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Not to speak in hyperbole, but these bars have been a godsend. I'm of slight build and very rarely feel the pangs of hunger in my stomach regardless of food intake (or lack thereof), so without noticing it I essentially just slow down due to lack of calories/carbs/etc as the day progresses. Ever since I started including these bars into my diet as a snack at work I never feel tired. I'm also incredibly frugal, but these were easy to justify the price of when the benefits were so obvious. Two 12-pack boxes when it's marked down at a low price means that it's roughly going to be a dollar and some change per workday for a quality snack. Not bad, and slightly cheaper than what you'd pay for a vending machine candy bar.As far as taste/texture,I really enjoy what they put into them. I'm not a foodie by any stretch and find little pleasure in anything I eat, but I look forward to eating these bars. I even eat them when I'm not working/don't need the boost, so that's saying something. They're not overpoweringly sweet and, most importantly for me, they taste great when chilled (not frozen; you'll break your teeth). The texture of the bar is complex, with a typical soft chocolate top layer covering a crunchy core. The best way I can describe the inner core is like an organic cereal purchased by your fancy friends who insist that organic everything is the only way to live (it's not, but whatever). If you understand that, then you have a pretty accurate idea of what you're getting. I guess the gist of it is that it doesn't feel like a corporate manufactured kids food, it feels a little more finely crafted and selective of its ingredients. But it's not so artisanal that you feel like one of those yippy toolboxes that think synth music is worth listening to and use more than 5 words to describe the cup of coffee they're ordering. Give it a rest, your BS complex coffee order is not impressing the sorta-cute-but-far-too-tattooed-to-not-be-difficult-in-a-relationship barista and you're just making the wait in line that much longer for the people behind you.One thing that annoyed me was likely outside of Clif's (Clif Bar's?) hands: crumbly stuff inside the wrapper. Depending on how carelessly Amazon ships them, or what time of year you order them, they can come chock full of tiny flakes of chocolate that get everywhere. I've had batches that were great, and then I've had a few where Amazon allowed them to semi-melt somewhere along the line and it basically snows chocolate all over your clothes/desk as soon as you open the wrapper. Chilling before opening didn't help either, the damage is done if it has a chance to melt. I'm basically insane when it comes to things like this, so if you're the same... I don't know what to say. Deal with it? They're worth the slight mental anguish and clean-up time.I wrote all of this for a glorified candy bar. Sorry that you read all of it?
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Clif Builder's bars have become a staple in my pantry and daily life. When looking for a protein bar, I weigh heavily whether or not the product is low in sugar, keeps me full, tastes good, and also doesn't feel like I'm eating plastic. After surveying a wide array of protein bars, I have decided the Clif Builder bar is my favorite. I buy these on sale at grocery stores, but also purchase them in bulk through online vendors such as Amazon to get price discounts.Clif bars are low enough in sugar that they do not make my heart race. They are gentle on my digestive tract and cause no bloating discomfort. The bars keep me full for a LONG time. Sometimes I will eat half, then eat the other half later.No matter what, these bars are perfect for on-the-go meal replacement or snacking. I do not have rebound cravings for sugar or other foods after I have eaten and digested the bars. I have tried many protein bars and detest the plasticy textures. Some bars simply smell like whey protein powder. The Clif bars mask these proteiny smells and textures well while still maintaining low sugar and aren't too sweet. If the bar is truly made out of plasticy protein like all the other bars, Clif Builder bars masks it very well. There is a crunchy layer, and a more caramelly layer. There is just the right amount of chocolate to balance out the flavor.Chocolate is probably my second favorite flavor. The chocolate peanut butter and chocolate hazelnut pretty much take the cake. But I would have a chocolate Clif Builder bar over any other snack bar. Even the regular Clif bars are too sugary and gross for me, and leave me feeling both hungry and dissatisfied.Bottom line: Clif Builder bars are an excellent meal replacement option for many reasons, they will fill you up for hours and taste much better than the other options on the marketA word of caution: If you purchase these protein bars online in the summer, there is a possibility that they will arrive melted. This has happened to me before and is a great tragedy. There's nothing worse than a ruined, melty Clif bar. Especially since they are expensive and I depend on them to meet my caloric requirements. Make sure you do not leave your bars in a hot car or the sun! I have learned this lesson the hard way too many times.
