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Well, this is my second batch as found this one actually works!So, been to work all day and body is tired and flagging. not excited to go gym but its necessary, no pain no gain as they say.Well, a few sips if this gear and when you warm up again, its sheer power kicks in, and ive shocked my self how much extra power and strength I have during a good 30 mins plus work out!Trick is to keep sipping during your session, and it rips you up to train hard and fast ! delighted with my shape and I eat normal everday food too. no special diet. Brilliant !!!


Only been using it for a week, so only seen a little difference (some PB's have been broke without even a struggle). Wanted to post just to let everyone know it mixes really well. No bitter after taste compared to some previous ones I've used. Just use one scoop per 200ml of (preferably cold) water and you're good to go. Will update in a month to let on how progress has gone using it.


Fantastic product for results if you wish to put on extra weight fast on lifts and have extra energy for the gym.Biggest problem for me personally that you can taste the chalky after taste of this creatine in any juice you choose to mix this with. Despite of this ultimately fantastic product.


One for the best creatines I've used in awhile, second week noticed that I was training harder for longer and could manage 1 more set than usual, I've put on 2 pounds in 4 weeks but some for that could be water retention. Defo a 5* product


mixes well, has no taste so its easy to stomach and mix with any drink, great product, great gains. stack with pre workout explode for massive worout boost, push harder, faster and more weight


Still not sure if this is having any effect... However this product and brand i trust completely. there is a slight improvement in lifting power and energy during workouts


All good, but it's not mixing with water well. Try mixing it with dextrose, as it promotes the absorption of the creatine and it also mixes quite well.


Like the other guy said it is impossible to mix, which is shame considering it work quite well and lasts quite long.


I saw improvements in a week and a half, this stuff is magical, max rep on bench increased by 25kgs in 2 weeks,


Great for packing on size, noticeable results within 6 weeks of training. Big tub will last for a long time.


works fine be better if it had a scoop for it to measure how much you need


Really fast shipping. Value for money . No taste and easy to drink.


Very powerful supplement. Really helped and improved my lifting.


Good value for money, felt a difference after just a few days


Good price and good quality creatine , quick delivery.
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