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The Moji is about the size of a flattened tennis ball. Half of it is an opaque white material that splits the LED light excellently: while I would like to have a directional beam with a flashlight or headlamp, a diffuse illumination in the tent or under the tarp is important to me. The operation is conceivably simple: press button - on. Press button again - off. If I want to change the brightness, I hold the button down, the brightness goes down steplessly until I let go of the button. This setting will then be temporarily stored (the operating instructions say 12 hours). The brightness of the smallest step may be thought of as an orientation light - these things that you put in the socket so that little children are not afraid.When I wake up in the middle of the night, my eyes are used to the darkness, this dusky light is enough to find the way out to the next tree. The brightest setting, given with 100lm luminous flux, is completely sufficient to play cards in sociable round. The "waterproof" is more of a splash guard: the outer shell of the upper part and a ring on the lower part are made of rubber, both parts are pressed together when screwing. This is sufficient in the rain, but not enough for the bath. O-ring sealing may be desirable, but less necessary in the presumed application field than e.g. with a flashlight. The inner housing, so also the thread, is made of ABS, which promises a certain durability, if you do not perform with the lamp straight throwing games. The suspension with two opposing hooks is really smart: I have to thread neither tent line nor rope through, but hang both hooks one after another, done. Nothing falls down. Interesting, as mentioned in the description: this lamp also works with rechargeable batteries. If you have the opportunity to charge these batteries on the go, you are welcome to dispense with disposable batteries. Too bad: there is no transport bag here. While every x-arbitrary outdoor article now comes in a bag, whose meaning one could discuss excellently, he would be interesting here, so that the white "Halbball", which scatters the light, does not scratch unnecessarily. Well, something will be there ...
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This tent lamp is nearly perfect. I say "nearly" perfect because the only thing that could make it better is if there were separate buttons for dimming control.The lantern remembers whatever dimming setting you last had it on before turning it off, so it'll be the same brightness when you turn it on again, but in order for you go from "medium" brightness to "high" brightness, you first have to hold the single button down until it dims all the way down, then press and hold the button again until it dims back up to full brightness. It isn't a deal breaker in any way, but having a simple "+ or -" button would be greatly appreciated for future revisions of this product.Otherwise,the quality of the light is perfect. It's not too warm, and it's not too cool, It's a very natural color tone, with no harshness or "hotspots." I haven't been able to test out it's waterproofness, as we primarily use this as a tent light, but it's build quality is very good. One feature I particularly like is the fact that it doesn't have an "SOS" or "Flash" feature--something that I really don't need for what I use this for.Overall, if you're looking for a no-nonsense, high quality tent lantern, this is among the best choices out there.
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Great weight to light output combo. I backpack a lot and weight is a major concern. I have just used a headlight for years and thought I'd never use anything else because I didn't want the extra weight of a lantern. Now that I'm backpacking with my kids I'm kind of changing my mind about that. This little lantern puts out all of the light I would need and then some. The dimming feature is awesome as the brightest setting is too much once your in your tent. The frosted globe gives a nice soft glow but with plenty of light. I had considered the new mountain glow string lights, but at the exact same weight this little lantern is much more versatile. This size is perfect too.This fits nicely inside of my coffee mug so I'm not really taking up any extra space in my pack. Battery life seems really good too. I've used this on a couple of weekend overnighters and didn't see any signs of dimming. The hooks work great too to hang this little guy. I'm totally impressed with the design, weight, and light output. I don't normally write reviews but I like this thing so much I felt like I just had to share my delight with the rest of the world.
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It's a nice light, but the battery life is dependent on a few batteries. I feel like solar / rechargeable is more sustainable and practical, and also the light dispersion isn't the best. It's either facing up and kind of ... not really dispersed in a way that makes things very visible, or if it's light side down, a lot of the light is absorbed into whatever surface it's on. If you're hanging it, I can see how that works better. It's served well at the camping trip, don't get me wrong, but the battery will diminish after a few hours, which would mean you'd have to bring batteries with you on a longer trip. I recommend the Goal Zero Crush Light! Got it from REI and it's solar and collapsible,and dispenses light in a more gentle way in my opinion. Feels good to know that battery life isn't going to diminish over time and will be at a good charge as long as you're leaving it somewhere with light to power it.
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I was slightly skeptical that this light wasn't going to be bright enough for camping or better then the Apollo that I have. But after receiving it, my skepticism washed away. The dispersal of light is so more efficient then any other light in the BD line up. I would even dare to say that it's better then the BD Titan. Unlike the clear windows of LED lanterns that give off a harsh light, this gives off a soft glowing light because of the frosted case. It's really easy on the eyes even at it's brightest. The size, number of batteries it uses (3xAAA), and hooks are really nice features. But the one I like the most is that the light output can be increased or decreased with the constant touch of a button.You really can't beat this light for the price and I'll be purchasing a couple of more. Highly recommend! LIKE! BD just need to come out with a large camp size one and can call it the Orb or Moon.
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Despite the fact that Black Diamond Moji has some minor flaws, I would still give it 4 out of 5 stars. It weighs a lot, actually the entire 122g ink. Batteries Which is a lot when you are in ultra light backpacking / hiking and then it actually fills a lot in the backpack, but when I take it on tour, it is because it uses the same AAA batteries as used in a min Petzl headlamp and it is smart. In addition, it is water-resistant, but unfortunately it is not completely waterproof, but close. Another super good feature is that it remembers your setting after you turn it off, it is smart and it is especially smart that it can hang from the tent ceiling, the frosted lampshade provides a really good work light in the tent,at least as good as my headlamp, but much more comfortable to look at and then it does not dazzle you.
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Almost perfect.My only objection is the on/off switch. I fail to understand why it’s flush with the surrounding surface. Tension is sufficient to prevent accidental activation but the button is hard to find when feeling for it in the dark... you know, when you’re most likely to use it. And it only gets worse as the weather gets colder as it’s impossible to feel for with gloves on. The combination of dark and cold while snow camping in the PNW has made this shortcoming all the more pronounced.Just a raised pimple, like Braille, would work. Raising the button by just a millimeter above the surface would be ideal.Beyond that, it’s been reliable and durable.Worthy of 5 stars if it weren’t such a pain to find the button in the dark.
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at first I was disappointed by this size of this little thing. "that thing won't be bright!", I said to myself. boy, was I wrong! this lantern is very bright! and I love its size. its perfect to hang on the ends of just about anything. rope. the end of a small branch. I even clipped it to my jacket zipper one night, walking around a dark camp site. its really awesome. water resistant, I'm pretty sure too! its a little pricey for its size, but its worth it. its size makes it very light weight and that's it's killer feature. I keep it in the middle console of my car, so in case I need a light outside the car at night.


