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This is a good, lightweight folding utility table. The frame is made of aluminium and steel. The black top appears to be plastic coated hardboard. The two cross-pieces on the legs are very lightweight, but necessary for stabilising the legs. The four support stays used to keep the legs open click into position, but they don't lock very securely. If knocked, one or more of the stays could accidentally become unlocked. For this reason, I have secured the stay-joints with wire ties until I can find something more convenient.The table height can be set to any of four different levels, the lowest being about 72cm (or 28.5 inches).There's an aluminium trim around the four sides of the table,except at the corners which has plastic corner pieces. These corner pieces prevent the aluminium from catching and possibly tearing clothes, etc.Warm plates can be placed on the table, but not any items that are very hot - unless a heatproof mat is used.The maximum weight the table can support is about 20kg.
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Hi, I would just like to say how brilliant this product is! Christmas always causes problems when catering for large numbers and this year no exception but the Yellowstone Folding Camping Table was perfect to add extra spaces around the dining table so we could all sit together. Adjustable height wasnt even needed it was perfect as it was. Very stable once in use and stored away afterwards without any hassle or real space needed - perfect solution to christmas and will no doubt be invaluable during the coming summer months too!!


Great table super light and tucks away neatly in very little space in our sprinter campervan. Good as a portable office desk/eating table inside and outside the van, or for drinks and events like a stand to sell from. Can be used at low sitting height, medium sitting height or on highest height, standing height for myself (I'm over 6")Just one star less as it could have another meal beam or two across the middle of the table for extra strength and durability. Nethertheless a great table for the price.


Bought this table to use for a sewing/craft table for the spare bedroom. It fits my sewing machine easily and have space to lay out my bits and pieces.It's Quite sturdy and doesn't move when I'm sewing. Ajustable height allows me to use it to cut fabric while I'm standing up and then lower it to sew on.It's the perfect size for my small room and It's easy to fold flat when not in use. I'm sure it will come in handy for bbqs and xmas dinner.Really pleased with this table. Good value for money.


As a bachelor living in a small-ish flat, this table is ideal for me. It folds aways easily and even has a nice handle on the side to carry it around with. Takes less than 10 seconds to set it up (even out the box! no assembly required). Use it for sitting with my computer when I went to work in the living room and having dinner off it. Highly recommended, as long you bear in mind the price is cheap and therefore don't expect a sturdy heavy duty table like you might see in the furniture stores.


Used a couple of times while camping this summer. Very helpful to be able to adjust the height of the table e.g. on slopes, or for different tasks. Sturdy enough for basic use - you wouldn't want to put heavy weights on it, of course.Even at its lowest height setting, it's too high for comfortable use as a dining table if you're sitting in comfy camping chairs - you'd need stools (but maybe that's no surprise).And the kids use them (we got three) as games tables when we're not camping.


I work as an entertainer and this table is perfect for my purposes. Sets up in about 4 seconds! Holds Laptop, mixer and magic props easily. I fixed some brackets to the edges to hold other stuff too. This is the fourth type of table I've tried, and defiinitely the best. Has made my life easier. It's strong, stable, light and as I say, sets up in seconds, which is important when it has to be done sometimes several times a day.


After squeezing everyone round one table for christmas i thought about getting a table that would fold away but could extend onto my current table so we could all eat in the same room. I found this table and its brilliant very sturdy very easy to put up and fold away and it adjusts to the same height as my dining table. Thought i would have had to paid over £100 for a product like this. Can't wait for next christmas already.


Really delighted with this table. I looked long and hard for one that would be high/sturdy enough for food preparation/telly watching/microwave duties in a tent. Have just returned from the maiden voyage and the table was an invaluable asset. I have a small car, (Citroen C1) and with the back seats down, the table lies horizontally across, snuggly, with the rest of the camping equipment on top. Highly recommended.


Very versatile due to height adjustment options. It is great at its highest for food preparation or lowest for meal times. I have had four adults eat a hearty cooked breakfast on mine. Table top is not as rigid as I had hoped but is similar quality to many others around and for the price adequate as camping tables go. Easy to pop up and put down, it folds flat even when fully assembled and is very light weight.


This is good. I've given my folding table and four folding chairs to my daughter as her need was greater. But I sew, regularly. And there's a new sewing machine arriving. So to allow me to sew, boot sale, and anything else I need a spare table for, this is it. It's not as big as say a pasting table but big enough to do the job. Would recommend. Also I'm just over 70 so carrying it is really easy as its so light


I do craft fairs and had been using a pasting table as my work table (money box, carrier bags, bagging up sales, etc.) and after a while, it started sagging in the middle. Decided to get something a bit sturdier and this camping table has been a great improvement! Love the idea that it has variable heights so that we don't have to bend over to write; much more comfortable. Sets up and folds up easily.


This is a great little table, very lightweight - great for caravan awning as it’s not too long or wide but think it could still sit four around it if required. The adjustable height is good for camping, to use as a food prep surface or table tennis table. The only thing is, the legs don’t stay folded and there’s nothing to hold them there. I’ve just wrapped some Velcro around them to hold it closed.


Good table, the legs at each end can be extended which works well on a slope. The only issue is there's nothing to lock the table legs in place once folded up flat, thus we've had to retain the box for storage. This makes moving it around slightly more challenging and you end up with a box hanging around the campsite or living in the back of the car. As a table though, definitely recommended.


I dont go camping, but I needed a table for a room. I like the folding table because when its not being used, its away in the other room. When I use it its good size and play table for games for my son (8). The living room is kinda small and this takes up no space. It seems strong enough for light weight things, but I wouldn't put anything heavy on it.
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