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Super happy with my purchase. As others have said, it's best not to flush loo roll down it, and if you must, then use the special loo roll you can get that disintegrates more easily and won't cause clogs. I take dog mess bags camping with me and put used tissue inside, tie up and toss into the rubbish bag.The capacity is excellent, just what I was looking for, for 5-day camping trips with no chemical disposal points on site(!). It's easy to use, feels well made and sturdy and the flush works well (one quick sharp press works best). Before buying some reviews mentioned it is quite low down, I don't think it is, but perhaps if I was older with mobility issues I might feel differently?Even after 5 days of use,I don't get any smells from this camp loo which is brilliant and I got no leaks at all either (which alarmingly I'd seen people mention happening with other models of camp loo - yuck!), in fact transporting it home full and disposing of it at home is easy, though after 5 days it's pretty heavy to carry!One tip, if you are emptying it at home, you'll want to tip the waste pipe very slowly towards the toilet bowl, otherwise you'll get all the waste rushing out and splashback will occur (yep, it happened to me, I learned from my mistake FAST!) so just tip it towards the loo very slowly. If you're using a proper chemical disposal point it will be much easier and as there is usually a drop, so splashback shouldn't be an issue.That leads me on to cleaning it. Do make sure you use the right chemicals with it - these stop any nasty smells in use, but they do leave the loo once empty smelling a bit weird/unpleasant, so it's a good idea to make sure you give it a thorough wash out then I leave mine open to air for a few days. Once empty, I basically rinse mine a few times and tip into the loo, before spraying the inside with anti-bac spray and showering the whole thing down and leaving it open to air.Emptying and cleaning it really isn't my favourite job in the world, but I'd rather do that than have the hassle of traipsing across a field to the loo several times each night!Anyway, it's a great camp loo, miles better than the cheaper, smaller model I previously had (and got rid of as it clogged endlessly) and I only wish I'd invested in this sooner!I simply would not camp without it now!
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So let's get the obvious questions out the way.Does it smell?No, we had this within an 8 man tent sectioned off in one of the sleeping pods. It was used by children and adults for two days and no one even noticed it was there until it was needed. The only comment from All was that it was very convienient. Sorry for the pun.Is emptying it a bit icky?No, this was the part I was dredding the most. Emptying the waste was not at all unpleasant. We were at a clean camp site with a designated chemical toilet area. Simply open the cap press the button and release. There were no obnoxious smells and it was a supprisingly easy process. However make sure you follow the instructions and use the right amount of chemicals and water in the waste tank and flush tank.Don't skimp, this product comes shipped with enough chemicals for one full fill and empty cycle.How long does it last before it's full?With two adults and 3 young children it lasted 2 days before we needed to empty it. However we were out and about for 4-5 hours a day where we used other facilities. How long is a piece of string I suppose.Is it heavy?Yes, the waste tank will be holding 30 litres of waste when full so it is heavy when its time to empty. You can empty more often to avoid this but in most cases I would describe it as heavy not unmanageable. No I not a gym goer just a regular sized slowly over wieght 40yr old man.I am really pleased we took this on our first camping trip. With our youngest child being 6 years old it was great not to have to walk half way across a camp site in the middle of the night to use the toilet. The product is extremely well put together and easy to use but follow all the instructions and use quality chemicals. I don't know what the outcome would be if you didn't and I don't want to find out. You will also need special toilet paper like aqua soft otherwise you risk clogging the system up.The products flush system is sufficient if not amazing. It does the job. We always used the toilet with the waste tank open but can be used with tank closed and bowl emptied after use by opening the shutter blade.I would highly recommend this product but I am a very novice camper. Happy we had this bit of kit with us though.
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ive had this 2 days and so far its an amazing invention for only £70. My mum is heavy and has bad knees so ive unclipped the toilet lid of the unit and put it under her old commode with the bucket taken out. It fits neatly and gives the side support and height of the metal commode frame and you may want to do this if the user has bad knees and is overweight. The frame that is sold to compliment this unit is £120 which is too expensive , my set up works just as well at 1/3 of the price. Alternatively For an older person with bad needs it would need to be but on a 10cm base as it is a bit too low. Other Comodes with large tanks are sold for a few hundred pounds so this invention with flush and storage is exceptional value.Its mega easy to set up and seems so well designed with flush and a waste release mechanism to send waste to the bottom storage tank. The release mechanism is between the two tanks and is a little low for my mum but she can manage as it only needs to be pulled after the brown stuff .The shape of the bowl and material used is designed so the waste goes straight down with no real sticking> just may need a very quick wipe sometimes. I tend to keep some clean flush water in the bowl to avoid wiping. The flush is well designed to wirl arround to clean the whole bowl, powerful pump action that if pressed too hard will cause the clean flush water to spill over the side> no issue as id rather have it this way and control the press than a weak pump. This unit is better than the unit sold in Argos as it has an indicator to show when full. Ill update this review when i get to empty it to see how easy it is and how long it takes to fill and i will definitely buy another one to use along side this. There are cleaning products to go with it > with the flush fuid i will substitute bleach as its far cheaper and better. I will see if the storrage fluid makes it easier to empty or will use bleach instead for price and convenience.
