price. Only difference is the aluminium on Oneway is painted and Coleman isn't. After trying mine my husband wanted one as well. So much easier to eat at a table when camping. The side table is useful too no more drinks toppling over on uneven ground.


Very good quality, and very comfortable - though it would have been better if the back were a bit higher. The only other thing to be aware of is that the flip-up table looks white in the photo, but the chair I received had a table with a black top with white flecks. I also agree with other reviewers in that the cup-holder is too small for standard mugs :-(


I'm 27 stone and so far used it twice and each time I sat on this chair for about an hour and no problems what so ever not saying with my size this will last for long but so far it's doing OK. Update its two years late I still have this chair used it loads and still perfect it never gave in its held me weight perfect.


Very comfortable chair. I am a 'BIG' girl and this chair supported me very well for several hours and never once did I feel unsafe. Plenty of room at sides, absolutely no digging in whatsoever.Table easily held box of cider. (I'm certain it would have held two, but unfortunately I didn't have another...)
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