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While I prefer chocolate and was instead shipped vanilla, I can’t complain, these are about the most powerful energy/protein bars I have tried. 20 gm is a lot more than my usual 8’s or so, so technically, this could be a meal substitute which most days are what my breakfast consists of.They boast a new look, compared to the old packaging- conveniently illustrated on the product page- I can see the need for a change possibly to appeal to a wider range of consumers than just workout-types. But while an distinct improvement to my eye it’s drab and faux-industrial in appearance in an almost retro way. I guess that is not a major selling point if you know what’s inside,it’s hard to beat the ingredients found here.Rather dense in texture, and far thicker than competitors, it is enough to fool you into feeling as if you did consume a meal. There is a slight aftertaste of the flavor, but not troublesome or nearly as bad as some others I have tried.I am fairly certain, however, I would prefer any of the other flavors to this one, I really don’t care for the taste, but it is not at all artificial in flavor and not a bit overpowering, I just do not think I can look forward to dining on this particular variety with any enthusiasm. But they exceed just about all others I have tried over the years and would definitely buy again- but mostly to check out such a tantalizing taste as “Cinnamon Nut Swirl”, not plain ol’ vanilla.UPDATE: I picked up a single of all the other flavors, and yes; it's true: I prefer any of them to this vanilla thing. Cinnamon Nut Swirl? Like a healthy Cinnabon. And as it turns out, I became addicted to all of the flavors and now it's become a staple- but the Cinnamon Nut seems to be the hardest to find.
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No one would recommend substituting a builder bar or the like for a proper meal, or to rely on such foods as a solution for poor eating habits, but having my teen grab a Clif Builder's bar at least provides him something better than vending machine fare on those days when he dashes off to school without breakfast. I ask him to take an apple, banana, bag of raw nuts/seeds, etc. too, but the Clif Bar is usually the first consumed. It helps get him to lunch at least, and helps prevent the mental lows that can otherwise occur with insufficient protein intake. At 20 grams protein, the bar provides approximately 40% of the daily value for protein (based on a 2000 calorie diet). I play tennis 3-5 times weekly,and keep a couple Clif Builder's bars in my tennis bag (they store well) for times when I don't have immediate access to other protein sources needed for post-match muscle repair or recovery. I order 2 dozen through Amazon "Subscribe & Save" (free shipping), which results in a cost per bar significantly lower than Walmart, CostCo, etc. I select a longer-length fixed schedule that doesn't result in an over-supply for my family, and then order when I see the supply running low. I click the option to use the current date as the basis for determining the next scheduled ship date. For those who find builder bars useful, Clif is a good one: tastes very good, natural ingredients, higher protein than most, and more affordable via Amazon Subscribe & Save.
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I’ve been a fan of Clif Builder bars for some time. They were often breakfast for me in years past. I like that they have a full serving of protein (20g) and 20% of the recommended daily intact of Iron— important ingredients for someone who trains and exercises regularly like I do.On the downside, Builder bars have more calories (280) than the average protein bar and a lot of sugar (17g). For comparisons sake: the Kirkland / Costco protein bar I often use has 21 grams of protein, 6% of the DV of Iron, only 2 grams of sugar, and 190 calories. Depending on your metabolism, or your daily exertion, the extra calories / sugar of the Builder bars might be problematic.Among the flavors of bars some are better than others.Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Peanut Butter are my favorites. The standard Chocolate flavor is one that I’ve always been ambivalent about in the past. For this review, though, I was supposed to be sent the Mint flavor, yet somehow got Chocolate.Unfortunately, either I got a bad box, or the quality has slipped some, because the bars I received taste...not so good (a little bitter?) and they’re dryer than I remember Builder bars being. So, my advice: stick to Mint or Peanut Butter.All in all, a filling and tasty protein bar, but make sure the ingredients match your health goals!
