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I bought this for use with my Camping Gaz Camping Gaz Camping Chef Stove having ordered the latter then discovered that although the hose was included, the required regulator wasn't!It's a very tight squeeze to fit into the hose and I found lubricating it with a little washing-up liquid helped - but you know it's not going to leak.Control of the gas flow is easy and accurate and the regulator performs well.An essential piece of Camping Gaz kit - and at the lowest price I've found.


I had real problems finding this product until I looked on Amazon where it was not only available but was cheaper than I had expected and they were able to send it to me in a very quick time. I have now been able to use the regulator, as we went camping at the weekend and it works perfectly. So many thanks to Amazon for having such a wonderful product line.


Ordered and delivered with no problems, infact delivery was quick. Was concerned as read some of these valves come with different threads. Mine came with the correct thread and worked fine with no problems. If i had to say anything negative the only thing i'd say was the postage was quite high. But i knew the price when i bought it so can't moan.


Couldnt be without this gadget, if you go camping remember to take screwdriver with you so you can tighten clips we didnt have one and ended up using a knife, not ideal, then bought cheap screwdriver and secured clips, great.


Use for camping. Use with campingaz bottle and stove. Need to be careful with threaded end that screws onto bottle, keep free from sand and dirt (e.g. at beach). I keep dust cap on when not attached to bottle.


Bought as an accompaniment to the Party grill 600, this was required to attach to the gas bottle.Great value, easy to operate and did what it was supposed to without and issues or leaks.Well worth it!


Well. .what to review about this item.it works. .thats all..and I hope that will work in the future also otherwise I wont have the chance to change my review..I think there is no internet in heaven..lol


Arrived right on time, you have to have this bit of kit if you're running a two ring cooker/burner, make sure you check the BAR rating on your appliance to get the right regulator. Happy days.


This tiny piece of gear regulated the gas flow on our cooker so well, it just has to be seen to be believed. A must have if you are using a Camping Gaz cooker with the appropriate fuel.


Can't say too much about this other than, it works. I've used it on a few camping or glamping trips now and I've never had a problem with it, so you can buy this with confidence.


I have a Campingaz cylinder so this fits it like a dream. It has a black knob that turns the gas on and off. Umm its blue and it fits the purpose it was designed for.


Can't really go over the top on this one, it's a camping gas regulator. Connected easily, regulated the gas well, does the job excellently. Can't really ask for more.


Regulator works Well and Delivery was very fast. Within 2-3 days i think. Not a bad price as well. Can't think of 20 words to describe my experience though!!


Bought this as I thought the cooker did not have one, yes you guessed it the cooker came with one, so this is still in the bag! Still useful to have a spare


This was cheaper to buy on Amazon then at a camping shop. Do not know how it will perform but I'm sure it will do the job that I brought it for.
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