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I don't even know how many tubs of these my husband and I have bought to be honest, but all I can say is we are very happy with the product and generally most of Cobra Labs products! I take this in the mornings 15-30mins before breakfast and then again right before a workout at lunch time (normally around 12.30). I mainly do mat exercises for toning and running every other day and my husband is a big cardio guy, so he takes this before his gym sessions and workouts like Insanity. Overall we both love this product. We've been taking it for a while and the boost to our workouts are still amazing and knowing we're burning extra using this is even better! We did get a little tingling when we first started using it,but not now and the effect is the same. Highly recommend.
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I bought this as a pre-workout more than a fat burner, as i don't believe taking a supplement of any sort can show the results, with little effort, that some of these 'fat burners' claim.This was perfect for what I use it for, definitely a great product but DO NOT buy if you think this will make you lose weight whilst doing nothing else to your diet or daily routines. No such product exists!


More of a pre-workout than a fat burner, but still gives your metabolism a kick.I tend to just half the dosage and have one serving before training.My appetite is mildly suppressed, feel pretty good and I get tonnes of energy.Threre aren't many weight-loss supplements I would recommend, but this is definitely one of them.Tastes pretty good too!


This fat burner mix really starts the day off on a high. I have this first thing in the morning after breakfast, and it really sets you up for a productive day. You feel alert and focused, but not hyper active (which is good). I've been using this, with a balanced diet and exercise and have lost 4kg in 2 weeks


I used a lot of other ones and no matter the price, they all seemed to work more or less the same. I bought this mainly for price and kept my diet the same. I lost about 5 lbs on this. Helped pick me up when I was tired. I like it. It won't feel as potent by the 3rd jub though.


Great product! The tingling sensation at first will go away or your body will adapt to it. The way this works as far as I can tell is that it makes you sweat way more while doing cardio. I guess that's what makes it burn your fat more


Just started getting back on track with my fitness and always have used this product to supplement diet and exercise regime.Great product, would recommend to anyone living a fitness lifestyle or just starting out.


More like a pre-workout than a fat burner but the buzz it gives you when working out does promote a greater level of sweating and the energy to go for longer. Tastes 10/10, mixability 9/10


no jitters or tingles at all. decent pump but mad can you feel the focus. i feel like ive got tunnel vision using this, and its a great fat burner, just remember to eat something.


DO NOT GET THE PINEAPPLE FLAVOR. Pink Lemonade or Razor Lime are pretty good and this stuff works really well. I take it in the morning and it give me a little pep in my step!


Absolutely amazing, it does give you max boost for your workouts, it makes you sweat so much more and gives you that a bit of a push when you need it, thank you!


It seems to be working, I'm losing weight but also in combination with a different eating plan and exercise. Taking it in the morning is a nice boost for my day.


Product is really good, taste fantastic but you need to add two spoon full in order to get the true flavour also it gives you a nice boast for gym


I love the ripper. Decided to try the pineapple this time because I usually drink the lime. The pineapple was good, but I enjoy the lime.


Really good stuff taken 20 to 30 mi s before the gym and gets you going tingling all over love it.
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