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Update : I consume 1 to 2 bars a day in my 1700 calories intake + light exercise 2 hours a day, lost 13 lb in a month and 2 weeks so around 2lb a week . I use it as my breakfast and dinner replacement especially for the proteins and vitamins , my carbs intake was too low in my charts so definitely a great protein bar , I hate protein shakes and the peanut butter protein bar is just delicious , I tried the other flavors did not like it much .Taste very good as for protein Bar , I try to learn to eat breakfast to speed up the metabolism and get some protein , I do not eat sugar or bread so I guess this would be a great replacement for me ,was a little sweet for my taste and made me full at half bar already so from now one just half for the breakfast and other half in the evening as evening snack after training , the amount of calories is 280 per 1 bar from what sugars 22g .It taste nutty and crispy inside like carmelized something and I do like it , do not expect too much but so far it is my favorite protein bar I ever tasted , of course what is good for my taste not means is yours, but it was worth trying , I will order less sweet flavor next time something more neutral , I prefer it over protein smoothy to tell you the truth and the amount of calories is the same
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One thing I have always liked about CLIF Builders are that they don't generally have that chemical taste that plagues most protein bars. The version I got is "Crunchy Peanut Butter" and not the "Chocolate Peanut Butter" flavor. In my opinion, the "chocolate" in most of these things equates to "brown" rather than "white" coating and the flavor difference is not much different between them. For this (white) version, the focus is more on the peanut butter, so I will start there.The bars I received were fresh and the texture was firm, but not hard: it is possible to bite into these without fear of losing a tooth. The flavor is a bit bland, but I'm not expecting a Butterfinger bar here.The package indicates non-GMO,complete plant protein, and gluten free. I don't see anything that denotes vegan, so I cannot comment there. The main ingredients are rice, soy and peanuts -- good to know if you've got allergies. Each bar is 20g protein, 29g carbs, 11g fats and 300 calories. Do with that information as you see fit for your needs.Due to the coating, I would keep these out of the sun to keep them from melting, and, based on past experience, eat them within a month or two for best texture and flavor.
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these are by far not horrid tasting however they are pretty bland tasting for being ‘chocolate peanut butter’. a flavor that is usually quite noticeable in most bars/etc. the chocolate is not the actual chocolate you think of when seeing this chocolate peanut butter combo, it is white chocolate and flavorless. the peanut butter is pretty much close to being so as well. i think had this been regular chocolate, it would of gave bars more flavor and been much better overall. it also could use some chopped up peanuts in it for the texture is super dense and almost like eating dried out fudge with a slight bread-like texture. I did actually like these bars for compared to other protein bars,these weren’t inedible however, after eating half of one, i just can’t eat anymore of it...hence where adding peanuts and maybe more moisture would of made a big difference in actually enjoying the dry super dense bland bar instead of just trying to gobble it down to help meet my daily protein need..still 4 stars for being edible, just because i don’t like the blandness, doesn’t mean its not worthy of at least 4 stars since it wasn’t horrid tasting.
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Okay, one thing i wanted to clear up for the peeps out there. I can buy these at the local grocery store for $1.59 each, so unless you are paying the subscription price, you might ask yourself if you really plan to eat all of these before you buy them. They definitely arent the $30 listed as the before Amazon savings price, lol.Anyway, these are very tasty. I've tried a few different Builder Bar flavors, and these are my favorites. Additionally, they arent difficult to chew or awallow like, say, Power Bars, and the like. They are a bit gritty, but it actually adds a nice bit of texture to the bar.They really shine, though, as a breakfast on the go, or a pre/post workout bar. Additionally,i bring one with me when i play basketball, just in case my blood sugar starts to drop, or i just need a little pick me up.I figure, the reason i eat these are at least somewhat similar to the reasons you would or do also eat them. For me, the subscription price makes this an item i prefer ordering here rather than picking a few up at the store every couple of days. You end up saving around $3 this way.
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Builder Bars are delicious and I use them while at work to stem off hunger until I can get home and have a proper meal as opposed to spending too much money on food while at work. The interior of the bar has nouget and bits of crispy rice and cookie. The cookie is then covered in a thin layer of Mint chocolate which I like the mint flavor as it masks the majority of the common "protein bar" flavor. One bar is considered one serving; it contains 270 Calories per bar, 29 total Carbohydrates, 9 grams total fat and 6 being saturated fats. Importantly, the bar contains 22 grams of sugar which is admittedly high but Builder Bars are not a typical protein bar.The ingredients list shows no artificial sweeteners and a vast majority of the sugar is Beet and Cane Juice/Syrup.*** A warning to the Amazon Shopper: I purchased my box during hot summer months and my bars arrived all melted. The chocolate is now all brittle and not coating the bar well. I eat these bars while in a uniform and the chocolate get's everywhere from the wrapper and bar as i eat. Not ideal for my on-the-go snack in a car.
