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The first one I was sent had a problem with the battery and just wouldn't work; however Amazon were really helpful in sorting out a replacement. The second one works as expected. It is a bit noisy (my work colleagues say it's like hearing the TARDIS before Dr Who arrives!) but it is helping me commute the short distance to and from work each day whilst I'm suffering from an illness.I would say that I'm at the top end of the weight limit, and much heavier when I'm carrying my heavy work handbag, and it does cut out on steep hills but that is to be expected as I'm asking too much from a child's scooter. It does feel like I'm speeding along on the flat though.I would say that the hand break isn't very effective and I tend to just take my hand off the throttle and put my feet down to stop. I charge it every 2-3 days and it never takes more than a few hours for the charger to go from red to green, so I wouldn't let the '12 hour' time to charge put you off.Overall it's really helping me out at a time of need. If it's for a child I would say to make sure that they're tall enough to put their feet on the floor from the seated position - my seven year old nephew tried it and scared me half to death as he had no control!
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After a small amount of assembly the scooter was charged for the recommended 12 hours; but nothing happened! After reading the troubleshooting section in the instructions my husband was able to get the scooter going by attaching a loose wire inside. This was disappointing as I wouldn't have been able to do that myself and would have had to return it. A further 12 hour charge and it was ready to go! My tall 6yo and average 9yo both love it and can use it easily. Use a helmet - it is pretty nippy!


Great colour easy to assemble, comes with a seat too which is really comfy charge is great and last a long time we've used it for 5 days roughly about 35mins at a time and it hasn't needed charging yet the back wheel is quite noisy be careful with the throttle as it has a little pull back feeling when your twist it, my son who is 10 nearly fell off first time but now he used to it and has great fun on it, so just be aware when it kids use it for the first time great product


Purchased this for my 7 year old son son for Christmas, was very easy to assemble.I haven't put the seat on yet as my thinking was it will be easier to get familiar with it in a basic scooter configuration before putting the seat on.My son loves it (now) he was a little hesitant at first, mainly because the initial kick when the motor engages can take you slightly by surprise, but now he is used to it, he loves it.


My kids have the razor crazy cart which is superb, so I was confident in the brand name. I bought two of these for Christmas and the quality is superb as expected. They do go fast so be careful as we practiced indoors first until you get used to it, as soon as you go over 3mph they go and the brakes don’t stop immediately to stop them being thrown off. Absolutely thrilled with them.


Quick wee thing, my daughter not used it much yet, my 80 yr old dad however has road tested it and perhaps it would be a cheaper option than a car for running about. Looks like there is a reset button next to the on/off switch, it has reset a few times and looks a litttle loose but that was with adults messing on it which is not really its use. Fingers crossed its not a fault.


We spent 20 minutes putting this together and a further 12 hours charging it. My 9 year old was so excited to try it out once it was charged and assembled. I cannot begin to tell you how much he loves it. It is very fast but so far no accidents as he has used it on the flat. It seems to be very robust. We would love an adult version.


Well what a fantastic scooter from the moment my grandson got it he absolutely loved it, assembly a bit tricky but got there in the end . He has never been off it since Christmas was definitely the correct choice. The battery seems to last a long time. What a great quality scooter. Would recommend this to anyone, a great buy


Was so fearful when the box arrived sure it would be in a pile of pieces but was v cleverly boxes part assembled and had Allen key needed supplied! Feels faster than 11mph- sturdy and built with strong materials. Good size- but bigger than usual scooter def 8+. Sons will love it! Remember ur helmet!!!


Father Christmas brought this for my youngest son.Assembly and use instructions are pictorial and take a bit of understanding and you need to note that the battery takes 12 hours to charge so its not a case of "put it together and off you go"!Over-all a great little scooter would highly recommend!


Bought this for my 10 year old and she loves it. It was really easy to put together and feels really sturdy and is really nippy on tarmac (not tried it on grass yet) but it does have a larger front wheel than many of the others (for this price) so I think it will work ok on grass.


my boy loves it..i think excellent value for money only thing which i want to add as a room for improvement in it is the battery ..it says u cn ride it for 60 min with a full battery which ii think is around 40 min....other than that perfect present for adventourous boys..


Bought it for our beloved granddaughter, she cannot miss her scooter not only for a single day! A bit powerful for her age (almost eight), easy to get charged, it takes only few hours. Wishing to have a larger palette of different colours.


Great little scooter as son loves it. Had a switch problem with it but Razor sent out a new one free of charge. Their customer support is second to none. Had a few niggles later and still answer the phone and try there hardest to help me.


I was worried after doing some research that people had problems with this but, a few weeks in, all working as it should. Easy to assemble and work.. Not a fast as I thought and charge doesn't last more than about half an hour.
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