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Quite simply the best folding chair for camping.I have been camping for many years and have suffered lots of uncomfortable folding chairs in that time. After getting fed up with back ache from the uncomfortable cheap chairs, I swore I would find something better. My search led me to purchase this Coleman Sling chair and an Outwell Goya.I have always found that the design of the cheap camping chairs to be uncomfortable for 2 reasons. Firstly the backs are too upright, practically 90 degrees. Secondly,with wear over time, the seat starts to sag meaning the back of your thighs end up pressing against the diagonal cross beams at the front of the chair.So, chairs that have some form of side structure at either side of the seat to keep the fabric taught, seemed to make sense. Both the Coleman Sling Chair and the Outwell Goya have this, hence my decision to purchase and try both.I have owned both for 3 years now and have used them on many camping trips, outdoor theatre evenings/concerts and for garden parties. They are both good chairs, but the Coleman is the best and that is the one I have bought more of!The Coleman is better because it is lighter, packs up smaller, has a more reclined seating position and has higher back support. They are durable and strong. The only sign of wear is on the plastic feat, where the plastic is wearing out exposing the end of the aluminium frame.They have carry bags with a shoulder strap that is well made, although they are a tight fit when packing the chair away. However, this does mean that it keeps the chair packed up as small as possible.It is a great design and I will buy more when the two I currently have wear out, although that looks years away!
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Like others who have reviewed these chairs we were after something for our motorhome so weight and the size of the carry bag were important. Before we bought these we visited several camping and outdoor shops and sat in loads of chairs, picked them up, tried to fold them up. Many were just plain uncomfortable, some were enormous when 'folded' and many were surprisingly heavy.So based on other reviews of these Coleman Sling chairs we decided to order a couple, we could always send them back.They are great.Most importantly they are the most comfortable of all the chairs we tried. They are fairly light and fit into a long but narrow carry-bag. Just perfect for us, and we have already had them out of the motorhome several times to use them in the garden in preference to our normal garden chairs.Some have commented that they are difficult to get into the carry bag. You just need to fold them right up then squeeze the legs together, then push the middle in a bit more, and they just slide in.
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I bought this chair after reading the reviews on Amazon. It turned up very promptly, within two days. I used it the weekend after when I accompanied a group doing their Silver D of E expedition. At the check points a good chair is essential! I found it to be, as per the other reviews, comfortable and warm to use. In fact, the other people on the trip soon started to pinch it off me whenever they could. However, after several uses, I have started to wonder about the build quality as some of the joints are getting a bit loose and the plastic feet have fallen off,meaning that it sinks into the ground on the wet grassy places where we've been this summer, which is why I've knocked the one star off.To sum up then, a good, comfortable chair, but probably a bit delicate and not to be knocked about.
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Expensive and quite bulky and heavy but the best chair ever in terms of function. If you are on the large side and/or have difficulty getting out of low chairs this one is just perfect. The back reclines slightly and leaning back is really comfortable. However if you want to sit up at a table the sturdiness and balance is such that you can shift your weight forward and sit upright comfortably. Yhe arms feel really strong and well sturdy enough for you to stand upright by pressing down hard on them,unlike most folding chairs. A really strong comfortable bit of kit, bigger than average but still easy to throw in to the back of the car. And not really that difficult to get back in to the bag. Highly recommended. Go for it!
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OK - I don't normally bother to do these but other helpful reviewers helped me find this chair so.............Opened it, sat in it, went to order another one - it's great. Really comfy and roomy, especially for the larger person! But couldn't get the kids out of it either. Seems very well made. Very comfy, does NOT get you behind the knees like most of these. Great for garden but would also be good as an extra chair inside for when you have lots of visitors. It is that comfy.Only slight design flaw - back could be longer so I could rest my head...... I can do it (5foot 7) but only if I slightly slump down. An extra inch or so would be perfect but really this is a small niggle in a really great product!
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Great chairs. Very lightweight and you can tell when you open them that they're good quality - they open smoothly and the joints and aluminium frame are very sturdy (despite being light). We bought some standard cheap camping chairs (the sort sold in service stations) a couple of years ago and have been cursing them ever since - heavy, bulky, stiff to open and not very comfy. So we're very happy we finally coughed up the extra ££ to buy something decent.They're very comfortable and the armrests have a bit of padding on them (they look quite skinny in the pic) so you can rest your arms on them! Chairs also come in a good sturdy bag. Look forward to using them a lot. Definitely recommend!
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I hate being disappointed by poor quality goods - including camping chairs that fall apart after a couple of years. This is robust & without the longevity test to prove it, well made. The back is not quite high enough though to rest your head on if you are 6ft tall. However it's overall relaxation & comfort levels more than make up for that. Note that the back is set at a fixed 'relaxed' angle rather than in an upright position - so probably not the best chair for sitting & eating at a table.Arm rests are actually more comfortable than they look in the photo's.If you can get it at the right price, think I paid [...] when on special offer - it is a fabulous 'best' buy in my book.
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At last, a truly comfortable and portable chair. Granny loves to go gentle strolls with us in the countryside but age, arthritis and angina severely limit the distance she can walk between rests. This Coleman sling chair solves the problem. It is relatively light-weight and is really comfortable. I could sit in it all afternoon without any discomfort. Many such seats often cut into one's back but this chair certainly does not. It will accommodate the larger figure with ease.It packs neatly into the pouch provided and can be carried over the shoulder. Well worth the price. I bought two and was very pleased to obtain them. I have no hesitation in recommending them.
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Wanted a lightweight chair to use during a household renovation and a planned relocation. This Coleman Sling Chair was so handy and comfortable that I decided to get rid of my clunky old recliner and use this chair permanently instead. The folding/unfolding mechanism is very simple to use. When fully open, the chair is sturdy and the fabric seat is extremely comfortable. Detailed design and manufacturing quality are excellent throughout. The khaki and black fabric is contemporary and stylish.The chair comes with its own carry bag made of a strong black fabric. Highly recommended.
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Bought these chairs to fit in an overhead locker in a motorhome where opening is 12cm. No other chairs would fit. These fold to just the right size.The bonus is that they are the most comfortable outside chairs we've ever had. The back is high enough to provide neck support for you to rest your head back on and there is no nasty 'ridge' metal bar under you legs as with the fishing type.The arms come with little covers which velcro on - great in hot weather when metal arms could otherwise get hotto touch.A good height for eating from a table.Extremely pleased.
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