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This is a great idea a portable toilet ! it's a little on the large side to carry about with you everywhere all day and can get a bit heavy especially if you eat a lot of fibre if the makers could fit a shoulder strap it would be a fantastic addition. Other than that I can't moan as I've been caught short a few times and have used it to get me out of trouble although I did get some really nasty stares at the bus stop so I think it could do with a curtain attachment type of thing just for privacy reallyThe only real issue I have with it is that it doesn't have a toilet roll holder this I realised the first time I used it and I had to walk up to the high street sort of crouching with my trousersaround my ankles clutching what had now become a somewhat heavy toilet luckily a tesco's local store was only 1.7 miles away (not sure why they call it local my bloody legs were killing me time I got there) to get a pack of loo rolls but they only had a 12 pack left in stock which with the now half full toilet was a nightmare to carry home but on the whole it's worth it I think this seller also sells a portable camping shower I'm toying with the idea of buying one and attaching it the toilet so I have an all in one bidet toilet this in my view is a great idea as il never have to worry about running out of loo paper ever again . overall a great product I recommend everybody should own one.
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We live in a house that doesn't have a toilet upstairs, and my MIL lives with us and it's too hard on her to get up at night, walk down the stairs, go to the far end of the house to use the loo. So we bought her a portable potty. The first one we bought only lasted about a year and then started leaking. When I contacted the company, they took no responsibility for it. I realised it was because those cheaper portable toilets are joined together with glue, and it's those glued seams that end up leaking.So, when I looked for a replacement, I wanted a toilet that wasn't going to end up with the same problem, I also didn't want to pay a lot of money either. I found this one,and there are a few different models of this toilet, but in my search for a good toilet, I found this one was the best for the money. It has a nice appearance, it's easy to flush, and also has a way of sanitzing the bowl as well. The lid actually snaps down and emptying it is so much easier than the other one. This one has an "arm" (a piece that moves out) so you can empty the contents without worrying about spilling it. No one enjoys talking about toilets I suspect, but if you need one, this is as good a portable toilet as you will get for the money.
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The call of nature is always one of camping's most awkward moments. If you want to "glamp" instead of "camp", this is a must have!The product quality is great. It's pretty light to transport (though quite bulky as you would expect). It all slots together easily and doesn't feel as though it will collapse at any moment. It's easy to set up (though a funnel for pouring water into the reservoir would help). It's comfortable to sit on. It has a simple and effective flush mechanism. It doesn't release smells into the air (especially when you use the recommended chemicals). Most importantly, it's easy to empty out and clean!We had a camping party for my daughters birthday in the fields away from the house and it saved all the blushes.More than that, it became a feature of the party with them all gathered round admiring it. So there, not just functional, but a talking piece too!As a result, I love it to the extent that I'd seriously consider carrying on more serious expeditions in place of food, water, sleeping bag, tent, etc. Well maybe not, but for any other more gentle camping, it is brilliant!!!!The one thing you should also consider is a tent such as HIGH PEAK Shower tent AQUADOME with roof window height 2m.
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After looking at various porta potti/camping toilets, I decided on this new Thetford 2012 model. Not the cheapest but it looks nice and modern so I decided that this would be the one. There's only the 2 of us, so I figured that this capacity would be adequate. I wasn't disappointed when it arrived. The instructions were nice and clear, and I got it set up no problem at all. The miniature bottles of chemicals provided are handy in that they slot into a compartment within the unit, so that you always have a spare top up handy. The quality of the unit is very good, feels nice and sturdy. The flushing action is also very good, and gives the bowl a good swill round when flushed.Emptying was not as bad as I imagined, its easy to carry even when the unit is full, and all comes out no problem when you press the vacuum release button. The capacity was fine for the 2 of us during a normal camping trip, however when put to the test in the festival environment a daily emptying run was necessary.In summary, this is an ideal model for a couple, the quality is very good, and I would recommend this purchase.