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I ordered 'Chocolate Mint'. They taste like a Thin Mint glued to a conventional protein bar. Really not bad, good enough that I enjoy eating them, but not quite the class of the field. If we call a Snickers bar a 10 and a typical protein bar a 3, this Builder bar is about a 6. That's pretty close to what I'd rate the Snickers Marathon 'Caramel Nut Rush' protein bar.This product in this particular flavor also appears to be the cheapest protein bar available. Here's how it lines up in value relative to other protein sources:Myoplex Nutrition Shake: 8.5 cents/gMET-Rx Protein Bars: 6.8 cents/gMarathon Protein Bars: 6.5 cents/gClif Builder Bars: 4.8 cents/gChicken Breast: 3.0 cents/gWhey Protein: 2.5 cents/gMilk: 2.5 cents/gEggs: 1.9 cents/gQuality doesn't seem to correlate to cost.The MET-Rx bar is easily the worst of the lot (though, to its credit, it contains whey protein rather than the soy of this bar and the Marathon). Anyway, if you're eating one or two of these a day, the savings add up. This will be definitely be a repurchase.
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Right now, they're less than $1 per bar (as an add-on item), and at that price I think they're worth it. For a 20g protein bar, they're pretty large at 68g, they taste pretty good (though not amazing), and they have more carbs than most of the cheap protein bars I've tried. Some aftertaste but not too bad. Regular Cliff bars have flavors that taste better, but don't have as much protein. I think if your goal is a bar which serves the dual purpose of having a decent amount of both protein and carbs, and is relatively filling but at the same time you don't care too much about the relatively high sodium content (which I don't), then it's a solid deal as long as the price doesn't go up. Decent.Not the best you've ever had. Good value, relative to what's out there.I'm not a health nut, so some of you may have other concerns I haven't addressed or don't care about. I do lift weights and lead an active lifestyle, so my goals are protein, and more so just food I can have on the go that provides some carbs for lasting energy.
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i tried the chocolate peanut butter version and didn’t like at all, they were bland and dense blah taste was just not for me.. these here mint ones however are pretty flavorful, almost reminds me of an andy’s candy but, in a doughy brownie version. my picky tastebuds do like these a lot but, in moderation.. i don’t take big bites out of foods so half a bar at a time is great, after that these get a little too much as far as texture in mouth goes for they are very dense. do like how it leaves a slight minty coolness in your mouth.size of bar is a nice size and not small like a lot of protein bars can be, definitely filling even at half a bar and keeps the food cravings away for me until main meal time.good clean protein source and normally i can tell when something is plant based but, i cannot with these chocolate mint bars (could with the peanut butter version but, not too much).. i will buy them and if you like mint & chocolate combo snacks/etc that are on thick dense side, these may be for you.
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I've been experimenting with protein powders, bars and drinks. As many people know, many are chalky or have a weird after taste or don't make you feel full enough.The mint in these really helps cover any "weird" protein taste that most bars have. I don't even think this bar has that taste at all but the mint is a pleasant surprise. I was really surprised how full I felt after eating one. It lasted a long time as it's low glycemic. I eat one now in the morning before I go swim laps for an hour. By the end, I'm hungry but not famished or sick. I feel like I am able to keep my energy the whole time, shower, change and drive home without having to stop off for food.And they really do taste good!I bought a carton and am throwing out some of my other bars (the thinkThin chocolate strawberry bars are HORRIBLE!). I am taking these with me on vacation too as I may be climbing volcanoes and snorkeling all day. I think they will do the trick if I'm stuck in a van or on a boat for awhile.
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At 290 calories per bar/serving, this is not a diet bar. But, if you need protein this is a very good supplemental source. The approximately two and a half mounds bar has 20 g of protein. That's more than the same amount of beef. So, as a protein supplement, it's pretty good. I got these because wifey's doctor has said she needs to increase protein intake. She's not a big fan of most protein bars or powders and isn't shy about sharing her displeasure of them with me. However, with this bar she says, it's good. it has a pleasant flavor and doesn't have a bad aftertaste, and will eat the whole bar without saying bad things about it.(She just laughed at me for typing that phrase)it's not overly hard to chew like some protein bars we've tried in the past have been. This one is softish and chewy, with crunchy bits inside and a tasty coding. The only thing that would keep us from buying these regularly is that they're a little bit pricey.Our take on this? Good tasting protein bar.
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