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I bought two of these carts for my 7 year old twin boys for Christmas. I seriously debated whether or not to purchase these as they are pricey and the battery life was my biggest concern, could really justify spending that for 40 minutes worth of play time?Well the verdict is that I am very glad that I did purchase them, they are fantastic fun and my boys absolutely love them as do all of their friends. These really were the hit of Christmas and have continued to be absolutely loved by the boys.I would say they probably get a good hour out of them (their weight probably helps get the most out of the battery as at their age they are only light) but also the battery life is for continued use, so sometimes they'll use them for 2 hours as they are on and off them playing with other things in between.They are extremely sturdy and well made, and my gosh do they go!. They are flying up and down the street and mastered the handbrake spins in not time. Pretty easy to manoeuvre and control and from what I can see impossible to topple or hurt yourself on as long as your not crashing into things. You do need a tarmac and flat surface as they are not designed for rubble or hills. But if you have a suitable street or even an area where you can go to these will bring loads of fun.The flags didn't last long and snapped quite quickly but that makes no difference to the usage of the carts. The frame is extremely sturdy and well built I would think these would last forever. They are extremely heavy there is no way a child could lift them.All in all I would definitely recommend these to anyone who has the space to use them as I don't think I have seen anything electric on the market that is as much fun as these!
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I had one for my 25th birthday and got riding the next day. It really is a CRAZY CART! It goes super fast with speeds of up to 12mph (especially when spinning) and the caster wheels are perfect for drifting action (just lift the lever). There are several tricks according to the video ride guide from Razor but I haven't got the hang of those yet.Unlike most battery-operated toys, the motor is remarkably silent and all tyres are pneumatic - superb quality!Adults as well as children can have a awesome rapid-fire fun on this one-of-a-kind electric go-kart - there is no maximum age on it,but a minimum age of 9. It is very pricey but well worth every penny. I love my Crazy Cart and can't wait to get back on it!
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Bought the Crazy Cart for sons birthday, He has used it daily ever since, Charge it for full 24 hours and get at least 1 hour continuous play time, Would recommend this for anyone looking to get this for their children. Very efficient delivery even though we missed the delivery man, We just went to the depot to collect.


Bought this for my son who is 6. He has several electric ride toys. He says this is his favourite though. The first time we took it out I was shocked at how fast it goes. Even when I was riding it. It is an excellent toy, well worth the money. Well made and great fun. Would advise wearing a helmet though.


Grest present for my 12 yrs old son. He is having a great time with this Crazy cart. All his friends also enjoy and want to buy the same.The tyre got punctured the very 2nd day but customer service collected it without any fuss. It was delivered back to us in few days . No problem since then .


Theses are so much fun very nippy, kids love it might have to buy another so they have one each i would love an adult one but to pricey would recommend adult supervision tho


Fab our 5 year old loves it and so does his 8 year old brother and all their mates. Stable and well made but a solid clear large space is needed for full potential!


Great fun, the kids love it! My only gripe is the battery only lasts about 30 minutes before you have to recharge & it takes quite a few hours to fully recharge.


Great purchase my son loves this. I even was light enough to go on it myself but came off dizzy.Brilliant purchase and very quick delivery.


My boys love this runs for over an hour so loads of run can be had before it needs a new charge . Brilliant fun
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