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These chairs are larger than your average folding chair: a good bit wider both in their open position and when folded down, so consider the storage space you will need before buying. That said, they do seem well constructed with only a few small pieces of non-critical plastic evident between the screws and the frame (hard plastic tends to be the first thing to fail on any load-bearing outdoor item). The aluminium tubular legs are sturdy and also rounded at the feet with no plastic parts to either sink into soft ground, wear away on hard ground, or become brittle in the sunlight. The washable fabric arm rests are removable for cleaning. Unfortunately the seat fabric isn't,so this will have to be sponge cleaned now and again - not a big problem.I bought these half price at £23.99 (for some reason the green ones are £45!), so at that price I'd give them 5 stars for value-for-money alone. The only downside for me is sheer bulk when stored, and the fact that the fabric doesn't fold up neatly into the chair frame when they are in their folded position. (If this bothers you the easy solution is to simply remove the two retaining screws at the back of the chair that hold the back fabric sleeves in place. The fabric can easily be slipped on and off its support posts without affecting the chair's function. Makes for neater and slightly less storage bulk when folded, with less risk of snagging the fabric when stowing them away for transport).Other than these minor points, they are good solid chairs for car camping that should last a long time.
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I tried other types of camping chairs (the ones that form a curl when you sit in them), and always had a bad back if I sat in them too long. After sitting in most of the chairs in our local camping centre, I came across this, tucked away. As soon as I sat in it I knew it was going to be better and didn't mind paying the extra.This chair is very sturdy and feels totally solid once it is pushed open. The great thing is that it has a proper back support built into it. I sat in it all day one sunny day reading, and used it frequently for the week I was camping without any back niggles. It's not quite as portable as the other chairs -- as it folds up flat -- but I countered this by putting it behind the car seat and it doesn't take up much room.It's true,it does cost slightly more, but to my eyes it is worth every penny. I'll probably get a couple more for the patio if we have a nice summer (probably be able to keep my wallet in my pocket then!).
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We have two of these very sturdy chairs. We used them every day for a week in a camping trip this month and they were very comfortable. The backs are quite low, which is disappointing: I would have preferred a higher back for support but apart from that we think them the best we've ever owned. Size wise they are very roomy, with a generously proportioned seat. They will be great for general garden use ... or emergency seating when too many guests turn up for seats available. They fold flat for storage/transport but still take quite a bit of space up: however, I'm happy about that when I consider how chairs in the past have folded up small but have been very flimsy.Something to note is that the price does seem to swing quite dramatically, so it might be worth keeping an eye on them and nabbing them when they are reduced.
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Have has a few deck chairs in the past but nothing comes anywhere close to the quality and comfort of this one. It is fantastic and will summarise as below- very strong but still lightweight- rounded legs so no damaged ground seats- very comfortable either sitting at a table or casual sitting due to a padded and sloped back- folds up very compactly ( not sure why some people say it doesn't ?) . Saying that need to be mindful of tucking the back in as you fold it.- nice natural colour with black band- fabric handles fitted for easy carrying- agree need to be careful if leaning back as the rounded legs act as a rocker and you can make a spectical of yourself !!!!- at twenty pounds it is anabsolute bargin - I ordered another 5 straight away.Table version Available although is a lot more money as not on offer.
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I got a great price on this chair which has been on my wish list for a while. Its light, robust and comfy too. I like the rail type base which reduces the chance of damage to the ground sheet when camping. I take it to outdoor events and can sit in it for ages with no adverse effects. Its easy enough to carry with the addition of two handy handles that become apparent when the chair is folded. My only moans ( they are small and easily overcome ) are that the chair is not really that small when folded as it only folds in half and that it becomes a tad unstable if you lean back a bit too far in it. Overall a super purchase for me and I hope you to. I have a lot of Coleman products in my camping kit and find them made to a high standard.Its a name I always look for when buying my kit.
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I bought this chair primarily for fishing. It's lightweight, strong, hard-wearing, and very comfortable. The armrests actually work as rests, unlike most similar chairs which are painful on the forearms. We take it on camping holidays too. My one criticism is that although it fold flat, it's quite large to carry. But that's a small price to pay for an otherwise excellent design.You can't go wrong with Coleman. Everything they do just works so well.


A good, well made and sturdy chair.As others have mentioned it does not fold as small as other types of camping chair but on the other hand the legs are tubular.The slight inconveinience of the larger folded size is worth it as the legs do nota) sink into the ground,b) do not punch holes in the awning floor/carpetc) make it very stable.So, all in all, we are very pleased with these chairs.


I've had two of these deck chairs for over 10 years, they are still in great condition, not bent or rusted due aluminium frame. very comfortable, offering good back support, and light weight.This newer purchase appears of same Coleman quality, and hope it will last just as long. They are a little more expensive than some other brands, but in my opinion, worth every penny.


Superb chairs, really love them, comfortable, light and well built, no hesitation in recomending them. They DO take up alot of space in the car especially if you have more than one so consider this if you plan to take them camping and only have a small vehicle. Personally I think the comfort factor is more is more important and the fact that they will last well.


I saw these in a review by the independent and even though we had never actually tried them we ordered a pair. They are very light, they feel very strong, and the extra fold of fabric at the rear and the slight recline of the back make them very comfortable, and ideal for sitting at a table but still comfortable to sit and read in.


Used these chairs this weekend whilst trialing our new berghaus air8.Brilliant chairs that are well made, strong, very light & the shape & design gives fantastic back support.I suffer from back problems due to heavy weight's but I can sit for hours with no problem with this.Fantastic!


I have been using the foldable camp chairs which you get in the supermarkets and I have found them uncomfortable and unreliable.This chair is in a different league altogether, and is both comfortable and robust.I highly recommend it, an have bought more.


Great camping chair, good looking, well made and lightweight. Bought on the strength of other reviews and feels quite a bit more comfortable than any others we have tried, as many reviewers commented on. Bought for much less than the advertised price now.


Well made, comfortable and large. Can take quite a bit of weight. This is the second one I have bought as I wasreally impressed with the first. Used mostly on a shingle beach and that tends to find out cheaper chairs but this should last and last.


Excellent ‘ Coleman ‘ quality. The back does not come up quite as high as I would have liked but otherwise fine. A sturdy and well engineered piece of equipment which unlike many camping chairs does not have the tendency to sink into the grass.
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