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My girlfriend had purchased a new car (new to her, but second hand!) and to our surprise, despite it being a fairly modern car (less than five years old) it did not have any form of lighting in the boot!I had previously purchased several of the smaller Rolson Lights Rolson Tools 60702 24 LED Magnetic Lamp with Hook and found them to be surprisingly efffective (having used them in sheds and the loft); so I suggested giving this larger model a go as a possible solution to the 'dark boot'!The light itself is approximately 215mm in length, 60mm wide and just 35mm deep, and most of the body is covered in a rubberised plastic (a quite pleasant material to the touch).The lighting section of the lamp consists of 72 super bright LED's,these are between 25 and 40% brighter than normal LED's, and it is genuinely surprising just how bright they are; one lamp is sufficient for lighting a tent or shed and it can also be seen from some distance, the only negative is that it doesn't emit much light for you to see very far in the dark, so it is very much a lamp rather than a torch (I believe this is a downside of the LED's rather than the lamp itself).The use of LED's in this lamp offers several advantages; they don't give off heat unlike traditional incandescent bulbs, they have a considerably longer lifetime (often outlasting the torch or lamp they are part of!), and they are shock resistant (meaning this lamp can be dropped and it is unlikely 'a bulb will blow!').There is an on/off button at the bottom of the lamp, below the LED section; this lamp just simply offers on or off, no strobing or flashing effects.The lamp comes with a hanging hook and this is complimented by three magnets on the back for securing it to metal objects; the magnets are pretty good, certainly enough to hold it's own weight in place, but they weren't suitable for the main reason the lamp was purchased in the first place (my girlfriends car boot). Although we found a suitable place in the boot for the magnets to hold the lamp in place, when the car was in transit the movement proved to be too much and the lamp would fall off; not too much of a problem overal though.The lamp uses 4 AA batteries, a set comes supplied with the lamp on purchase, and they certainly appear to last quite some time; we have had the lamp for about a year now and use it several times a week, with it being on for an average of between 5 and 10 minutes a time, I have yet to change the batteries!The RRP on Amazon is £15.90, this is a bit steep, but with regular use could be justified; however, as is the case with Amazon it is frequently being sold at a reduced price, at the time of writing this review it is being offered at just £6.85 including free Super Saver delivery.At this price it offers pretty outstanding value, you would be very hard pushed to find a lamp of these specifications that can be used for so many purposes at anywhere near this price elsewhere!
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The 72-LED Camping light is pretty much what it says on the tin. Fashioned from a lightweight, injection-moulded plastic, including a fold-out hanger [shown in illustration] plus a couple of screw-head style slide-to-lock indents on the reverse, this simple yet handy LED light casts a remarkably bright and appropriately diffuse beam of clear, bright light. Because it is based on LEDs and not tungsten, there is no orange-cast dimming as batteries fade. The unit is powered by a set of 4 AA batteries [initial set provided] which seem to give a good few hours of use. The on-off switch is thumb-sized with a nice, clear, click-on/click-off action. Overall [with the caveats below] this is very handy...Sold as a camping light, I use a pair of these, fixed to screws either side of my [un-lit, un-powered] garage door. This is easily enough to aid safe parking and to access the space after dark.Pro's1. Ergonomic - compact size, useful mounting options and light weight make this a very effective light for camping and domestic use.2. Use of standard batteries and support of rechargeable batteries mean low operating costs3. Extremely bright given the size4. Very good value for moneyCon's1. The battery cover, in the base, can be a bit fiddly to get on and off, mainly because it doesn't slide smoothly and because the fixing springs that hold the batteries in place are actually pretty strong. Some dexterity required...2. The injection-moulded plastic that forms the case is somewhat fragile. Drop one of these from anything much above waist height, on to a hard surface, will likely result in breakage. Having said that, these are reasonably priced, so buy one extra and carry a spare...Overall, compact, bright in use, good with battery life, good value for money. Can't get much better than that!Con's
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This is the second torch of this type that I have bought. The first was from a different listing on Amazon a good while ago, and I don't think it was "Rolson" branded, but it was identical, and it worked very well. Unfortunately, it was the latest of a number of household gadgets (remotes, doorbells, computer mice etc.) to fall victim in recent months to the curse of the Duracell battery - leakage. Duracell used to be the Rolls Royce of batteries, but their quality now is absolutely awful. After a few months, they leak. I have spent hours cleaning up various gadgets after discovering that there had been a leak in them. Alas it was too late for this torch, the mess and corrosion inside was too bad.I had only used it last about 3 weeks ago, it was fine then, but this time I switched it on and nothing happened. Opened it up - yuk.I have been round the house swapping all Duracells for other makes now, I just don't trust them at all any more. I even threw out a load of new ones I had sat in my man-drawer.Anyway, I wanted to replace it straight away, and here we are. This one arrived very quickly, in proper sealed plastic packaging and including some non-Duracell batteries. It works just as well as the first one. It is a bit cumbersome as a general torch, but makes a very good work light, especially for going in the loft or working in or under the car.It's a great powerful light - but DON'T PUT DURACELLS IN IT!
