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I bought this for my small campervan and it works well for me. During the day it is small enough to fit under one of the benches and lightweight for lifting out for overnight. I am 9.5 stone and it is well strong enough to hold me... low to the ground, which might not suit everyone, but my storage space wouldn't allow for a taller one. The lid is a little loose, but if you're careful lifting it, by the sides, this is not a problem...the seat has never fallen off when using it! It could do with being a tighter fit to the bucket part, but with care it's fine. I use it in conjunction with the Bivvy Loo bags / powder, plus some sawdust...


Don't want the expense and hassle of a chemical loo but not ready to go in a bucket? This is for you.Took this on our first post-lockdown holiday, mainly in case the kids got caught short and to avoid public loos.It is a plastic bucket with a lightweight loo seat for the lid. Simple and effective. Sturdy enough for a adult to carefully sit on. The lid does not seal or clip closed so you need to think about what you're doing with it.It has become a permanent part of our holiday kit now.


Arrived well ahead of schedule, well packaged and in perfect condition. It is basically a bucket with a seat and lid. It is a little bit low and very lightweight, but it holds my 75kg backside no problem. We won't be using it for Number 2's but if we were, we would use some kind of bag liners. If I'm honest it's worth £10 but at £16 it's not extortionate. It will be getting some use this weekend. Time will tell on robustness.


We have not used our portable toilet yet but it looks like it will do the job for those middle of the night urges in our next camping trip. It is quite low to the ground but in beats using a waste paper bin which we had to use last year. The seems sturdy enough but it will mainly used for my children who are only 10. I think it can take my weight too but i’m Not sure if a really large person could use it.


seems sturdy enough, basically a glorified bucket but more comfortable to sit on. Its quite low so some could struggle. I am pretty lightweight but havent dared put my full weight on it yet, although if the claims are correct it should be fine. I bought it to use at home in the middle of the night, but I imagine it will be useful for long car journeys.


It's a camping bucket type loo,,,, so not much to review,,it's quite low, but this is ok as it takes up less packing space,it's sturdy enough for a grown man to use and is perfect to save those trips across a wet field during the night,,,only improvement I would suggest is for the lid to clip on instead of being a loose fit,,,


Much better than expected. It is quite low which concerned me at first & I was worried it wouldn't be sturdy enough as I am no light weight but it is great. Very stable, the seat is comfortable, the lid keeps the smell in & the lip on the bucket makes it easy to empty into the loo.


In essence this is just a bucket with a toilet lid. It is perfectly fine for what it's used for especially on a budget.It does hold a lot of wee so great if you have kids that don't stop chugging water just so they can pee in it during the night on a camping trip!!


It's really just a bucket with a toilet seat fitted on top but it saved us a lot of inconvenience during a thunder storm and howling winds. I was lovely not to have to leave the tent. Just don't sit down on it too hard and it's probably not for larger people.


Little bit on the short side but to be expected, be prepared to squat down a lot to sit on it. Just about fits in a bag for life plastic bag. Perfect for festivals, just take some thick plastic bin bags and you are set.


Great little camping toilet for night time or emergencies! Really well made and great price. Small and discreet when lid closed, could just be normal bucket. Not used it yet but very happy with the purchase ?


Obviously expensive for a bucket but it seems to be made of a good plastic and the seat is surprisingly comfy so it's not just a bucket. The biodegradable bags also available on here fit the item well.


Was sent out pretty quickly, and fits perfectly in my v dub van, ideal for the kids when we have been out on our bikes .Have yet to test it on a long read of the Sunday times !!!Many thanks


Excellent camping equipment which is very useful during the night or when facilities are either unhygenic or non-existent at campsiteItem made from strong plastic which can be easily cleaned


I decided to buy this as lockdown rules were relaxed, as we were venturing out for day trips in the car but without toilet facilities. It’s fine! I’ll also take it to future camping trips.
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