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Due to a few recent medical conditions it sometimes feels like my downstairs toilet may as well be at the end of a long foreboding trek, especially in the dead of night! I played with the idea of a poor man's (poor woman) en suite for months before actually purchasing this portable camping toilet! Well, I couldn't be happier. I've only had it a few days and it has made such a big difference to me, my only regret is not buying it sooner.The camping toilet is easy to sit on and holds my 10stn 6lbs no problem at all.I have it in my upstairs office where it matches the colour scheme and can be easily hidden under the desk should I have visitors. I use it without bags and take it down in the morning or when needed to pour away and wash out. I will use bags and cat litter at certain female monthly times to keep it more sanitary but I know this will be a god send then as the frequency is at its worst at those times. I've only put this much info for the people like me who are undecided because of stigma or thoughts of wasted money on a product that may not be usable/comfortable. There is only stigma if YOU allow it, and for a bucket with a seat it is far more comfortable than I anticipated! Usability 10/10
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This "toilet" is exactly what it says on the tin. It's a bucket with a seat and a lid on it.We used this while camping for lazy number 1s when we couldn't be bothered walking to the toilet block (especially helpful for when you wake up in the middle of the night desperate).It was very easy to clean out (I had to ask my partner because there is no chance I'm cleaning the bucket of ****, but he didn't have any problems pouring it down the communal poo shoot and giving it a good rinse with a hosepipe)we stuck some chemicals in the bottom too just so the smell of stale urine didn't take over.If you are buying this and you don't already have one, I recommend buying a utilities tent so this bad boy isn't a feature in the corner of your living quarters.It is sturdy to sit on just make sure you don't kick the bucket... that's a whole different story.As a family we also have a flushing camping toilet, but we let the kids use that for emergency number twos (you're right, I certainly do not clean that one either) which is great but the bucket for adults number 1s is great ?
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I was a little sceptical given a number of people that expressed concerns about it being fragile... I’m over 6ft and not a light weight at all.. I don’t visualise sitting down on it too often.. no.1s only etc .. but sitting on it to try it..it feels perfectly solid.. I wouldn’t for example use the lid to stand on to reach a high shelf etc.. but I don’t see any issues.. especially if you weigh less than me! (Which you probably do ! ?) .. I originally wanted a small chemical toilet..but the one I wanted wasn’t in stock.. and really all I’m after is something with a lid to stop me having to do the cold walk in the night to the toilet block.. this will work fine..Good cheap option for my one or two camping trips a year where I take a car load of equipment rather than back pack with a smaller tent or hammock.# update after two week camping use.. It was extremely useful..more than strong enough .. saved me the walk to the toilet block every night.. I’m past the age where I can sleep 8 hours without needing to get up!Recommend it for a simple solution ?
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Why why why didn't I buy this sooner. 4 young kids out during lockdown and unlockdown holding them for a wee in gutters, bushes, car parks, anywhere.Had this and used it every time we've been out on adventures. Brilliant.Used this with the Relevo 100% Recycled Bin Liners, Heavy Duty 30L, 60 Bin Bags that fit perfectly and have ordered wooden pellet cat litter which multiple forums say is the way to go rather than the very expensive chemical toilets.We have a VW van so if someone needs to go it's everyone else out,blinds up and look away like hired guns protecting a drug lord.Haven't needed to clean it yet because the bin bags tuck over perfectly and are water tight.It would be better if the lid could clip down and the seat/lid be a bit more solid, it took my weight, about 14.5 stone easily (just to test the weight, I wouldn't do that in the van!)The only question is normal bin or dog doo bin for the bag.
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I bought this for my small campervan and it works well for me. During the day it is small enough to fit under one of the benches and lightweight for lifting out for overnight. I am 9.5 stone and it is well strong enough to hold me... low to the ground, which might not suit everyone, but my storage space wouldn't allow for a taller one. The lid is a little loose, but if you're careful lifting it, by the sides, this is not a problem...the seat has never fallen off when using it!It could do with being a tighter fit to the bucket part, but with care it's fine. I use it in conjunction with the Bivvy Loo bags / powder, plus some sawdust...
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Without going into detail, this is an ideal accessory for a camping trip. Solid and stable enough to use and small enough to keep in the tent. We used a large canvas sack to "hide" it from view during the day and had it in the living area at night. Recommend using a sachet or similar chemical, something with an unobtrusive odour. The supplier shipped it quickly and it arrived the day after ordering. This little loo is great and stops the need to find the camp toilets in the wet or at night.


Bought this for camping so myself and my 8yr old daughter didn't have to trip trap to the loo Iate at night or early in the morning for a wee. I used strong rubble sacks to line it and bought some really cheap disposable child's mattress protectors, folded one into 4 and put it in the bottom to soak up a few number 1's, would chuck in a splash of disinfectant and leave a toilet roll and some wet wipes next to it, tie up the bag and change it every 4-5 goes. Just the job!


We purchased this item as we were going camping to Scotland and a couple of sites did not have their toilets open. Although effectively a bucket with a seat it proved a brilliant purchase. It was sturdy to sit on (although we are not big people) and the seat clipped down to stop any bad smells escaping. We utilised someone else’s tip of putting a bin liner in then cat litter. This was very effective and simple. A very cost effective purchase. Would recommend


Arrived well ahead of schedule, well packaged and in perfect condition. It is basically a bucket with a seat and lid. It is a little bit low and very lightweight, but it holds my 75kg backside no problem. We won't be using it for Number 2's but if we were, we would use some kind of bag liners. If I'm honest it's worth £10 but at £16 it's not extortionate. It will be getting some use this weekend. Time will tell on robustness.


I bought this as was having an op on my foot which meant not being able to hobble to the loo in the night! It was an absolute saving grace. I took the advice of another reviewer of using cat litter in a bin bag. Disposed of it each morning. Brilliant. It is the perfect height to slide off the bed onto it. It is sturdy and feels robust enough to hold quite a heavy weight. Also great for camping I hear !! Worth every penny.;
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