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I have just replaced my aging porta potti with Thetford's new model and am very pleased with it overall. The loo is a little taller than the previous 21 litre model and so is more comfortable to sit on. the construction is solid and it is well made the flush tank capacity is 15 litres and holding tank is 21 litres.Nice touches are a level indicator on the flush tank and a handle on the flush tank to make filling easier. The electric flush is also a nice touch and works well. Unlike its predecessor the dump valve leaver is at the side not the front (as is the integral loo roll holder) so when measuring up take into account you will need about a foot clearance on the right side to operate it.The Amazon price seems to be more competitive than can be found at most traditional camping outlets BTW.As update no it has been in use for a while there is a small problem in that the waste tank carrying handle is no longer central so carrying it to the disposal point is more difficult (especially if full and so heavy). Not a deal breaker and the advantages outweigh this disadvantage but bear it in mind
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The video of how to use it sums it up with a some caveats;-1. The mixture of chemicals she uses seems odd, much less chemical to water with mine. Maybe her chemicals are different to mine and less is suggested,2. Feel free to fill the bottom tank before you travel but not the top, Pre- mix the top mix in a sealed bottle before use to make it easy when you arrive if you wish. The reason is that on some of these units the top tank (non bodily waste) has a small hole on top next to the filler cap to stop a vacuum forming when you flush and on my first trip it spilled a bit. ( The bottom tank with the bodily waste is airtight and you can bring it home in your car to dispose of),3.Always close the lid before opening the slider door to let your number ones and two's go into the tank to avoid splash back.4. When you see her emptying it and rinsing it out, do it several time more than that until the water comes out clean, Its not difficult just a bit more effort than in the video.Good products. If the vacuum hole was able to be closed it would be 5 stars
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Bought this for our campervan and I must say it's absolutely great. It's a good height and very well made.We couldn't decide whether or not it'd be worth paying the extra for the electric flush but we are really happy we did you literally just put your finger on it and it flushes really well.One thing that bugs me about portable toilets is the smell but this seals really well and there is absolutely no smell at all even when it's full and in a hot country we also bought the green organic liquid for it and that is amazing it just smells like baby lotion and no chemical smell with the added bonus of being able to empty it a toilet etc.It is really easy to empty you just unclip the base and it'sgot ample carrying handles to take it to the emptying point then clip it back on fill up your flush and away you go.The batteries in the flush last for ages which is a good point and they also come with the toilet.It's definitely worth the extra money to buy this toilet.
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OMG im so happy i got this porta pottiMy house has got 3 floors with only 1 toilet in the middle floor and i am in the bottom floor so it was so annoying walking up a lot of stairs during the night to go to the toilet. Ive been debating getting this toilet for about 6 months and now that i have got it i wish i got it sooner ive got it in my cupboard next to my room i only use it for during the night to urinate i still use my main toilet throughout the day. If you are in a similar situation to me and uve been thinking about getting this toilet get it you wont be disappointed its amazing and i buy an organic 2/1 chemical fluid for the base and flushing and it is brilliant and it is so easy toclean and ive got the 1 that has an indicator that tells you when to empty it ive been using it for over 1 week and i still dont need to empty it so im am absolutely delighted with it thank you so much
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I was just looking for the instructions for ours when I found this review. We've had two of these over the years. the first was bought new for our beach hut as the public toilets were a ten minute walk away and we had two young daughters. It was extremely handy to have and very simple to use. While we had the beach hut, we never noticed any unpleasant smells and it wasn't emptied every time we used the hut. When we sold the hut, it went with it. Our current one was given to us. We use it when we take the horse trailer out. It's far nicer for the girls to use than a bush! We leave it in the trailer and often get requests to use it. We're off out with the horses tomorrow & as I was getting it ready,I realised that it hadn't been emptied since the last trip, which was last year! I emptied it and as usual, no smells. The chemicals work really well.
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Having just got into campervanning not sure how we would get in with this but can safely say it was a great purchase for getting caught short on the road or in the night. Want to try and properly get away from it and this is a must. Chose due to its small size but it is perfectly adequate for anyone 'regular' size. Very clever design, easy to empty and good swirling flush mechanism. Wouldn't recommend going for than a couple of days without emptying as only a smallish waste tank. Seal to the tank is tight and secure, no chance of any accidents! All together highly recommended. We have a small campervan so need to be conscious of space so bought this also.https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B0133LFAIO?psc=1&ref=yo_pop_mb_pd_title just about fits toilet inside and doubles as a food stool keeping the portion out of sight. Great double purchase.
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If you go to festivals and there's any way you can find room for one of these, do it. It was the best thing ever! You don't want to camp up near the loos for obvious reasons, but further away is a trudge in the middle of the night/first thing in the morning, let alone the sights and smells when you get there, and is a real spoiler. Two of us used this for three days and I didn't empty until we got back. It was easy to empty out into the loo at home and although the waste water is kind of the colour you would expect(!) there was not even a trace of bad smell.We made the mistake of not filling the flush water tank until we got there, when it would have been easier to have prefilled it at home.We kept it in our T5 camper van - again there is no smell at all - but next time I'd buy a toilet tent just to free the space.
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I am a student renting an attic flat in Bournemouth. I have to trek down a flight of winding stairs to get to shared toilets. I am happy to do this in the morning when I shower but it is a pain to do this at night. Luckily my flat has got a large walk in cupboard/glory hole and I really do not like sharing a toilet so this item is perfect for me.I assembled this in minutes and it looks the part. The best thing about this item is that it is normal toilet height and comfortable to sit on so no need to buy the more expensive round shaped Thetford which is a bit taller. Also,my Portapot does not have a level indicator but as it is just me using it for (pee only)I am sure that this will not pose a problem.Only downside - when I filled the flush section with water it made it heavy to carry - next time i will fill in situ
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