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A gift from Father Christmas last year to my oldest two kids, then 7 & 8.11 months on and with moderate usage our two scooters are still going strong. They charge well and last a good length of time when playing. As the charge decreases the scooter just gets a bit slower and less powerful. I've had a go and we all really enjoy using them.When fully charged they are quite fast, as stated my kids are 7&8 but have always been physically advanced and able. My younger daughter has had a go (she's 6 and not a very physical child) but she struggled and panics at the speed they go. The manufacturers age spec is 14 but I would obviously say to use your own judgement and common sense on your own child's ability,most 14 yr olds I know would be way past wanting one of these as their own present (but would secretly love to have a go!)
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Santa bought my two sons one of these each. Really impressed. Heavy duty, quality build. Battery lasts around 45 minutes of continuous use by my sons. Expensive, but you definitely get what you pay for in this case. No issues at all with the battery life as some have said. Highly recommended.Update after nearly a years use.My boys use their Razor E300 scooters virtually every day. They get typical “use” (abuse) you expect of 10 and 13 year old boys. They are still loved by my boys (and their mates who are constantly wanting a go.). They are still strong and there is no noticeable reduction of the battery life.After almost a years use I can fully endorse these scooters for children’s use (off public highways for obvious reasons.).
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This scooter is amazing, it is the best present i have bought my 9 year old girl. My younger 8 year old has the e100 and this knocks spots off that one!The main differences between the two are :-Back wheel is much more chunckier, allowing this to travel on grass whereas the e100 struggles-the exelerator starts instantly / on the e100 you have to physically scoot along first to about 3mph before the electric kicks in-better battery life on the e300-has a side stand on e300, not on e100-e300 us adults can use :) the whole frame is so much more bulkier and better build quality.My girls have so much fun on these and if you are on a tight budget the e100 is still a very good scooter


I bought mine from argos as I thought it would be easier to return if it was not as good as it says, I have two cars and keep one at work so used to walk back 1.6 miles I thought I would give it a go, it's the best £220.00 i have ever spent, I'm 14 stone and thought it would struggle but it didn't,it slowed down a bit on small hills but kept going, shame they are not legal on the pavement as they are a green form of transport, I'm a 100 % happy with the performance and build quality and it it tuck me 17 minutes to cover 1.6 miles and there was a no sign of the battery and speed fading it could do with a battery meter to show how much charge is left but overall very good product.


I got my kids one of these for each of my kids for Christmas, should have got myself one because they need supervision when riding to the village shop or park so I usually take them one at a time. We all agree it's the best money I ever spent because they are just so much fun. Not surprised they only have a 90 day warranty because you could do these a lot of damage to these in 90 days,if you take care of them they'll last. We've given them a proper workout in the last four months and the only issue is a bit of a rattle in one because it's been jumped off curbs like a skateboard by my eldest.


It whizzes around the streets and pavements with me and I am 80kg. It takes 1500 amp (or 1.5)to charge, bear in mind a phone charger is 1-2 amps. This is actually less that an Evolution smelly plug-in!. I highly recomment joining the electric revolution. I dam convinced I never need to drive again. I also like how the board and handlebars separate for portability. It's a bit on the heavy side, but who cares. When I'm old I'll switch to an Electric Wheelchair. Would buy again. 5 stars would be for more range and power. I'm happy.


Very well built and designed scooter, solid quality and runs at a good speed with good endurance. Product claims seem to be accurate and the scooter performs as a market leader should.Only glitch was the Yodel delivery - it arrived on time but of course the box was damaged, presumably due to the usual throwing around at the sorting centre. Although the contents appear not to be damaged, only time will tell. However, this was a gift and the damaged box was a major disappointment for the recipient. Hence only 4 stars.


For my son's 10th birthday, although it states 13+ on the box. It states also up to 100kg. I'm 80kg and it's good on the flats but struggles with me on inclines, but my son loves it and he whizzes around, but he's probably less than 40kg. Throttle is stop/start only but its ok. I think I would have preferred to have spent a little more and got lithium batteries. Brakes are good. Charge with my son on lasts a good 30-40mins at least (that's the max time we've used it so far). At least 4 miles I'd guess.


This scooter Is amazing really fast bought for 8 y/o daughter she loves it. Takes 12 hours to charge often I charge over night so she can ride after school. Only downside the scooter Is very heavy. I'm around 9 stone and I had a go really fun and very fast at full speed. Scooter lasts longer than it states (40 mins) I timed an hour of usage I can honestly say this is the best thing I have bought my daughter she absolutely loves it!!


Surprise Christmas present for 10 year old daughter who loves it. She loves the seat and has had some fun times on the scooter already. Easy to assemble and charge which lasts about 45 minutes. Quiet when in use. Had problems with delivery, took a few attempts didn't think we were going to get it but was relieved when finally arrived. Packaged well.


I should note that I had this item returned, NOT because it had anything wrong with it, but it was just too heavy for my little five foot girlfriend to carry up the stairs and transport on the underground. I didn't get a chance to ride it, but when I opened it, it looked very sturdy and well built.


Its Very good I'm just over 100 kilos and it's fine have to walk up hill's it's dead easy to push but on flat and slight hills no problem zooms along electric transport zero emissions I often ride mine on the pathway sounds like I'm doing the government a favour


I use this at work to get me to the smoking shelter and back for my breaks and lunch. It is so much fun; everyone wants a go lol. It came in good time and my other half built it for me. I can fully recommend this item


Wonderful form of transport. Converted a 25 minute walk to a 7-8 minute ride, and I am a 210 lbs, with my back pack I am over the weight limit but it pulls me along at 12-15 mph.


My 8 yr old loves this, I got him this model even though it is for older children as my 11yr old also has one & he had no trouble scooting about on it. Battery lasts well too
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