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The black-plastic casing on the camping light certainly feels a good quality, and is fairly durable - I have dropped it a number of times; both onto grass and a hard floor, but the only dammage is a few small (almost invisible) scratches on the lense which have not had any effect on the brightnes / focus etc. of the light.The light emitted from the 72 LEDs is impressive; especially in an indoor space such as a tent or vehicle - easily enough to see by for reading a book / map etc., and adequate for walking across an unlit field or campsite at night - and LEDs are very energy efficient; so you'll go a long time before needing to change the cells (mine has been subjected to six months'use during a British Winter: so the cells clearly last).The three magnets on the back of the unit easily hold the unit's weight (including upside-down); as does the hook. However, the hook is a little fiddly, and pivots; so the unit sometimes moves while hanging from something overhead (this is what stops the light from getting a 5* rating from me).And, finally, the on/off button is fairly large (without taking too much space on the unit) - making it easy to operate in the dark or when wearing gloves.Overall, a great camping light well worth buying for any camping trip, motoring holiday etc. or if you work at night or on vehicles.~ A M Lloyd
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This is a good lamp.Powered by 4 AA batteries, it lasts a long time – much longer than a lamp powered by 4 AAAs, for example because AAAs hold less electricity than AAs. I speak from experience – we camp a lot and I really notice the difference between this and my lamps powered by AAA batteries (but then I use them for different jobs).As it has 72 LEDs, it throws out three times as much light smaller lamps that I have with just 24 LEDs.One disadvantage – the product description states that it is ‘good for camping’. It is OK for camping but far from ideal. Why? If you lie it down on a horizontal surface, light is thrown upwards – where you do not want it.In a tent that is not a problem as light is reflected off the ceiling but outside (e.g. on a table at night) all you are doing is lighting up the sky. For outside, a camping lantern is much better because it stands vertically and throws light out sideways through 360 degrees – precisely where you want it.I have owned one of these lamps for years. It is still going strong. The only problem is that a few of the LEDs no longer work (a problem with all LED clusters) – it does not matter though. When you have 72 LEDs, you do not miss even ten failing.
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I bought two of these. One to hang up underneath the stairs and the other as a spare torch kept upstairs.A couple of days after they arrived I needed to go to the bathroom and found the hall light would not come on OR the landing light.I need both hands to climb the stairs and suddenly remembered the light hung up under the stairs. I felt my way along the hall and got hold of it and switched it on.Now how to get upstairs. Easy, I hung the light by it's hook in the neck of my t/shirt and I got safely upstairs.The spare lamp is now kept in the hall near the light switches and I have bought another to take to my daughter's house as my bedroom there is in the basement and there is a corridor witha step on the way to the bathroom.I had not realised till I read the other reviewer's comment that the metal on the back is magnetic.The light takes 4 x AA batteries and all three lamps arrived with 4 BATTERIES already in place with a piece of transparent plastic between the batteries and their contacts on the sliding lid. You need to pull this film out. There is also an illustration on the back showing which direction the batteries are placed when you put them in.
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This is a good piece of kit. Does what it says on the tin!!!! The magnets are really strong and keep the unit in place on steel/iron surfaces (even painted/enamelled ones!!). The unit has a rough grip/rubber feel surface which is great for gripping and holding it. The unit gives very good bright light. You could read with its light. The hook is a bit difficult to fold out (you need the point of a biro or long nails to release the hook so start growing them!)but the hook rotates to give the ideal angle for the light. I'm unsure how long the batteries would last but it comes with them supplied (4xAA). Be careful how you put the battery chamber cover back.The lug at the bottom of it can snap quite easily (half of it snapped when I first did it but it is still workable and it doesn't actually need the lug anyway once the batteries are in) and it is a bit fiddly getting the two sides of the cover to align properly to slide into place. You can't stand the unit upright vertically as it is too unstable. But you can stand it upright on its side (like on a table etc). For the price (a bit under £8), I think it is very good and would recommend it.
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Bought three of these as really bright good lights. With having the hook on even better for being able to hook onto fence and check on animals in night. Also a godsend when searching for stuff in loft in dark corners. They are really bright and for the price one of the best torches as such both myself and other half think. All three are being used and all batteries work just fine in all. Was using these even in bitterly cold weather and they still seemed to keep a long battery life even when used a lot of times and still going strong now.Come complete with batteries, why only four stars not five? Simple reason if storing in cupboard or drawer and having more than one they stick to each other because of the magnets on them.The magnets are strong, so not for camping use for us but other outside activities along with inside ones. Great light emitted if using them for using to see if painting too in darker areas, plus they stick well to the metal ladders. Still being used by myself and husband and still strong light emitted from them so really pleased.
