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As someone who is old and mad, I bought this table as a surface on which I could assemble a server. The table comes in the thin box as shown - there is no additional packaging provided by Amazon. I live 5 miles from a Distribution Centre, and the item was delivered by Amazon Logistics on a slack day. Even so, the packaging had two small ho;es in it, but the contents were undamaged. The item weighs about 2kg at a guess. The table is made from aluminium section tidily riveted together. The corners are plastic.The MDF top, fitted into the angle section, flexes, but has a well applied gloss black finish on one side. If you wished to replace the MDF sheet, you would have to drill out the top rivets and replace them. I have not tried changing the leg length. The way the mechanism works is not obvious. The legs have stays which lock into place. One point to note is that the legs are held in place for transit by a locking nylon tie. Once you cut this, the legs swing around, so the table needs 2 hands to carry it, unless the tie is replaced when it is refolded.
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This is a good table for what I am using it for.It is easy to put up but it is not very strong. It is easy and light to carry.One buyer said that it bent when he leant on it, which I can believe, it dents easily.It wobbles on uneven ground, so wedge something under the feet to make it stable.I have purchased it so the cat can leap to the top of a door, which works well.It is the right height for a desk and is wide enough with enough for a computer and other things on it.Two people could eat at it very comfortably,if you have 4 sitting down , the other two would have the fold out legs in the way as they have a bar at the bottom and at the top of the legs. As you can see from the photo.
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I generally don't do reviews for items I've bought but never seen or used, but here goes.I bought this for my boss who needed a good sturdy table, not too big, that could be put out occasionally, yet stored away without taking up any real space. And I'm told that's exactly what this table is. The fact that the height is adjustable is a really welcome bonus too. All in all an absolute winner apparently.In fact, the table was so good it was stolen within a fortnight and my boss is now buying another.So,5 stars… so good you'll have it nicked!
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Very sturdy but could considered a little high for camping. Its lowest setting is standard table / desk height. The top is laminated hardboard but perfectly strong for camping table use, or for a distributed load. I use mine to hold a mixing desk plus lighting desk in the control tent at music events and it is perfect, I did add some woodwork, not because it was necessary for strength, but I added power distribution on the underside and it needed the fixing. It still folds up neatly.


The table I received initially was 200 x 60 x 78, not 100 x 60 as described.However Amazon organised a replacement very quickly and efficiently and they even collected the wrong one from my home free of charge, as it was an error in their fulfillment centre. I'm very pleased with this table now I've actually received the one I ordered! It's lightweight but surprisingly stable and the adjustable height brings it up to the point that I can actually do tasks at it standing up


For the price you pay this is a decent table. I bought it so I can do my textile work for university at home since I don't have a desk in my room. Easy to set up. Table top is a little weak in the middle so I would put anything too heavy on top but I think in description it states 20kg max.Got a bit annoyed with the courier who delivered it. Left it outside the house where someone could easily steal it... my mum was at home waiting for it. No knock no bell.


This is a present for my wife who is going to use it for her art. Not used yet but I have opened the packaging and am very impressed with the look of it. Very well made and looks the ideal size to take all her equipment. Cannot comment on how sturdy it is because it has not yet been used but it looks like it is going to do the job. Impressed because it looks more expensive than it cost.


I love this table! I needed a table to do my arts and crafts that would be easy to fold and store. This one is one of the best buys I've ever did, it's sturdy enough when I put pressure to use a paper cutter. I put the table by the garden sliding doors to use the natural light when crafting, when I'm done I fold it in a minute and store it behind the couch as it's very thin.


This table is great I use it for a lot of art projects and Its great and lightweight so I can get it out when I need it and I'm female. It folds away perfectly and is very easy to store. It holds my all in one pc as well which isn't light at all at 8kgs and the table doesn't struggle at all. The adjustable height is great and this really is a great table.


Bought this for my father as he was looking for a table to do jigsaws on that he could put up and take down when he wanted. He loves it and is really happy that I found what he was looking for. I only bought this last week from Amazon and got it delivered to my father so I have not seen the table yet but his thumbs up is good enough for me!
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