I now have several of these and I use them for personal lights when we are camping. I’ve hung it in our big 6+ man tent to light it up enough to get dressed and move around and read by. They also work great in our camper for personal reading lights. I did four stars on brightness because if you want to use this to navigate a trail at night it won’t work for that. The dimming feature is easy enough to use my 5 yo can do it with ease. The double metal clip used for hanging it it different at first but i like it and think it gives you more options than a traditional D-ring.


I used this lantern on several camping trips and a backpacking trip and it worked nicely. With fresh batteries in a four person tent, it was bright enough to see things comfortably. But it does not give off enough light for a six person tent. So I need to buy another one for a larger tent. I also used it for lighting dinner table and hooked it to my jacket as a safety light at night in dimmer setting...so I don't get run over by bicycles. It's small and easy to pack. It was smashed, squeezed and dropped several times but it kept on working.


Solid, sturdy, the metal clips can attach to a tent's hanging loop, or they can give it a tilt. The press-button interface is brilliant and works well. The frosted covering is well done for a nice even light. And now the price is down from what I paid. It would make a great emergency light for a tornado shelter.I had also got a cheap knockoff because it was cheap, but this is so completely worth it and should last a very long time.It's good enough to gift to my niece, who liked mine and who camps a lot.


Excellent little lights. I bought two of them for my tent and clipped one inside on each end giving me an abundance of light without casting shadows that you ended up needing a headlamp or flashlight to work around. The "memory" feature is really inspired. Turn the light on, adjust it to the brightness that you want, and when you turn the lantern off, then on again, it will come back on at the selected brightness. That's what really pushed me to buying this one and it worked as well as I'd hoped.


This is my 5th black lantern product that I own, and I'm happy with all of them, except for the Titan. We use this for car camping as a nightlight for our 3 year old twins. On the lowest setting it produces a light glow, and on the medium to higher setting provides perfect light when hung from the top of the tent.I especially like the memory setting, as one of the frustrating aspects of all black diamond lighting is that it's not designed well for quick on / find something / off scenarios.


I just got back from a camping trip where I used this for about 9 nights for about 15 minutes at a time in a tent getting ready for bed. I like it a lot, the only reason that I gave it four stars is that when you want to turn it on at night, it's very hard to find the power button in the dark. You have to keep circling around and around the rim for the button. But it does give off a good amount of light. I keep it in my purse to use whenever I need a little bit of light. I do recommend it.


Really like this lamp! The best thing about it is the adjustable brightness, allowing you to get the ambient light exactly as you like it. It works equally well as a bedside light or camping lantern. With the latter option, there's a foldable hook that allows you to hang it in your tent. When the hook's folded away, the lantern becomes freestanding and, with the grippy rubber base, is easy to position and use. Excellent product - Very well thought out.
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