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and replacing a large, bulky incandescent bulb lantern for emergency use.For what I need it for, which is primarily any potential rare power cuts, it meets my needs perfectly.While unused I store it on a hook on the back of a door where it is flush - by the hook that is on the back of the light - and is out of the way and out of mind, something the lantern was not.It is very bright when looked straight at, but I will not be trying to do any reading or do any intricate work with it so it meets the requirement to compliment candles.And being LED it takes 4 AA batteries commonly used instead of larger torch batteries I don't have spares of.Meaning it should be more efficient and give light forlonger coupled with not having to worry about having strange sized batteries that will eventually discharge through time and spares of which fit nothing else I have.Ultimately LEDS have moved battery powered light devices far enough forward that I don't consider it a waste to replace the still working old ones and can recommend this one for what it is.
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I bought a couple of these for my garage, which is quite large but has no mains electricity. I use a portable generator for lighting & power when working in there, but that has to be run outside & once it's turned off in order to bring it in it's pitch black! These Rolson LED lights are great because they can be hung anywhere and cast a reasonable spread of light - bright enough to see well by to secure the generator & lock up etc. I was impressed enough to buy another four, to place on walls & overhead as they give adequate light to do small jobs at night without the hassle of starting up the generator. Haven't had them long enough to judge battery life yet. They appear well made & robust.The magnets seem pretty strong & the hook swivels freely or folds away if not required. They are best if positioned out of the eye line, as they are too bright to look at directly. I'm very pleased with them
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I got one of these, and it was so good that my dad immediately wanted one so I ordered one for him too!Very bright light, it lights up most of a room, better than even some Maglites that I've owned in the past.A couple of slight grips though; the omni-directional hook, whilst very useful, does not clip back into place on either of the lamps I bought, but just hangs loose. Secondly, the magnets seem slightly too weak, which was a disappointment because the one my housemate had a couple of years ago had very strong magnets. As a result, if stuck to something like a radiator (switched off, I know heat can affect magnets), it slowly slides downwards. I tested on the fridge as well,but there it just about held on. If not for these I would have given 5 stars.As for the customer service, delivery was prompt and reliable and I would definitely recommend and use again.
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Couldn't fault this light in the 5 years I owned it. It's past tense because it's in my friends possession now and still going strong. We have had to change the batteries a few times mind. Gives off a strong beam of light which will light up a smaller space really well. Great for working on the car, going into the loft, or using as a camping light. I used it for all three. I've only managed to better it recently by paying almost five times as much for something similar but waterproof, which this unit certainly isn't. The ,agent on my new unit is much stronger too, though not strong enough to prevent it ending up 1.5 metres deep in a commercial water tank. Slightly embarrassing but proof of the waterproof claim.Anyway, I digress. The Rolson light is certainly more than worth the money being asked here and I can't recommend it strongly enough.
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Pretty good torch/inspection lamp set. LED's are bright and really useful in terms of what you can do with them. I initially bought these for my wife's floristry business as she exhibited at a wedding fair where her stall was partly under some stairs. Admittedly the light wasn't bright enough for what was needed but then again it wasn't what these items were advertised for. However i since decided to keep these for more home use purposes and have since been used under the bath when trying to find a leak, when in the loft re-doing the loft insulation (very handy as able to hang and point in direction required to prevent putting my foot through the floor/ceiling) and used for general purposes.In reality gives a wider angle of light than a conventional torch. Overall 4/5 stars. Only thing that would have made 5 stars was a little more light.
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This is a handy and affordable LED camping light. It has a folding hook that can be tricky to unfold, but handy, and a couple of strong magnets on the back for attaching to a steel surface. The light is very bright, painful to look at directly, and is turned on/off by the button on the front of the light. This button is very easily depressed, and has a tendancy to turn on the light accidentally in transit or when packed. For that reason I've not given it 5 stars. I think I would have preferred a light with a diffuser screen over the LEDs, to give a softer glow in the tent, this light is very harsh but also very bright and clear, perfect if you're looking for a lost item and need a strong light but not so good for a soft ambience in the tent.It's a very good price though, I bought two to get free postage and I know they'll come in handy.
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Bought three of these for some additional evening lighting when we had our wedding party in the garden. Bought very last minute and wasn't really expecting much, but have been very impressed. Simple, well made and super bright, they performed perfectly in the garden and have now proved equally useful on several camping trips and as handy emergency lights when we had a power cut.Not exactly sure how these can be sold for just over £6 including the batteries, but they really are amazingly useful.They would also be perfect as a useful work light for anyone who regularly works on cars because they will stick to any metal surface and don't have the problem of a lead to get in the way.Plus they don't get dangerously hot like incandescent bulbs and of course they don't break if you drop or knock them.Highly recommended.
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