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A very sturdy well built reliable camping kettle, takes about 5 mins to boil and unlike some others ive tried before, this one has a higher, thicker handle which means it can get just a bit warm to the touch as opposed to boiling hot like some other camping kettles, when its ready to be picked up there's no need to worry about that hot handle, just pick up and pour with ease, the red button works perfectly to, no jamming as others have done and the small metal outlet is great to, it doesn't wobble when steaming and it doesn't spit either.Overall an excellent purchase and a very good camping kettle.10/10


This kettle is very well designed and well constructed. It has a low profile main body keeping it well grounded and sturdy when in use over a heated stove. In summary this Yellowstone kettle is well priced and worth every penny. I would definitely purchase another if need be in the future without hesitation. Highly recommended if you're looking for a practical well designed kettle for outdoor pursuits or just an everyday item to use within the home. The kettle would suite either outdoor or indoor use as its versatility and deign would not look out of place in any modern day kitchen.


After doing the rounds at various camping and outdoor shops I have found it extremely hard to find a camping kettle with a large capacity.I ordered this due to size and the fact that you don't have top touch the spout in order to pour the water out as it has a red button that does this for you when pressed.As added extra was the fact that the whistle actually works every time! Which makes this the best camping kettle for me...heats up quick too!


The kettle is fine. Very well made and heats up water great. Love the stainless steel. The whistle on mine does not whistle very good. I bought this to use on my allotment and need the whistle so i can hear when its ready while doing other things. Its not a massive issue though I just have to remember to check. The only other issue is the button on top that lifts up the spout lid can sometimes get a bit hot.


Like the traditional design and the whistle feature works, big enough capacity to make for 4 cups at a time (+/- depending on the size of your cup!). Only downside is the cap doesn’t flip and stay open, you have to keep pressing the red button to keep the cap open while you fill it up, which can be a faff if you’re having to operate a water carrier at the same time!


I bought this because had a prestige 3L Gas Kettle which took AGES to boil.This little 2L one is brilliant and boils in half the time (has a much thinnerbase). I think these are primarily for camping but for me it is ideal inthe Kitchen.Handle does get quite warm if you are boiling it full up but in normal use itsfine.


The best value and size camping kettle that we have come across. We had our last one, exactly the same as this, for 10 years. Its starting to look a bit tatty and the button to open the top is getting worn out but still works - I thought we would treat ourselves to a new one which seems just as good as the original.


A great little kettle which has helped us enormously due to the fact of frequent power cuts and no gas kettles to be had on the island, so we don't have to wait for hours for the electric to be put on. Also found it has been fantastic on the beach - a cuppa just when we want one and at a really reasonable price.


I used my kettle on a single gas ring in my motorhome recently and am delighted with it!It took 2mins to boil enough water for 3 cups of coffee, whistled when ready, is very light when empty and stable with water added.The lid/filler I agree is a bit flimsy, but you just need to be careful.


Bought this kettle for use in a motor home. Quality appears fine for occasional use. Easy to fill.Another key advantage is that the handle doesn't get too hot after it's boiled so we don't need to use an oven glove like some other kettles!Overall a fit for purpose value for money product.


Ideal kettle to take on your days in the country, we bought this along with a single ring camping gas stove, and used it on our recent holiday to the highlands of Scotland, made a lovely hot cup of tea in such a short time, Very impressed with our purchases


Good kettle, good capacity, good whistle, many cups of tea were drunk, sturdy and with a 'not loseable' whistle top which opened just wide enough to get under the tap. Not sure what it would be like to fill from a water carrier ? Used with a gas stove.


Thought this was a really good bargain - the quality it excellent, and it's far cheaper than similar ones I looked at in shops. The size is ideal, and it's light and easy to store yet holds enough for a group of campers (in my case), very happy


A good quick purchase, the kettle came in good time. It looks really nice for the price. I only gave it four stars as the lid (whistle) needed to be aligned as the kettle came with a small gap which wouldn't allow the kettle to whistle.


Lovely piece of kit for caravan. Good size kettle, looks very smart and doesn't discolour Water just tastes different and seems hotter when making that essential morning cuppa. Pours well, Whistles like the wind and easy to keep clean
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